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Michael Adebolajo, describes as being intelligent, popular and possessing a sense of humour.

On 9 December 2013, in the trial of Michael Adebolajo, who is accused of killing soldier Lee Rigby, Michael Adebolajo (or his body double) gave evidence in court.

What is significant is what he did not say

1 A. 'Adebolajo' said that he officially became a Muslim in his first year at Greenwich University.

He said: "When I came to Islam, I realised that real success is if you make it to Paradise. Then you can relax and have as much property as you want...

Michael Adebolajo

Asked how representative he was of the average Muslim, he replied: "The question should be are my views in accordance with the prophet..."

'Adebolajo' seems to be saying that he wants Moslems to be portrayed as people who spot a stranger in civilian clothes (Lee Rigby) and hack him to death.


1 B. What Adebolajo did not say is that his family are Nigerian Christians.

He did not say that in Nigeria the Christians have been under attack from militant Moslems.

Many churches have been burnt down and many Christians killed.

One of many Nigerian churches attacked by militant Moslems.

2 A. Asked about his views on foreign policy, Adebolajo said: "The British and Americans and French. Allah commands me that I fight them."

2 BNote that Adebolajo says nothing about fighting Israel.

3 A. Adebolajo admitted being convicted at the City of London Magistrates Court on 1 November 2006 on two counts of assaulting a police constable and being sentenced to 51 days in prison.

He admits to knowing the Moslem cleric Anjem Choudhury.

Adebolajo and Choudhury (right)

3 B. Michael Adebolajo fails to tell the court the following:

Anjem Choudhury has been accused of being a recruiter for MI5 and MI6.

Adebolajo in custody in Kenya in 2010, but released with the help of MI5, reportedly.

Reportedly, the British security services arranged for Michael Adebolajo to be released from custody in Kenya, where he was suspected of being a terrorist.

The UK authorities allowed Michael Adebolajo to later return to Kenya.

A member of Adebolajo's family has claimed that the UK security tried to recruit Michael Adebolajo.

Adebolajo's brother was paid by MI6 to spy in the Middle East.

Woolwich murder, the MI6 connection: Younger brother of Michael  / ADEBOLAJO WAS PAID BY MI6.

Adebolajo - attended university.

4 A. In court Adebolajo was asked: "What do you think of Al Qaeda?"

He replied: "I love them; they are my brothers...

"Allah promises them the highest position in Paradise.

4 B. Adebolajo does not tell the court that most educated Moslems know that Al Qaeda is run by the CIA and its friends.

Adebolajo's best friend Kirk Redpath, killed by Moslems. Adebolajo had two serving police officers as friends on his facebook page.

5 A. Some people have wondered how Adebolajo knew that Lee Rigby, whom they spotted while driving along in their car, was a soldier.

Lee Rigby was wearing civilian clothes when he was reportedly hit by Adebolajo's car.

Adebolajo has told the court that he didn't know 100 per cent that Lee Rigby was a soldier, but added: "There were some steps that we took before we set out that day. I prayed and begged Allah that we did not target anyone outside the military...

"We waited also to ensure he was going towards the entrance to the barracks.

5 B.

What Adebolajo fails to point out is that Lee Rigby was not going towards the entrance to the barracks.

7/7 London Bombs mastermind Aswat (right) reportedly worked for MI6. London Bombs - unanswered questions

6 A. Adebolajo was asked in court: "What is your defence to the charge of murder?"

Adebolajo replied: "In terms of the law? I am a soldier of Allah...

"It is a war between Islam and those militaries that invade Muslim lands."

Adebolajo referred to Afghanistan.

6 B. Adebolajo makes no mention of the attacks on Palestine, or Libya or Syria.

Allegedly this shows Adebolajo's car about to hit 'Lee Rigby'. There is a strange absence of traffic on this highly busy road. 'Lee Rigby' is heading towards a shop.

7 A. Adebolajo told the court of what happened after his car hit Lee Rigby.

"I could see through the cracked windscreen he was only partially conscious...

"I did not dispute that I killed him, I did not dispute that I struck him on the neck...

"After I struck at the neck, I used another of the knives to try to remove the head. I was unsuccessful with that attempt..." 

Strangely, no sign of blood 

7 B. Adebolajo failed to explain how there was no blood on his own clothing and no blood on the road where 'the body' was photographed.


Sir John Sawers, MI6 boss, is a former parent at Sevenoaks.

What links Edward Snowdon, Julian Assange and the former head of Britain's spy service MI5?

A former top UK cabinet minister was photographed attending a child sex abuse orgy...



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Remember the video of Michael in the police Station and him wearing a blue blanket over his head which I found strange then I read this and I started to wonder if mk ultra programing was used?

One form of programming that is quite common in the Illuminati is color programming. Why is it done? The answer is that trainers are human, and also quite lazy. Color programming is a simple way to organize systems, and allows the trainer to call up alters easily within a system. With the thousands of fragments that many multiples in the cult have, colors is a way of organizing them into an easily accessible group.
Also, young children recognize colors before they can read, so this training can occur quite early. It is begun at about age two in most children.

How it is done: The child is taken into a room with either white, beige, or colored walls. If the room is a neutral color, the lights in the room will be changed, so they color the room with the light's color. If "blue" is the color being imprinted, or put in, the trainer will call up a young child alter, either a controller or core split for a system. They will tell the child that they will learn how to become blue, and what blue means. The room will be bathed in blue light, as mentioned, or has been painted blue for use in this kind of programming. The trainer will be dressed in blue clothing, and may even have a blue mask on. Blue objects will be placed around the room. The alter inside the child is called up, drugged, hypnotized, and traumatized on the table. As they are awakening from the trauma, still in trance, they are told that blue is good, and that they are blue. That blue is important. That blue will protect them from harm. That blue people don't get hurt. This will go on for awhile.

They then ask the child if they want to be "blue", like the trainers. If the child says yes, they will continue on. If the child says no, it will be re-traumatized until it says yes. The child is often naked, and told it cannot wear clothing until it "earns" the right to wear beautiful blue clothing. Over and over the "safety of being blue" (ie freedom from harm) and danger of not having a color is emphasized. The children really wants to be blue after a while of going through this. They may be given blue candy as a reward for choosing to become the color. They may be given blue sunglasses or tinted lenses to wear. They are allowed to wear blue robes once they identify with the color chosen for them.

Once the child completely identifies with the color (or rather, the main alter or template for the system accepts this color), then they are taught in progressive stages, over many training sessions, what the color blue means. They are in set ups, or dramas with other blue children, where they act out the role of a "blue". They are drugged, hypnotized, traumatized, while the meaning of blue is ground in over and over. They are forced to act in "blue" ways. Different trainers and regions will assign different meanings to different colors. Many military systems are coded blue, or protective. The military alters all are called up periodically to reinforce blue training. If the trainer at a later date wants to access a blue system, they may call them up by color, or wear a piece of clothing or a scarf in the color they want to reach.

This becomes an unconscious trigger for this color to come forward. Color coding is one of the first methods that is inlayed over systems. An entire system may be color coded one color; or two or more colors may be coded in , with each system controller (most systems have three) being given a different color over its part of the system.

Anonymous said...

"what is significant is what he did not say'

This is the fertile ground of psychotherapists and detectives and artists

aka "negative space'

peace xx

dognamedblue said...

very interesting comment above
I'm dyslexic and my eyes respond to the colour blue, other's with dyslexia will of course respond to their own colour
blue helps stop all the letters moving around on the page, and makes reading somewhat easier, which it would be if all things were printed on blue rather than white
I have plastic sheets to put over pages as I couldn't quite manage to come to terms with blue lenses in these whacky glasses they have given me

dognamedblue said...

oh and been arrested a couple of times and the blankets have always been a "dirty" gray rather than a colour

Ummer F said...

When google changed the like bar from green/red to green/grey. I did not like that. When they changed it to blue/grey... I felt sick, and had the urge to vomit.

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