Monday, December 02, 2013

Tom Daley

Tom Daley, at 13, became a celebrity supporter of ChildLine
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 Tom Daley


Boy said...

Seen this?

Deep Background Research on the People Who Populated The Sandy Hook Incident

Paul said...

SLow it down I'm trying to watch.

Anonymous said...

There is scalar/microwave mind control all over this.

They have been beaming him for years.

Bullied at school.

How did his dad die?

Setting it all up They were.

Now he is prostituted out to a Hollywood tribalist...?

This stinks.

Look at the comments on the gossip boards. They are all Kabal-Supercomputer commentators crowing over another NWO mind matrix victory. It is obvious.

It is like an epidemic.

The law of statistics says this is beyond coincidence - this is all arranged - societal manipulation by technology and by focus on celebrities who then sway the behavior of the masses.

They are getting very bold.

Some might say indiscriminate.

Far too arrogant. Drunk on success

That is when errors happen.

They are blowing the cover of Their own MO - same as They always do. Except this time They are showing anyone with more than half a brain (not too many people left like that sadly) what the only explanation for this can be.

Carol A. Valentine

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