Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Villagers slaughtered by the UK military in Malaysia.

In the Vietnam War, there was secret British involvement.

Britain provided the American military with:

1. Intelligence.

2. Military hardware.

3. Training for US special forces. 

4. 'Former' British soldiers.

As many as 2,000 Britons were on the ground in Vietnam.

Some of these were SAS (special air services) soldiers.

Britain, Vietnam and the Special Relationship

5. US bombing raids over Laos were flown out of a British air base in Thailand.

6.  British ships supported US commando missions into Cambodia.

Britain, Vietnam and the Special Relationship


Greg Burton said...

Yes, well those MI6 (City of London) chaps needed to be in close contact with their "children" in the CIA (Secret Team) to make sure that the Vietnam Military Industrial Complex profit center maintained its dynamic equilibrium for the oligarchy enriching itself at US tax payer and military expense; while making sure this "war" would always remain at stalemate, a quagmire, never a victor, slowly, inexorably wearing down the US, its democratic institutions, hippie vs. redneck, readying it for its current subordination to the Satanic NWO.

greencrow said...

Monsanto...aka "My Satan"


Unknown said...

Interesting article. I have tried to find evidence of British soldiers actually in combat during the Vietnam War and found nothing, except British nationals with dual nationality who served in the Australian, New Zealand or US regiments, like this guy from Liverpool:

Anonymous said...

Scientists Insist Iraq Nuked by US

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