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"Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus people have been undergoing plenty of trials and tribulations, Higgins said, but are due for a big payoff. Their long roads will calm down toward the end of 2014's summer." Seers offer their predictions for 2014

The World Economic Forum's Outlook on the Global Agenda 2014 lists its top ten forthcoming trends:

Aangirfan's comments are in GREEN.

1. Rising societal tensions in the Middle East and North Africa.

The CIA may have decided to topple the rulers of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Scotland will vote NO to independence, showing that the Scots are too stupid to run their own country.

2. Widening income disparities.

The rich will get richer as the Feudal System grows stronger.

But the economy will not be helped as the 'poor' majority either buy fewer goods or get deeper into debt.

News Agency

3. Persistent structural unemployment

Those without high level skills will find it difficult to find decent jobs.

4. Intensifying cyber threats.

Expect the spooks to organise disruptions.

And expect people to be turned off the internet by all those annoying adverts.

5. Inaction on climate change

Expect more CHEMTRAILS

Gordon Brown (left)

6. The diminishing confidence in economic policies.

Gordon Brown caused a stir in December 2013 when he said that the failure to learn the lessons of the 2007-09 economic crisis means the global economy is heading for another crash.

The banks still seem to be run by greedy gamblers.

Bankers' very happy new year: RBS boss gets £1.5m shares after 115 Goldman Sachs executives pocket £3m each

7. A lack of values in leadership.  

Expect no prosecutions of the spooks who run the top pedophile rings, and no prosecutions of the top people who use the pedophile rings.

UKIP membership soars in 2013 while Tory numbers half 

8. The expanding middle class in Asia.

By 2030, Asia is expected to have 64% of the World's middle class.

9. The growing importance of megacities.

In 1800, only 3% of the world's population lived in cities.

1TokyoJapan JapanAsia34,800,000
2GuangzhouChina ChinaAsia31,700,000
3ShanghaiChina ChinaAsia28,900,000
4JakartaIndonesia IndonesiaAsia26,400,000
5SeoulSouth Korea South KoreaAsia25,800,000
6DelhiIndia IndiaAsia24,000,000

10. The rapid spread of misinformation online.

More and more 'alternative news' sites will be run by the CIA, or infiltrated by the CIA.

Your blog will receive an increasing number of hate comments from assets of the CIA.


According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the countries where there is a high risk of social unrest include:

Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Bosnia, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

Will Jokowi (white shirt) become the president of the country with the fourth largest population in the world?

Some of the places where you can expect trouble in 2014:

These are in the approximate order in which they may experience trouble, from January to December:

Bangladesh, Egypt

Thailand, Libya

Colombia, North Korea

Afghanistan, Indonesia

Iraq, Algeria

European Union, Belgium, 


Will Modi become India's prime minister?

South Africa



Will Abdullah Gul become prime minister of Turkey?


Bosnia, Mozambique, Lebanon

And here is what former UK prime minister Gordon Brown wrote in December 2013:

"The economist David Miles, who sits on the monetary policy committee of the Bank of England, may exaggerate when he forecasts financial crises every seven years, but most of the problems that caused the 2008 crisis - excessive borrowing, shadow banking and reckless lending - have not gone away. 

"Too-big-to-fail banks have not shrunk; they’ve grown bigger. 

"Huge bonuses that encourage reckless risk-taking by bankers remain the norm. 

"Meanwhile, shadow banking - investment and lending services by financial institutions that act like banks, but with less supervision - has expanded in value to $71 trillion, from $59 trillion in 2008.

"Europe’s leaders aren’t the only ones with these blind spots. 

"Emerging-market economies in Asia and Latin America have seen a 20 percent growth in their shadow-banking sectors. 

"After 2009, Asian banks expanded their balance sheets three times faster than the largest global financial institutions, while adding only half as much capital.

In the patterns of borrowing today, we can already detect parallels with the pre-crisis credit boom. We’re seeing the same over-reliance on short-term capital markets that ultimately brought down Northern Rock, Iceland’s banks and Lehman Brothers...

Thailand’s financial institutions, for example, appear overdependent on short-term foreign loans; and in India, where 10 percent of bank loans have gone bad or need restructuring, banks will need $19 billion in new capital by 2018.

"In short, precisely what world leaders sought to avoid - a global financial free-for-all, enabled by ad hoc, unilateral actions - is what has happened. 

"Political expediency, a failure to think and act globally, and a lack of courage to take on vested interests are pushing us inexorably toward the next crash."

Tier 1 capital level of top banks.

JP Morgan 10.84
Bank of America 12.82
Wells Fargo10.87
Citigroup 13.72
US Bank NA 10.50
Capital One Financial 13.05
Bank of New York Mellon 15.17

Capital levels for European banks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aangirfan

with all due respect, the people of Scotland are NOT stupid.

The people of Scotland might be said to be AFRAID.

This would be a development much desired by those who would RUN the GLOBE

Who but the Scots were to be the most feared, historically?

Peace xx

Anonymous said...

"Here comes the New Year folks and …like every day, that by grace arrives for our use, a New Life is waiting, beyond the restrictions of inflexible process. Rapare Ad Vitam, my friends, Rapare Ad Vitam. Time marches on and eternity awaits. Carpe omnia singula puncta temporis and you could find yourself skinny dipping in the pools of infinity and sunbathing on the rocks of time. "Dig the infinite!"

Every moment is precious and also valuable, according to what direction your in/flexible process is heading in.

You can easily see those wrong directions of INFLEXIBLE PROCESS, SIMPLY BY THEIR OUTCOME, if not in PRESENT time, certainly in historical hindsight/

So what's the right way?

"Walk in all ways contrary to the world",

as one memorable soul once put it.

You may never have heard of Jacob Boehme before.

There are all kinds of interesting people who skirted the margins of existence on their way to Who Knows Where on the Planet Everlasting. Millions are contemplating how they might rearrange their course in this next year (even if only momentarily)/

Tap into that motive intent."

Not only have I been familiar with Jacob Boehme for the past three decades, but I recognised the genius of both Les Visible and Aangirfan, as soon as I tripped over them.

The above quote is from Les Visible on the Truthseeker 31 December 2013

It is truly one of his very best and most true discourses on our human condition and that thing only some of us recognise as ETERNITY

The Kingdom of Heaven is eternally WITHIN.

Our bodies return to the DUST of the Earth while our Spirits go on

and on and on and on

at those levels which depend on their vibrational frequencies (grin)
I salute all within the Truth-seeing, seeking and speaking and acting co-mm-unity, as I wish all a very happy New Year in the 'square of life'

(as conceptualised by another long-ago metaphysician)

Love, Wealth, Health and Perfect Self Expression xx

Anonymous said...

The Most Radical Conservative Regime: Bolivia under Evo Morales

Anonymous said...

The Destabilization of Africa. A Machiavellian Intrigue of Colossal


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Fukushima Responders Starting To Get Sick

Anonymous said...

shirlz007 said...

Regime change in Saudi Arabia? ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! :') wait what are we replacing it with?.. surely the CIA can't replace The Saudi Monarchy with anything more brutal and inhumane!

What happens with the stalemate in Syria? The extremist nutters that the CIA where warned NOT to back four/five years ago?

I won't rant... but fuck! These are a group of 'Islamic' extremists that NO-ONE can control! Not the CIA, not Israel... NO-ONE! What happens when the Assad Govt declares itself victorious? (as many predicted)... where do these nutters go to then? (numbering the hundreds of thousands)... the UK? US? Canada? Europe? WELL FUCKING DONE TO THE CIA!!! Round of a plause!!!

dognamedblue said...

being a taurus, it would be nice if things came to an end, although I won't be holding my breath for anything financial :)

(zimbabwae has been awfully quiet recently)

all the best for the new year!
thanks for all you do

Newspaceman said...

Re post quote the Scots "are too stupid" and the first comment "are too afraid".

The answer is probably neither of these.

The answer is more likely that the average Scotsperson on the street is apathetic concerning independence - as they are about many things other than football and drinking. That's actually more like the truth.

A couple of Braveheart repeats on TV though, and your prediction may well be wrong. Lets also see the media spin closer to the time - whilst remembering that the Scots often dont like being told what to do, and a bit of reverse psychology may well be at play.

cheers, and Happy New Year.

Anon said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

The Scots "too stupid" comment is just that, stupid !

Please take your emotions out of this and look at previous history/actions to try and get a handle on what may Newspaceman has pointed out, above.


Anonymous said...

Aangirfan - Wayne Madsen and I broke the law and fed the homeless of America at New Year's night and had some thoughts about Obama's police state and economy as we rang in the New Year under the freeway overpass with the cold, wet and hungry army of homeless which are increasingly the Middle Class of America. Feel free to use the story, if you like, just not my comments to you here. We put the story outside of the firewall as it is going out globally. A reflection of Obama's America which is no different than Bush's America..... see link above. Silvija Germek

Anonymous said...

P.S.: Wayne Madsen says feel free to re-post the whole thing if you like it.

Looks like you and we were thinking similar thoughts as we rang in the New Year...


Anonymous said...

The Scots will vote to re-establish independence.

They will vote to take charge of their own destiny, and discontinue the financing of London and her destructive ways.

Anonymous said...


Did the BBCs Sherlock just show how MIzion666 perpetrated the Woolwich Mooslim beheadnnnngz?

2014 = more 'lone gun' mu$lim bomber$ (but none in I$rael), no doubt in$pired by radikal convert preacher$ (all clean $kin$!!!!), more war$$$$ & $atani$m....

Peace & knowledge to you all, thanks to the Angs & Irfans x

Lowlander2012 said...

Check this out for west of scotland labour n football state aid and dogy land deals at Glasgow City Council?

Anonymous said...

Lights, Camera… Covert Action: The Deep Politics of Hollywood

Anonymous said...

Regime change in USA, UK & Israel .... depose the Satanist scum... we can but wish

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