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Kevin Terry of Kevin Terry and Predestined is a popular gospel singer.
A video leaked to the internet shows Kevin Terry having sex with a young man.

Gospel Singer Kevin Terry

Jim Swilley is the pastor of a Georgia megachurch with thousands of followers.

He is the father of four children.

He decided to publicly declare that he is gay.

"I know a lot of straight people think orientation is a choice. I want to tell you that it is not," Jim Swilley said.

Swilley has recently reached his 5,000-friend limit on Facebook and his wall is adorned with praise for his decision to come out.

Megachurch Pastor Reveals He's Gay - ABC News

Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long is the pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia.

He has four children.

It has been reported that he gave five teenagers lavish gifts and coerced them into sexual acts during overnight trips.

The five young men filed lawsuits in 2010. Bishop Eddie Long settled the lawsuits out of court in 2011.

One of the young men has written a book in which he describes a violent encounter between him and Long in 2006 in Miami at Keiser University.

Bishop Eddie Long

The reportedly gay Paul Crouch - "opulent spending on private jets and 13 mansions and homes." 

Paul Crouch ran the anti-gay Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world's largest religious network.

Crouch was accused of threatening to sack a young male employee, Enoch Lonnie Ford, if he didn’t have an affair with him. 

Crouch and TBN settled out of court with Ford for just under half a million dollars.

Girls love bisexual boys.

Boys love bisexual girls.

The film G.B.F. focuses on two closeted gay high school students Tanner and Brent.

When Tanner is outed, he is picked up by the cool girls.

And he begins to surpass still-closeted Brent in popularity.

Researchers Bressler and Lavender (1986) found that marriages where the female was bisexual  were happier than heterosexual unions.

Such marriages fad fewer instances of hidden infidelity, and ended in fewer divorces. 

David Cassidy

Researchers Brendan Zietsch of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research say that men exhibiting female traits become more attractive to females and are thus more likely to mate.

Girls particularly love the pop stars who are said to be bisexual.

Roddy McDowall

And here is a list of Anti-Gay Activists who reportedly are Gay

1 George Rekers, a baptist minister, was part of anti-gay lobbying groups in the USA.

He wrote "Growing Up Straight: What Families Should Know About Homosexuality".

He contacted Rentboy.com. and met Lucien.

He took Lucien on a trip, and got caught.

2 Troy King, Alabama Attorney General, was strongly opposed to gay sex.

Reportedly, King was caught by his wife while having sex with a young male.

3 Richard Curtis, a Washington State Representative, has an anti-gay rights voting record.

He resigned from the House after reports of his sexual encounter with a rent boy became public.

Cody Castagna told police that Curtis offered him $1,000 to have sex.

Curtis was reportedly wearing a red negligee.

4 Pastor Ted Haggard was 'outed' by a rent boy in 2006.

He had been anti-gay.

5. Glenn Murphy Jr, former head of the Young Republicans, supported "straight" family values.

Reportedly, he was caught performing oral sex on another Young Republican.

6 David Dreier, a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives, has voted against gay rights.

He has been accused of paying his alleged boyfriend a high salary.

7 Bruce Barclay, the Republican commissioner of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, allegedly had sex with a young male, Marshall McCurdy.

Police searched Barclay's home and reportedly found videotapes of hundreds of sexual encounters with men that Barclay filmed on surveillance cameras.

8 Roy Ashburn, conservative California State Senator, votes against gay-rights.

Reportedly, after leaving a gay bar with an unidentified man, Roy Ashburn was arrested for driving under the influence.

Ashburn has now admitted that he's gay.

9 Jim West, Spokane Mayor, opposes gay rights.

He's proposed that "any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person" among teens be considered a criminal act.

For 25 years, West was reportedly having sexual relationships with boys.

He reportedly offered to find boys jobs with the city of Spokane in exchange for sex.

10. Larry Craig, Former Idaho Republican, opposed gay rights.

He was reportedly arrested at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport for 'cottaging' an undercover police officer.

11 Ed Schrock, in Congress, opposed gay-rights.

He was reportedly caught on tape soliciting sex from a gay prostitute.

12 Robert Allen, an anti-gay Florida State Representative, was reportedly arrested for offering to do oral sex with an undercover policeman.

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giark65 (abel danger) said...

Excellent exposure - It's not being gay that is the issue. It's the covert way these individuals find their way into the heads of all our institutions under a false cloak of heterosexuality. Being in the closet leads to entrapment and extortion. But under "We Are Change" and PRIDE it's okay even if the details are nasty. Worse pedophilia is used in the same manner for entrapment and among the elite as disposable entertainment. How long before pedophiles are outed and made as heroes on Facebook pages?

I'm surprised people think we are the culprits for exposing the lies and how the LBGT community is at risk for secret closet oaths or else.

Our group has extensively covered the damage the Department Of Justice PRIDE has done for several decades. How many top government officials around the world are sexually past heterosexuality? Why are top Christians pedophiles or homosexuals - coincidence? Are we the only ones awake to these perversions?

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