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American pastor Rick Warren embraces a young man. American pastor Rick Warren has close ties to the "kill the gays" bill supporter pastor Martin Ssempa.

An American called Caleb Lee Brundidge admits to having a history of being GAY.

One might assume that he may still be GAY.

One might speculate that Caleb Brundidge is paid by the CIA to promote a policy of 'divide and rule' in Uganda, which has oil wealth.

Caleb Brundidge is one of the American evangelical Christians who went to Uganda to back the homophobes who want gay people to be executed.

In March 2009, Brundidge and two other American evangelical Christians ran an anti-gay conference in Uganda.

For three days, thousands of Ugandans, including police officers, teachers and national politicians, listened  to the Americans preach against gay and bisexual people.

One might assume that Caleb Lee Brundidge is a typical gay homophobe?

David Bahati, who seems to be unaware that it was the Americans who brought AIDS and homophobia to Africa -

One month after the conference, Ugandan politician David Bahati , who boasts of having evangelical friends in the American government, introduced the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009, which threatened to hang homosexuals

David Kato.

In 2011, in Uganda, David Kato was murdered for opposing the anti-gay bill.

Ugandan 'hang them' paper has no regrets after David Kato death.

The Uganda pastor Martin Ssempa

American Christian evangelical organisations actively lobbied for the the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda.

The Uganda pastor Martin Ssempa, who received a lot of money from the government of George Bush, backs the anti-gay bill.

Pastor Martin Ssempa has a lot of gay pornography.

Martin Ssempa, Anti-Gay Ugandan Pastor, has Gay Porn Videos

Is Pastor Martin Ssempa a gay homophobe?

Pastor Martin Ssempa opposes the use of condoms even though two of his siblings died of AIDS.

In October 2012, Ssempa was convicted of plotting to tarnish a rival pastor's reputation by falsely accusing him of engaging in homosexuality.

Martin Ssempa

Ted Haggard, the president of the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals, resigned in 2006 after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a male escort.

The CIA and Pentagon want to control Uganda, because it has oil.

Wayne Madsen reported in 2006 that Evangelical Christian pastors in Uganda may be working for the CIA.

"Two days ago, just before Uganda's first multiparty elections in 20 years, Ugandan police arrested Peter Waldron, a 59-year old U.S. citizen from Wyoming...

"Waldron had a business card that identified him as founder of City of Faith Ministries, Inc...

"Waldron has billed himself ... as a preacher ... a former member of the U.S. military who became a missionary...

"However, Waldron was also caught in Kampala with four assault rifles and 180 rounds of ammunition."

Pastor Robert Kayanja

In Uganda, five teenagers claimed that they were sodomised by a very important pastor.

One teenager testified: "A few minutes after I had eaten and taken the juice, I lost my senses, and by the time I woke up on Monday morning I was on the same bed with Pastor Kayanja and he had already dressed up; and on the bed were used condoms, and I was feeling great pain in my anus."

The teenage boy claimed that Pastor Robert Kayanja procured him from the Miracle Centre’s Never Again home for street children.

Archbishop John Sentamu's brother, Pastor Robert Kayanja, heads a spooky evangelical church in Uganda.

Robert Kayanja is very rich and lives in a very large mansion.

Robert Kayanja's church has its own TV channel, a 10,500-seater auditorium, armed guards, and the support of some of Uganda’s top people, including police and military.

Sounds like a CIA operation?


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