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Von Gloeden

In Italy, a 60-year-old man took in an 11-year-old disadvantaged girl and they became lovers.

The 60-year-old man works in social services in the Italian town of Catanzaro, and had taken responsibility for the 11-year-old girl’s care.

The relationship was discovered when the police raided the man’s home and found the pair in bed.

The man was given a five year jail sentence.

An Italian court has now annulled the jail sentence, because the man and the girl had a “romantic relationship,” and the girl claimed she is in love with the man.

In Italy, the age of consent is 14, but in cases where one person is an authority figure or caring for the other, the age of consent is 16.

The annulment by the court will be appealed for a new sentence, and a retrial will take place.

The USA is not like the Mediterranean.

Former 'Teacher of the Year,' Ethel Anderson, will be facing 38 years in jail for having sex with a 12-year-old student.

A court case has found Ms. Anderson guilty of engaging in oral sex with the boy, as well as exchanging in appropriate text messages with him, The Ledger News confirmed on Dec. 11, 2013.


Jonathan Merritt is a top evangelical blogger

He is very anti-gay.

And he has of course 'been outed as gay'.

He got busted "for canoodling with gay blogger Azariah Southworth."

 Merritt admitted his "inappropriate" actions.

Of course some of the homophobes who leave comments on this blog are like Merritt.

Dr Edward Brongersma

In the UK, in the 1970s, there was an organisation called PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange.

PIE lobbied for the right of adults to have sex with children. 

PIE's magazine, Magpie, once had an article by Dr Edward Brongersma, a Dutch politician and academic, which stated: ‘A sexual relationship between a child and an adult does not harm the child and may be even beneficial, providing that the adult partner is considerate, loving and affectionate.’

Harman and Dromey

The Labour Party Deputy Leader Harriet Harman, her shadow minister husband Jack Dromey and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt were all linked to PIE.

Harman, Hewitt and Dromey first encountered the PIE when they were officials in the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL).

In 1975, PIE got the NCCL to grant it official ‘affiliate’ status.

The NCCL was then under the chairmanship of Henry Hodge, who married Labour MP Margaret Hodge.

Margaret Hodge was council leader in Islington. 14-year-old Jason Swift, killed in 1985 by a paedophile gang, is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street home. There are  links between the child abuse at care homes in Islington, North London, and the child abuse on Jersey. Islington children were taken to Jersey 'on unofficial visits'. Every one of Islington's 12 care homes included staff who were paedophiles, child pornographers or pimps. Police secretly confirmed that several Islington workers were 'major operators in the supply of children for abuse and pornography'.

Hewitt was the NCCL's General Secretary from 1974-83.

In 1975, the NCCL conference was addressed by the PIE chairman, Keith Hose. 

Delegates passed a motion declaring that ‘awareness and acceptance of the sexuality of children is an essential part of the liberation of the young homosexual’.


In 1976, the NCCL filed a submission to a parliamentary committee claiming that ‘Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage.

‘The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.’

Leon Brittan. aangirfan: TOP PEOPLE SMEARED
In 1983, Geoffrey Dickens, a Conservative MP, approached the then-Home Secretary Leon Brittan with allegations concerning widespread abuse of children, some of it by prominent individuals, in children’s care homes.

In 1981, the secretary of PIE was jailed for conspiring to corrupt public morals by publishing ‘contact’ advertisements (which put readers in touch with child porn) in an edition of The Magpie.


PIE disbanded in 1984.

In 1995, Charles Napier, the treasurer of PIE, was jailed for indecently assaulting a 14-year-old boy.

In 1992, Peter Righton, a key government adviser on children’s homes, and a PIE founder, was jailed for possessing child porn.

Read more:

Narendra Modi who hopes to be the next Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi, leader of India's opposition BJP, is a bachelor.

There are rumours that he is gay.

In India, elections are coming up.

The ruling Congress party is quite rightly supporting gay rights.

The fascist opposition party the BJP has come out against gay rights.

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, thePrime Minister of Iceland is the first openly gay head of government in modern times.

Little RichardLittle Richard (b. 1932) is a legendary figure in popular music. Torn between his sternly religious upbringing and his homosexuality, he denounced his rock and roll lifestyle at the height of his career.


Ian Leslie said...

To add to the mix, a little something from NAZI JERSEY :)

Anonymous said...

As usual, adults deciding whats best for children without asking them.

Infidel said...

Many Christians decry moral relativism yet justify the atrocities chronicled in the Bible as being "god's will" or "god's ways are not man's ways", which is moral relativism. Most Christians are ignorant of the brutal history of their own religion:

Crimes of Christianity

support for narendra modi said...

Narendra Modi if comes to power then the India will see the golden age watch it is waiting for narendra modi for pm. Narendra Modi is just not a political leader he is more than that. It’s high time we realize that India has found it’s honest leader that we all clean be proud of. Like Ashoka the grate and Akbar the grate. Lets call Narendra Modi. The smart.. he is fit to be called “the smart” vote if u all like this people. Narendra Modi

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