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Gold has been hit hard by a strengthening US economy.

On 2 December 2013, Gold stood at $1,218 a troy ounce.

Jim O’Neill, former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, thinks that the world economy will grow at a faster rate in the next decade than it did in the last one.

He says that the economic crisis around 2008 was essentially about the USA consuming too much and saving nothing, while China consumed very little and saved too much.

He says the USA is now far more competitive and multinationals are now moving back to the USA.

However, some economists think that the US stock market is currently overvalued.

Stephanie Flanders, chief European market strategist at J P Morgan, thinks that the UK will be the fastest-growing country in Europe for at least the next five years.

However, some economists see a huge bubble in London house prices, and think that that bubble will eventually burst.

And, "as James Meadway of the New Economics Foundation puts it, 'this is definitely not the recovery the coalition wanted or forecast'.

"The breakdown of the latest growth figures showed that business investment - critical for rebuilding a new-style, more productive economy - is down by more than 6% year on year; exports are all but flat, despite the 20% fall in the value of the pound since the crisis; and manufacturing output remains 9% below where it was in 2008..."

Is Britain's economy really on the path to prosperity? - The Guardian

Martin Wolf, chief economic commentator at the Financial Times, thinks that the eurozone will break up, as the result of serious depressions in countries such as Spain and Italy.

Hélène Rey, Professor of economics at the London Business School, reminds us of the Asian crisis of 1997.

Lots of money flooded into countries like Thailand and Indonesia and then flooded out again, causing a crash.

Hélène Rey thinks that international capital flows are dangerous and should be controlled.

It has been argued that countries that avoid tough austerity measures do better than countries that impose tough austerity measures.

"Historians call Uruguay Latin America's 'first welfare state.'

"It was a pioneer in the early twentieth century on enacting public-health programs, public pensions, and other forms of social assistance...

"An IMF staff report in January 2011 noted that 'Uruguay’s economy is booming,' that 'unemployment is at record lows,' and that some sectors were even experiencing 'labor shortages.' 

"Uruguay's high taxes, equal to 29.1% of GDP, enable sturdy governmental support of certain lucrative export sectors..."

Five Economies That Work: Global Success Stories


Currently the top three most successful economies in the world are said to be those of:

1. Switzerland

Singapore public housing

2. Singapore

Finnish Girl

3. Finland.


shirlz007 said...

According to Money Week... Its the End of Britain! Historically low interest rates and unprecedented debt. Interest rates will rise,
-they could shoot up overnight (hitting the banking system, then the housing market, stripping the average person of their savings and homes)...
-or interest rates will rise slowly over 10/20 years, gradually strangling the economy, house market and stock market (gradually stripping us ALL of our wealth and buying power one day at a time... probably the most likely)

Im a firm believer you can just build your way out of a depression/recession. Just build shit!
-HS2 link (dividing the gap between North and South, bringing more wealth, jobs, investment to Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool)
-Thames Estuary Airport (I don't think 'Boris Island' is the way forward... this isn't thunderbirds Boris!)... let's build an airport that'll give the Chinese a hard un!
-In fact! Chinese investment Liverpool/Wirral waterfront. There's been talk of Chinese investment in Liverpool Waterfront for almost a decade now... with plans to build a high rise 21st century Liverpool, making it the capital for Chinese investment in Europe.
-Our motorways and road infrastructure are in desperate need of repair, most complete rebuilding. What most idiots in Government don't understand is, our motorways where built with a lifespan of 40/50 years, and with traffic increasing every year, simply won't be able to function in 10/20 years... WE NEED A COMPLETE rebuild of our main road infrastructure (the daily repairs being carried out today is just cosmetic... and a pain in the arse!).
-Investment and construction in green sustainable energy. It's what everyone wants, it what the planet needs! Put our brightest scientific minds to work in renewable energy, put our engineers to work in building this... we won't have to rely on Russia, OR SCOTLAND! :D

And when it comes to banking... something similar to Glass Stiegel? I don't know much about banking... but I know they shouldn't be playing silly burgers with OUR money! Separate high street banking from investment/merchant banking... don't get me started on banking because their out of control and as long as their free to whatever they want, WE the people always suffer.

shirlz007 said...

and when it comes to housing! Have a Government backed scheme renovating the millions of empty homes throughout Britain! (the Great British Property Scandal shown on Channel 4 last year?). Private companies investing and renovating the surrounding areas.

It's not going to happen, but it should, and WOULD benefit the economy if done properly... LEGALIZE CANNABIS! The Government can make a killing... how much of a drain on our money and resources is it trying to enforce something that I would think, almost a third of todays adults do!

Vote Shirlz007 for 2014! :D
The 'Let's stop dicking about' Party!

shirlz007 said...

the US could start rebuilding it's once great prosperous automobile industry... and sell them to say... countries like... IRAN! :D

Anonymous said...

Francis Oldham QC to head new Jersey abuse cover-up


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'Any association with EU would be economic suicide for Ukraine'


shirlz007 said...

in fact... the more I think about it... a complete rethink on our Governments economic policies, spending, infrastructure, banking, housing, energy, technologies etc is DESPERATLY needed if this country is to be saved from buckling in on itself in 20/30 years time. Things are pretty bleak unless major changes are made!
-World class University needs to be open to ALL! (regardless of class upbringing)
-Investment in education regarding sciences and technology (get them while their young)

Children should also be made to sing a song every morning to the great leader!
'Oh Daniel Hurley!
Our dear leader,
you saved this nation
from the greed of the Zionist bankers'
(Im joking!)

... Kinda :D

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