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Donald MacLaren

During World War II, Donald MacLaren, a Scottish clan chief, was given the task of fighting the Nazis in America.

He was up against people such as Bush, Rockefeller, the Dulles brothers and various bankers.

Maison Rouge

According to a US intelligence document, in 1944, a group of top Nazi industrialists met at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg.

They met to plan 'The Fourth Reich', which would be set up after World War II.

In 'The Fourth Reich', Nazi bankers and industrialists would run Europe.

The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich

Thomas McKittrick

During World War II, one of the chief friends of the Nazis was an American called Thomas McKittrick.

McKittrick was a close friend of the Rockefellers.

During World War II, McKittrick was President of the The Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), set up in Switzerland in 1930, organises transactions between central banks.

Book Review: Tower of Basel -

Hermann Schmitz

The people who ran the BIS were kind to the Nazis.

They allowed Hitler to take over Czechoslovakia's gold and they were good friends of Nazi companies such as IG Farben.

Hermann Schmitz, the Nazi boss of IG Farben, was a director of the BIS.

After World War II, the BIS helped the top Nazi bankers and industrialists to take key jobs in the running of Europe.

Tower Of Basel: The Shadowy History Of The Secret Bank That Rules The World

Adam Lebor, author of Tower of Basel, believes that the Nazi-loving BIS is currently part of the plan for a fascist united Europe.


Before, during and after World War II, many of the top Americans were Nazis.

The US subsidiaries of German companies supplied Hitler with vital materials.

German companies placed Nazi agents throughout the American business world.

Sullivan and Cromwell, a New York law firm, arranged the deals between American business and the German companies that helped bring Hitler to power.

The partners in Sullivan and Cromwell included John Foster Dulles, who later became US Secretary of State, and his brother, Allen Dulles, America's wartime intelligence chief, who became the first boss of the CIA.

A 1942 pamphlet put out by Donald MacLaren

Standard Oil, founded by the Rockefellers, was close friends with the Nazi IG Farben (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and Agfa).

Brown Brothers Harriman was close friends with Fritz Thyssen, the German steel magnate who financed Hitler.

Thyssen ran his American business through the Union Banking Corporation, whose directors included Prescott Bush.

Henry Ford was a fan of the Nazis.

The US State Department instructed the Nazi-loving J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, not to help the British.

Donald MacLaren

Winston Churchill got Donald MacLaren to set up a network of 150 agents to take on the American Nazis.

Strangely enough, the British intelligence HQ was at the Rockefeller Centre.

Interestingly, Churchill did not trust some of his own spies because they had Nazi sympathies.

MacLaren's target was IG Farben, the biggest chemical company in the world.

In the USA, IG Farben used the name General Aniline and Film, or GAF, which was friends with Rockefeller's Standard Oil.

IG Farben designed and ran Auschwitz III, which employed tens of thousands of slave labourers.

US marines and a German Nazi SS flag.

MacLaren, posing as a businessman, began a relationship with GAF.

The GAF directors were split into two factions.

MacLaren leaked information to set one faction against another.

The spying Scotsman who hunted the Nazis of New York ... - Daily Mail

In 1942, MacLaren produced a pamphlet which revealed IG Farben's role in promoting the war and making money from the war.

The pamphlet pointed out that IG Farben's American business partners, such as Standard Oil, were working for the Nazis.

By this time, the USA was at war with Germany.

The US government immediately closed down IG Farben's business in America.

BASF (formerly IG Farben) is now the world's largest chemicals company.

Bayer (formerly IG Farben) is now one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies.

Nazis, allied to certain Zionists, are still in charge in Europe and in America.

Read more:

In November 1942, the top Nazis decided it was unlikely that Germany would win the war.

In May 1943, the Nazi leaders adopted a plan to 'go underground'.

Paul Manning's Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile | Lys-d'Or

By August 1944, Martin Bormann was ready to transfer the Nazi's stolen wealth (gold, money, stocks, paintings, bearer bonds, blue chips...) into 750 new corporations in countries such as Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Argentina.

Martin Bormann also made use of I.G. Farben to hide the Nazi loot.

Paul Manning's Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile | Lys-d'Or

Bormann (right)

On 1st May 1st 1945, Martin Bormann left Germany.

Reportedly, Lt. Commander John Ainsworth-Davis and Ian Fleming "led a 150-man team that rescued Martin Bormann from war-torn Berlin on May 1, 1945 using river kayaks."

Reportedly, "Bormann lived under an assumed identity in England until 1956 before dying in Paraguay in 1959."

Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann's son was in Israel in April 1993.

A Quiet Visitor to Israel: Martin Bormann's Son - New York Times

"After World war II, Martin Bormann set up 750 corporations in neutral countries, primed as vehicles to receive the liquid wealth of Germany in addition to patents and other proprietary industrial information. 

"The real power behind Hitler, Bormann, known as the 'Brown Eminence', successfully fled Europe for South America and administered a 'Reich in Exile' in the years following the war... 

"Controlling Germany's major corporations, the Federal Republic itself and much of Latin America, the Bormann Organization also maintained a formidable circle of influence in the United States. 

"Paul Manning has written the definitive text on the Bormann Organization.

"Heavily invested in major corporations (especially American "blue chip" corporations) the group can exert great pres­sure...

"The European Monetary Union is, as we have seen in many programs and articles, the realization of the strata­gem of Pan-German theoretician Friedrich List..."


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shirlz007 said...

How America planned for an attack on BRITAIN in 1930 with bombing raids and chemical weapons

-Emerging world power feared British reaction to its ambitions
-Plan Red was code for massive war with British Empire
-Top-secret document once regarded as 'most sensitive on Earth'
-$57m allocated for building secret airfields on Canadian border - to launch attack on British land forces based there

Anonymous said...

ref quote
Nazis, allied to certain Zionists, are still in charge in Europe and in America.. unquote
Are we witnessing ethnic Germans running the world???
Guido Giacona Preparate is describing convincingly in his book "Conjuring Hitler, How Britain and America made the Third Reich", how the usual suspects pulled the strings till Hitler and cohorts were firmly in charge..

Anonymous said...

One look at the decimated wastelands of Britains manufacturing areas is evidence enough to see that they won the peace. Our motor industry, the best in the world for innovation, was targeted by Ford and VW Audi, along with a compliant press that took every opportunity to attack our products.

And to think that BMW used slave labour for which it has never apologised.

Feel good while you all drive your German prestige cars, and even better if driving a once proud British name now built by them such as the hideous new Mini.

Anonymous said...

@Caveman - first of all, the name of the author is Guido Giacomo Preparata; secondly he rants big time instead of studying real history. Convenient, ha?

canspeccy said...

Thanks for the link. But the correct link for my piece on Tony Gosling is this:

Unknown said...

Tony Gosling: 100% shill.

Fascism: 100% part of the NWO.

But let us not forget about the others. The Satanists the Zionists

It is time to speak out

Unknown said...

one could drive a train and sail a ship througfh the gaping holes of ignorance on this scenario.becuase much of it is based on the common lies about this area, so getting truth from popualr lies believed as truth is a recipe for more of the same ole caca we have running th9s sickening and malewvolent dog and pony show of today.If you dont know who your enemies are, you may as well jump into the deep blue sea. I know who mime are.(all who participate iunb the war on humanity in the current methos of genetrics,medicine,food bioebgineering etc etc etc. people who rapwe the planet murder millions and are power mad mental and spirtitial defective degenerates mostly of the jewsigh criminal organoization with various sorts of lickspittles spineless greedy petty maniacs who need the void.nazi means well forget it i aint going over thisd shit with what was presented by aaagrifann who i know presented it just to do so.ands see what5 comes .and i what cums at this time. hahahahateis

hirundine said...

I would say that it's a bit of a stretch to assume Britain was the bastion of freedom. At anytime including WW2. Anti-fascist or even anti-Nazi. The rich always have their own agenda. To assume it was for the benefit of the common man, is quite laughable.

If Germany had won WW2? We can assume that most of these people would have raced to the winning side. Morals do not mix well with wealth. We can debate whether Mr. McLaren was really tracking down the enemies of his State? Or whether he was ensuring that the dovetail would be complete? There is always conjecture when it comes to motives. Obviously, "spin is everything".

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