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Should Scotland be independent?

Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party has brought out a Scottish independence plan.

According to David Walker, in The Guardian:

"The Scottish independence white paper, unveiled by the first minister Alex Salmond on 26 November 2013, was 'conservative' and 'unambitious'."

Did Alex Salmond miss his chance?

According to Lynn Henderson, of the Public and Commercial Services Union: 

"A more fundamental failure of the independence blueprint is to not imagine a Scottish state controlling the fiscal and economic levers required to meet its objectives. 

"That the European Central Bank and the Bank of England would continue to dictate the ground rules - plus ca change?"

According to Mark McDonald of the Scottish National Party: "Instead of getting governments at Westminster that Scotland doesn't vote for, the direction of an independent Scotland will be in the hands of people living here."

Did Alex Salmond miss his chance?

Comments from Guardian readers:

1. Public Spending as a share of GDP:


Scotland 42.7%

UK 45.5%

2. Check out the SNP's really hard hitting attack on Scots primary class sizes.

3. So, basically, Edinburgh Council, and my pathetic community council will remain unchanged, forever, because the system works so well according to the SNP.

Added to that, we should be centrally governed by an unchecked unicameral parliament, because the system works so well according to the SNP. 

4. The state is the single largest employer in the land. It consumes wealth and fosters militant unions with a nothing to lose mentality that can come unstuck in the commercial real world. The state is under financial pressure to reform but is the Hindu cow of Scottish politics.

5. Whats not mentioned either in this Guardian report or any BBC Scotland reportage is the huge Con/Dem cuts facing all public sector employees, if we stay in this nonsense union. 

6. Dave Greenway, the Pulitzer prize winning journalist of The Boston Globe, summed up the SNP thus :

The SNP's nationalism is based on citizenship, rather than on ethnicity, religion, or language, and is pro-immigration; quite different from many national movements.

7. Too wee, too poor, too stupid to run your own affairs, but the sheltering wing of the UK will keep us all safe and well from hordes of dirty rampaging immigrants etc.

That's the case against independence as it's being presented by it's advocates.

You want authoritarianism, start looking at the other side.

8.  Major restructuring has already taken place under devolution (the centralisation of police and fire, for example).

9. Will people be better served in a smaller more nimble economic entity with a directly accountable form of government? 

Will popular sovereignty prove more able and adaptable than top down? 

Do people want to spend their cash on bombs or bairns? 

Just why have things gotten so bad if the current system is so good?

10. Osborne and the OBR forecast a cut  of over 1.3 million public sector jobs. 

11. Unison Scotland say councils have lost 34,500 jobs since 2008/9 - severely damaging services across the country.

And SCOTLAND has lost 49,000 public sector jobs since the Con-Dems came to power – the equivalent of 49 Ravenscraig closures.

Did Alex Salmond miss his chance?


Anonymous said...

Scotland deserves sovereignty.

But as many newly independent nations find out, the realpolitik on the ground is that Soros will grab them and seduce them into another deception like he methodically does with every single small nation or peoples who manage to break free.

Go for it, Scotland. Beware of Soros. That will be the first trap set for you to lead you back to the matrix if you achieve independence. Be aware, educate yourselves, steer clear of Soros 'help' to new democracies.

Silvija Germek

kerdasi amaq said...

I'd say that Westminster likes it that Scotland is poor weak and underpopulated. Vote No to keep it that way.

Independence in itself won't change anything, what the Scots people do with it is what counts. It must be used intelligently and by Scottish politicians who have no secret allegiance to England.

Also, professional politicians must be kept on the tightest of leashes; they're more dangerous than unleashed Rottweilers.

dognamedblue said...

I don't think people realise just how big rich and powerful CEC is
when I worked for them, well over 10 years ago, it became clear just how much of edinburgh it really owned, which was most of it, in terms of land & property
but salmond is a front, to give people the idea that they would be independent when it will still be the same hands pulling the reins as it's always been
when I worked for CEC I got roped into purchasing, being stupid I though it was my responsability to spend council tax payers money as best I could, I once saved quarter of a million on one deal to have it thrown back by the CPU as they would get their "friends" to provide it
drinks, golf and funny handshakes required
the old scotland, the new scotland, the independent scotland

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