Tuesday, December 10, 2013


President Vladimir Putin has closed down Russia's main state news agency, RIA Novosti.

He has replaced it with a new agency to be known as Russia Today (which is separate from RT)

Kiselyov, an expert on the Ukraine, home to Azov films.

This will be run by Dmitry Kiselyov, a 'conservative', who has suggested that foreign conspiracies are threatening Russia.

Kiselyov has described the current protests in Ukraine as a plot by a coalition of Sweden, Poland and Lithuania.

Without Notice, Putin Dissolves a News Agency

Putin and Kiselyov have been accused of being homophobic, and 'most homophobes are gay'.

Russia's Vladimir Putin 'is gay' claims controversial new biography

On 5 December 2013, Peter Pomerantsev, at the Financial Times, had an article entitled:

The Kremlin's attempt at soft power is back-to-front

According to Peter Pomerantsev:

Russian TV is watched throughout the former Soviet Union.

A. Russian TV is part of the 'soft power' policy being used to influence people, such as those in the Ukraine.

The state sponsored news channel RT is the world's most watched online news channel with 1.1bn viewers.

"RT does a great job of making the west look bad."

Peter Pomerantsev

B. Certain Russian cultural figures do not like the Putin government.

Boris Akunin, an author and opposition figure, wants Russia's cultural leaders to stop co-operating with Putin.

Pro-Putin commentators refer to Akunin and other opposition figures as 'liberasti', combining the words 'liberal' and 'pederast'.

The Putin government wants to portray the West as being decadent and gay-loving.

The Putin government wants to portray Russia as having 'conservative' values.

Russia is not necessarily conservative.

Only 4 per cent of Orthodox Christians attend church weekly; Russia has high rates of abortion, divorce, prostitution and corruption.

More here: The Kremlin's attempt at soft power is back-to-front


Peter Pomerantsev · Putin's Rasputin.

Russia Is Dying By Peter Pomerantsev .

Nikel' / Никель (Russia) - Main square

The stage illusion laid bare - PETER POMERANTSEV


Anonymous said...

On the 'news' today in Oz is the story of an Asian/Australian who bought a baby from his russian mother, and then 'sold' it for the sexual pleasures of many sickos….the 'man' has been jailed for 30 years blah blah blah….our human family is sick and getting sicker every day…just how the 'sic' elites 'want'.
peace xx

Anonymous said...

Police fail to investigate rapes and child abuse, Commons committee is told


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

If Putin wanted to maintain control all he'd have to do is create a Russian infrastructure of good jobs, education and social care. Make Russia the golden example of what good societies should like before criminals take over. Some would call him a criminal but if he changed his stripes and lead Russia into a Golden dawn the people would follow him.

Anonymous said...


got it?

Anonymous said...

" PETER POMERANTSEV" - real name: Peter Pomerantz, zionist"

'Nuff said....

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, consider the possibility that "Putin is gay" is a smear by those who don't like Putin.

There isn't a stitch of real facts or evidence in the linked article. It's all speculation, innuendo, and psychobabble.

A typical tactic of the militant, pro homosexual agenda crowd is to smear any opponent with charges he/she is secretly gay.

Perhaps, Putin believes promotion of homosexuality to children is subversive to Russian society. Apparently, other Russians feel the same as the law was passed with an overwhelming majority of the Duma voting in favor.

Zionists hate Putin as he blocks their plans in Syria and Iran and put the hurt (thrown in jail) on Zionist oligarchs in Russia proper.

Putin, in part, derives support from the majority Christian Russians (who while not always mindful of specific prohibitions, still believe in Christianity as the foundation of Russian society).

Part of the fall of the Soviet Union was the realization or likely long known fact, by average Russians, who are overwhelmingly Christian, that the Soviet Union was in large measure a Jewish phenomenon.

The official atheism of the Soviet Union was due to two goals: One, promoting a society where loyalty to the state came first with no competing loyalty from religion; two, most of the Jews who led the Russian Revolution were atheists, so, they simply enforced their own personal belief, or lack thereof, on the who population.

Putin, while being former KGB, possibly, rejected Jewish domination of government and Russian society.

Frankly, many intellectually leading Jews and particularly Zionists have been 'internationalists' who want Russia dominated by the West, which they believe is controlled by Jews and Zionists.

(Truth be told, that grip is not as strong as Jews and many alternative opinion shapers would like to believe. There are limits to Zionists' and 'internationalists' power._

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