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It would seem that Edward Snowden is a triple agent.

1. Edward Snowden was led to Moscow by Sarah Harrison, who attended a school linked to the head of MI6 and to a former head of MI5.

2. Snowden has failed to tell us, for example, that 9 11 was an inside job.

He has failed to tell us anything we did not already know.

3. Snowden has been given a lot of publicity by the mainstream media, including the Guardian.

The Guardian is alleged to be run by MI6.

What links Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and the former head of Britain's spy service MI5?

Jonathan Evans, the former boss of MI5, was a pupil at the expensive Sevenoaks School in the UK.

Sir Jonathan Evans

Sarah Harrison, who led Edward Snowden to Moscow, was a pupil at Sevenoaks School.

Sir John Sawers

Sir John Sawers, the current boss of MI6, is a former parent at Sevenoaks School.

Snowden and Harrison

Sarah Harrison, of the spooky Wikileaks, is said to be a former lover Julian Assange.

Sarah Harrison is currently living in spooky Berlin.

Assange and Harrison

The late Gerd Sommerhoff, who sexually abused boys, was a teacher at Sevenoaks school.

Sommerhoff worked at the spooky BBC and in spooky Cambridge, and, like Jimmy Savile, was given a knighthood.

Gerd Sommerhoff

Some of the above people may secretly be assets of Mossad, the CIA and MI5/MI6.

Sir John Sawers, MI6 boss, is a former parent at Sevenoaks.

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greencrow said...

Some of this stuff is getting a bit over-the-top.


dognamedblue said...

must say I was somewhat surprised to see peoples reaction to the NSA
I used to tell people that it was the military that set up the net post WW2, not al gore or someone who happened to write a bit of code that made it easier to use, but not many listened lol
when you have something as msm as the simpsons movie laughing it up about watching the net from years ago I don't see how people can be shocked

Ummer F said...

What about the point that Greenwald is profiting from the leaks http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2013/12/08/checkbook-journalism-leaking-to-the-highest-bidders/

Anonymous said...

The files from 911 may not have been circulating when Snowdon worked there, they are purged for obvious reasons. Russia Today told the truth on 911. Maybe Snowdon originally was controlled but went off script at some point and went rogue. The Guardian certainly caved recently but I read they sent off copies of everything before they destroyed their hard drives. A bit of fiesty behavior perhaps. Maybe I'm a dreamer but it seemed that the USG really hated Snowden with that South American plane diversion and all, I didn't think it was fake
Pink Rabbit

shirlz007 said...

-I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt... elements within the CIA placed Ed Snowden where he is, and allowed the files to be leaked (and elements within MI6 turned a blind eye to it)
-You have to be extremely naïve to believe the secrets of NSA/GCHQ's mass surveillance did not end up in the hands of the Chinese and Russians.
-Ed Snowden has given enough to suggest Israel Intelligence has a major scoop in NSA Intelligence. (it also indicates how certain elements within NSA regard Israel as an ally, while others regard it as the No 1 threat)
-The reactions from The British Government indicate GCHQ and MI6 did not want the files relating to British activities to be disclosed.
-The links to Wikileaks and Sarah Harrison don't amount to much
-STOP with the 9/11 stuff... THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE AMOUNT OF ELECTRONIC EVIDENCE REGARDING 9/11ON ANY COMPUTER SYSTEM, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, IMPLICATING ANYONE!!! What are you expecting in regards to 9/11? A slide show picturing the WTC, with a cartoon drawing of planes slamming into them, saying 'we did this!'

Anonymous said...

Webster Tarpley's analysis is influenced by his own knowledge and agenda.

While those who were well informed (Tarpley among them) knew about all the spying on the American People before Snowden's whistleblowing, most Americans did not know. If was Snowden's release of official documents, that could not be denied, which forced the establishment to acknowledge the spying on the American People.

(Could it have been a tactic by the establishment to get the American people to "shrug their shoulders" to the news of NSA spying on the American People? Could be, but I'd bet the establishment didn't want to NSA spying to be 'outed', as it has caused a lot of headaches.)

No, I don't think Snowden's whistleblowing was to force Obama to attack Syria (or Iran) because the Bush administration and proceeding administrations were engaged in spying on the American People. The Obama administration was simply advancing an established practice of spying on the American People.

Attending a school which had/has contacts with a spy agency is not proof of complicity, you need other facts & evidence to make the case (unless you think EVERY person who ever attended that school is attached to the spy agency).

I doubt that NSA kept data revealing 911 as an inside job (yes, it was an inside job). Those complicit in 911 knew of the NSA spying and likely kept any "smoking guns" out of the NSA collection net because they could not be sure following administrations would keep it secret.

It's the official documents:

With those official documents in hand and then released, alternative media would have gained credibility, that would have happened with Snowden's documents. Mainstream media is corporate controlled, but they know when news can't be suppressed.

It's hard to suppress a source who has official documents to back up his story.

Tarpley doesn't like Obama, but he doesn't want Obama's administration crushed because he has dreams for the left of the Democratic Party to takeover and Republicans to become extinct on the national level.

One must understand the agenda of the person making the hypothesis/allegation to get a better grip on whether the allegations are accurate.

Anonymous said...

Jim Stone's take ("How the NSA destroyed the economy") is compelling:


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