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Cecil Williams

The gay icon Nelson Mandela chose the gay Cecil George Williams as his driver.

Cecil Williams was from Cornwall in the UK.

Nelson Mandela was frequently photographed with iconic figures.

Gay actor Sir Ian McKellen, Phumi Mtetwa, Mandela and Simon Nkoli

Zoleka Mandela (left) .

Nelson Mandela had six legitimate children:

1. Makaziwe Mandela, the first born, died at the age of nine months.

2. Madiba Mandela died in a car crash.

3. Makgatho Mandela died of aids.

4. The other three survived.


Onicca (above) is one of several people who claim that nelson Mandela is their father.

'I'm Madiba's love child'

Nelson Mandela was a Knight of Malta, a Freemason and an agent of MI6.

The CIA, The Vatican, Knights of Malta, Fascism

Nelson Mandela, Psicópata del CFR masón agente del Mossad Translate this page

Mandela and Rockefeller

Mandela and a Masonic handshake

Mandela visiting ground zero in November 2001 with then-Mayor Giuliani.

Nelson Mandela with the son of Rabbi Yossy and Rochel Goldman



Anonymous said...

I just love Aangirfan for saying it and showing it in all the ways you know how.

The conclusions must always be our own.

Blessings of peace xx

Anonymous said...

Can whites escape post-Mandela bloodbath?

Spike1138 said...

Project Coast and The South African Ethnic Weapons Program: F.W. DeKlerk Interview

Thabo Mbeki and the AIDS Crisis

"Convinced that we are but natural-born, promiscuous carriers of germs, unique in the world, they proclaim that our continent is doomed to an inevitable mortal end because of our unconquerable devotion to the sin of lust."

"...the notion that immune deficiency is only acquired from a single virus cannot be sustained. Once you say immune deficiency is acquired from that virus, your response will be anti-retroviral drugs. But if you accept that there can be a variety of reasons ... then you can have a more comprehensive treatment response."

"All HIV/AIDS programmes of this government are based on the thesis that HIV causes AIDS. [But...] can a virus cause a syndrome? ... It can't, because a syndrome is a group of diseases resulting from acquired immune deficiency. Indeed, HIV contributes [to the collapse of the immune system], but other things contribute as well."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I wish I had read this before I made some comments lately that took Mandela's death as a starting point for something else, without my really knowing much about him. He wasn't really crucial to the main points I was making him, but of course bringing him up left me open to responses that focused on the dark side of Mandela. (Apartheid still needed to end, but no, nobody is living happily ever after.)

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