Saturday, January 11, 2014


It is now three years since the CIA, NATO and Mossad overthrew Zine Ben-Ali, the man who ensured Tunisia was peaceful, easy-going and increasingly prosperous.

As a result of the CIA-NATO-Mossad coup, crime and poverty have soared.

On 7 January 2014, protesters were out in force.

The cry one could hear in streets across Tunisia is: "Ben Ali, they fooled us! Come back soon!"

In Tunis, the words 'Vive Ben Ali' have been written on the walls of buildings.

A Facebook page entitled 'Forgive us, Mr. President' has been flooded with messages of affection and tribute.

'There has been a surge of nostalgia' for Ben Ali in Tunisia - FRANCE 24 - ‎Jan 10, 2014‎

Tunisia, January 2014.

Many Tunisians have come to realise that the Muslim Brotherhood is run by the CIA and NATO, and that the incident which sparked the trouble was a 'false-flag' operation.

Why did Israel not like Ben Ali?

Because he was a successful, moderate Moslem leader and the Israelis like to paint all Moslem countries as being failures.

Why did the CIA and NATO not like Ben Ali?

Because he stood in the way of US plans to grab the mineral wealth of Africa.

NATO 'terrorists' in Tunisia

In March 2013, US General Carter F Ham visited Tunisia.

"Some media and social networks said that the visit ... falls in line with discussions regarding the setting up of a US military base in Tunisia."

US Military Base in Tunisia


wiggins said...

It would appear the US of (Israel) are never going to have enough bases world wide.

Anonymous said...

shirlz007 said...

well.. you know Aangirfan! The CIA/Mossad/MI6!!! like to destroy the credibility of anyone who has the peoples best interest at HEART.

The whole 'Arab Spring' is a ''shit bucket that should never have been kicked over''. It started with Iran 2009 in my opinion.

They f****d a lot of people over! And I can't even imagine how people in Libya or Syria feel! And I don't pretend to...

shirlz007 said...

brings a whole new meaning to the term ''well and truly Royally f****d''.... I watch Lawrence of Arabia on PBS, and feel for the guy. A sad sad story... like Philby.

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