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Children of Michael Jackson and property developer Mohamed Hadid. Prince Michael II (Blanket) front. Michael Joseph Jr. (far left), Paris Michael Katherine (center).  dailymail. 
Mohamed Hadid, born in Nazareth, grew up in Damascus and Beirut. His father worked for the CIA's Voice of America in Washington.

Blanket (Prince Michael II) has launched a cartoon series about a young boy avenging the murder of his father.

Blanket, who is 12 in February 2014, is named as the writer and creator of the five sketches entitled Kill Them All.

Horror show vendetta of Michael Jackson's son 'Blanket' -Daily Star 5 January 2014

The storyline is about "a boy who witnesses his father's murder and, 12 years later, begins a one-man crusade to kill the people responsible."

In 2011 Dr Conrad Murray was found guilty of administering a fatal dose of the anaesthetic propofol to Michael Jackson.

Grandmother Katherine Jackson, 83, has 'no idea' who paid the £10,000 for it to be produced and uploaded online.

New York psychiatrist Carl Nelsen says: "This young man might benefit from therapy - or more therapy if he has already undergone some."


Grandfather Joe Jackson, 85, wants to train Blanket into becoming 'the biggest entertainer in the world'.

It is believed by some people that certain members of the Jackson family allowed the CIA and its friends to mind control Michael Jackson; and that as a young boy he was used as a sex slave.


"Jew me, sue me, everybody do me.

"Kick me, kike me, don't you black or white me."

Michael Jackson's lyrics (above) suggest that he knew he was being 'used'.


Blanket refused a handshake from Justin Bieber, whom some believe has been mind-controlled.

Michael Jackson has said that Blanket was the result of artificial insemination using a surrogate mother.

When he was an infant, Michael Jackson dangled Blanket from a balcony at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin.

In his early childhood, Blanket would often wear a mask.

In 2010, child protection officials visited Blanket's home after a tip-off from a member of the household staff.

Reportedly Blanket had been threatened with a 'stun-gun'.

Various forms of torture are used in CIA mind-control.


The alliance of Nazis, Zionists and Mafias who control much of the World 'do not really care about us'.

The Feudal Lords are quite happy to seduce us, trick us and intimidate us, in order to keep their wealth and power.


Anonymous said...

The photo of Blanket's face when Bieber goes to shake his hand. I like the cut of his gib. Here's to him going postal and exposing what we already know

Anonymous said...

Jewish Mob and Michael Jackson

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Blanket's mother was a Belizian nanny who cared for all the kids. I knew Blanket when he was five. A very sweet as were all of Michael Jackson's kids.

Anonymous said...

Aang, have you seen this little gem about a shill over at GLP slipping up and copying his/her/its CIA instructions into the message? Very interesting:

Follow the forum link for more examples.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Gordon Novel was with Jackson near the end. Google up that fool.

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