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Brock Mason of Norman, Oklahoma.

The NAVY is mainly about drugs and sex, some people might argue.

In December 2013, it was reported that U.S. Navy officer Brock Mason, 24, was brought back from Japan to face charges that he sexually abused pre-teen twin boys whilst attending the University of Oklahoma

Mason also allegedly gave the boys drugs.
In November 2013 it was reported that "a (foreign) defense contractor ... allegedly bribed (US naval) officers with prostitutes and showered them with gifts to steer business his way."

"Vice Adm. Ted Branch, director of Naval Intelligence, and Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, director of intelligence operations, were put on temporary leave and had their access to classified information revoked."

Nation Navy sex scandal widens, taints admirals - USA Today

In 1992, it was reported that there was "a virtual orgy of debauchery and sexual abuse at an annual conference of naval airmen at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas last September, known as the Tailhook Convention."

Sexual scandal has US Navy chiefs all at sea


Anonymous said...
Confirmed: NSA Tracking Cellphone Locations Worldwide

About those latest cell-phones that everyone’s snapping up for Christmas. There’s that old fashioned proverb ‘Look before You leap’ … but we won’t bother with that!

But maybe one could stretch that lazy old imagination just a bit and say the magic words ‘What if ,,,?’
And may be one could wonder where things could lead to if things didn’t forever run smoothly! But of course they always run smoothly don’t they? After all just look at all we’ve achieved! Those dangerous scheming minds just don’t exist!
Of course they don’t. However IF they did, and IF I personally just happened to nurture one of those minds myself,
I‘d certainly know which side my bread were buttered on. I’d right now be considering my options and all those new horizons opening up.
I’d say to myself:
I’ve got the fools to accept the bait, i.e. the phones. They’re lying around everywhere in their intimate spheres.
I’m in the process of familiarising them with the chipping. They’re being sold as part of their everyday environment, for identifying dustbin bags for rubbish collection and so on…’Customer service’ you know.
I’ve got them to accept being trackable at all times - I’m data collecting locations worldwide and flunking privacy laws. Hell, who’s checking!.
I’ve got them to allow the drones in their skies. They don’t seem bothered.
Now What shall I do next?

Hmmm … I guess I’m looking forward to putting the chips on all the products .. and learning so much about my prey! They’ve No Idea what that might be good for! Dum-dums.
I’m just dreaming about those scented soap bars and gifts sets they send around at Christmas for instance. Once they pay me to get their purchases chipped, I’ll can have a record of who they’re fond of. I’ll be able to identify who means what to whom. The near and the dear.
Then all I’ll need is to figure out how to break the bonds. Separate them so they have to stand alone.
And then I’ll break each and every one of them.
You know …
There are so many mischiefs I could work. And since they don’t mind why on earth should I warn them?

Carry on people. Leap before you look. Don’t consider the real price, just buy fast while stocks last and don’t worry your pretty little heads about all these miserable fears. Of course you’re not responsible! (The government is).

Grab those smart phones! After all how could you live without one now?
(Although you survived pretty comfortably without one a few years ago. But that was in the tough old days of hardship and inconvenience)
Keep on leaping … you ought to have a happy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

@above commenter,
I hope you are a professional writer. I would love to read a book or short story by you.

Sullen Boy said...

I think a detailed examination of the topic of the USN and the general environs of Norman, Oklahoma may, based on my own spidey-sense and a lot of poking around over the years, derive in general as follows: 1) Nazi roots, brought to the US through 2) Operation Paperclip et alia, sprinkled into Huntsville, AL and von Braun's employment as well as the aviation medicine program at Randolph AFB, cross-town from the base that handles all basic training for the Air Force (Lackland) and thence out into the military and up to 3) Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City [ ] where I am told there are immense underground emplacements. Lots of this stuff is linked to immense underground emplacements, for reasons that are obvious. The Navy has its own systems and linkages, of course; I was once told about and also saw some mysterious reference to a naval base in Rhode Island, but that is drenched in fog. One of the more potent references I ever saw was the notation in Douglass' book "JFKU" to the ONI presence (for the purposes of handling Soviet defectives) in an obscure town on the Outer Banks, to which a shrink I once knew traveled right after returning from meeting a Soviet counterpart in Niagara Falls. That shrink was the child of a Lt. Col. in the USAF Reserve whose own mysterious involvement in her personal dissociative disorder was allgeed; he supported some activioties, she said, for the CIA and submarine traffic off the coast of their house in the Bahamas. That's the same shrink who entered into a trance when she took me and her daughter to see a Disney movie.

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