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The original Michael Adebolajo, the friendly Christian boy.

For many years, MI5 was in close and intimate contact with Michael Adebolajo, the man convicted, on 19 december 2013, of carrying out the 'terrorist' event in Woolwich in London.

According to the Daily Mirror ( :

In 2010, MI5 watched Adebolajo meet the leader of the 'CIA-run' al-Qaeda in Kenya.

In Kenya, MI5 watched Adebolajo meet a number of people on Kenya's terrorist watch list, including Swaleh Abdul.

In 2010, in Kenya, Michael Adebolajo was acquainted with Sheikh Aboud Rogo, of the 'CIA-run' al Shabaab.

Potential recruits for al Shabaab were "psychologically prepared" by their Kenyan handlers.

The Kenyan anti-terrorism police knew all about Adebolajo and Rogo.

More than four weeks after arriving in Kenya, Adebolajo and five Kenyan youths, some as young as 17, set off to a coastal area 60 miles (96 km) from Kenya's border with Somalia.

Abdul Swaleh was one of the five Kenyans, who claimed they were all going to the Lamu Cultural Festival.

'Michael Adebolajo' and his girlfriend

At a jetty on the coast, Adebolajo and the others were arrested by armed Kenyan police.

Swaleh said he noticed several white men who were giving instructions to the Kenyan police.

Adebolajo and his friends 'were taken to Mombasa in shackles'.

"They were punching and kicking all of us," Swaleh alleged.

 Adebolajo was then met by two MI5 officers.

The MI5 officers persuaded the Kenyans to release Adebolajo.

A brainwashed looking 'Michael Adebolajo' after allegedly hacking a man to death. No blood on his jacket.

According to his Kenyan lawyer, Wycliffe Makasembo, Adebolajo was released at the behest of the British authorities.

Mr Makasembo said: "He just vanished and the next thing he was in the UK. It was a very, very unique case. It’s like somebody was in a hurry to remove him from Kenya."

 In April 2012 a close friend of Adebolajo's told Cageprisoners, a charity which campaigns for those detained on terrorism charges, that at least three members of Adebolajo's family had been asked to persuade Adebolajo to work for MI5.

Adebolajo and a relative went to the office of the charity and spoke about how he had been detained in Kenya, alleging he had been sexually and physically abused, according to Moazzam Begg, the charity's Outreach Director.

Some years ago, agents of the British government bullied a number of men into joining a terror plot.

These men, Catesby, Percy and Tresham went to work on a false flag operation.

The entire plot was fake in every way and was used to discredit a religious group from whom the government elite wanted to take land and wealth.


The 'Michael Adebolajo' who appeared in court.
Michael Adebolajo was found guilty of the 'Woolwich Attack' which looks as fake as the Gunpowder plot of 1605.

It would seem that the backers of MI5 want to discredit Moslems so that their lands can be looted and pillaged.

Britain's MI5/MI6 have been accused of (1) running boy brothels (2) murdering Princess Diana (3) carrying out acts of terrorism in Northern Ireland and (4 ) working for the Nazis during World War II.

Churchill created the Special Operations Executive.

On at least one occasion MI6 'infiltrated a double agent of its own into SOE who betrayed some 400 British and French agents to the Germans.'

The Intelligence Game - James Rusbridger

Kincora children's home, 'run as a boy brothel by MI5'

In other words, MI5/MI6 are just the sort of people who would organise an act of false flag terror.

Michael's brother, Jeremiah, has described how MI5 bullied Michael.

MI5 'harassed' Woolwich killer, says brother

Jeremiah Adebolajo claims the British security services tried to recruit his brother.

According to jeremiah: "They began to harass him. They kept on calling him, they kept on asking him to meet, they kept on going to his house. He’s got family, he’s a family man.

"They were putting a lot of pressure on, really disrupting his life, for him to cooperate with them in one way or another."

Jeremiah Adebolajo claims he was also approached by MI5.

Insight - A London jihadist's Kenyan connection

Diana - 'victim of the security services'.

Michael Adebolajo was brought up in a well off Christian family, of Nigerian origin, living in the UK.

He became a student at the University of Greenwich.

He allegedly converted to Islam, although it is possible that he was instructed by MI5 to pretend to convert to Islam.

He would have had two reasons for disliking Islam:

1. Nigerian Christians are under attack by extremist Moslems.

2. His best friend was killed by Moslems.

Michael Adebolajo became acquainted with the Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary, who reportedly recruits people for MI5/MI6.


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All the hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqis that have been killed and/or poisoned (google "Fallujah malformations") because of TB's lies for Israel are still awaiting justice.

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