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Nelson Mandela in London with Freda Levson and Mary Benson.

Nelson Mandela spent ten days in London in 1962.

At this time he was the most wanted man in South Africa, as he was the boss of the armed (terrorist) wing of the African National Congress.

In London, Mandela met with Denis Healey a member of Bilderberg who was at one time the cabinet minister in charge of Defence.

Nelson Mandela reportedly worked for MI6

There is a suspicion that Mandela's London trip was being organised by MI6.

Nelson Mandela was taken around London by Mary Benson.

Mary Benson, who lived in posh St John's Wood in central London, and who was of South African origin, became Mandela's official biographer.

Mary Benson had worked for the British army and she was a friend of Denis Healey.

Mary Benson said of Mandela: "He had been visiting the different countries in Africa ... and getting some military training..."

Mandela in London.

With Mary Benson and Mandela on their tour of London were South African activists Freda and Leon Levson.



Mike said...

Isn't Denis Healey so nice!
It's almost as if he actually gives a toss!

So convincing these feudal overlords.

Anonymous said...

There was a cohort of Jews behind Mandela too, just as behind MLK and Obama. Mandela's speechs were mostly written by Zio Jew Joe Slovo....

shirlz007 said...

I wonder whether it's worth bursting the bubble on people like Mandela... the people need their heroes. Try and explain that there's ALWAYS more to the story/person, and your in for a fight!
The Nelson Mandela that came out of 27 years of prison is most likely NOT the same Nelson Mandela that came out (literally), his wife (Minnie) was a first class psycho bitch (murderous, calculating and evil)... BUT LOOK AT THE PEOPLE, they don't want to know! Their happy enough with their head in the clouds, and the fabricated story that's spun does actually inspire people around the world to do good things, and does actually provide a form of hope.

shirlz007 said...

I know it's only been 72 hours, but I just heard the news that Nelson Mandela is still dead... I think this time it might be serious!

Egoigwe said...


I had really enjoyed exploring your blog and still think you guys do a fantastic job but I am forced to make my objections known in respect of the slur and mud being flung at one of our world's most iconic personages.

From "The Murderous Mandelas" we are told: Winnie was accused, by one of her bodyguards, of having played a part in the murder of Stompie Sepei Moetesky, a 14-year-old boy. Stompie was tortured and his throat was cut. His body was found next to Winnie's house in 1989.

Really? Who murders a 14 year old to place his body besides their very own home? And all this from a disgruntled bodyguard that lost his job before coming forward?

What political outlook could a 14 year old possibly have that would provoke his murder? Winnie Mandela has been called all sorts of names but insane is not one of them.

Aang, Mandela United was a football club put together in honor of Madiba. Where is the connection to this thuggery outfit except for MSM presstitudes, bought and paid for, to demonize Madiba plying their propaganda trade. Give us facts: name the footballers engaged in this presumed murderous spree, dates, places and evidence that links them to this despicable act.

"Winnie liked to whip her captives, put plastic bags over their heads and then have them disposed of". Says who? Captives that did what to her? I would have thought that Aangirfan, of all people, would not repeat MSM tittle-tattle as gospel.

"These thugs were used to terrorise Black people." Black people were all the Mandelas had. They were the backbone of the resistance against white minority rule and apartheid. How is it possible that the Mandelas would attack their political base?

"Nelson Mandela's terrorists planted bombs in public places, thus killing women and children." Aang, I'm pretty sure you guys all know how these false flag ops go. You simply cannot justify that statement as true.

Egoigwe said...

In "Mandela the Spook" you refer to Stephen Dorril as the 'acclaimed' intelligence expert. Why is acclaimed in between apostrophes? Clearly, you have your doubts about him being an acclaimed expert and perhaps see him for the fake that he is?

Listen to him: "Another MI6 catch was ANC leader Nelson Mandela."

"Whether Mandela was recruited in London before he was imprisoned in South Africa is not clear..."

First line proclaims him an MI6 catch, second line admits it is unclear when he was recruited. If one is unclear about him being ever recruited how do they arrive at the conclusion that he was recruited in the first place?

You don't call people friends because they pose for a photo shoot at some charity party. Does the picture also prove he was sleeping with Naomi Campbell? The Charity organizers are responsible for inviting guests, of which Mandela was one, and not Mandela himself.

We learn that Mandela, or his double, was an agent of MI6, according to "MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations", that is definitely to say that Dorill was unsure of who got recruited by MI6. Now, why would Dorill think that Mandela's double may have been recruited by MI6?

The only use a Mandela double could have been to MI6 would be to impersonate Mandela. If Mandela had a twin-like double to what purpose was he put, that of agent provocateur?

"MI6 used Mandela to spy on its enemies in Libya, in South Africa and in the United Kingdom." Mandela or his twin-like double? And so and so forth.

It is most uncharitable to cast aspersions on one that can no longer defend himself. And even if he could, I doubt that Mandela would lend his huge prestige to propping up such arrant nonsense. I had sought to avoid dignifying such tittle tattle with a comment but it has persisted to my complete anguish.

"According to Dorril, MI6 planted false stories, secretly subsidised news agencies and radio stations, manipulated opinion polls and smeared opponents by leaking forged documents. Known as "black propaganda", this was a combination of covert news management and sinister dirty tricks." Crime of Apartheid Blog. Need I say more?

No More Myths said...

South African Communist Party Confirms Mandela Was a Member

No More Myths said...

Behind Communism
By Frank L. Britton

Updated edition:

One of the best books about Communism. A must read. Download and save it.

Anonymous said...

If he was an MI6 agent, why would they let him languish in prison for 27 years? Unless, the person in prison was his double which would make more sense. He forgave his captors because he was never in prison all that time makes more sense. He was a Mason. Why would they let a brother Mason languish in jail for 27 years. Makes no sense. His story was fabricated. That makes absolute sense.

Anonymous said...

Thanks aang for the interview clip! Come off it my dear boy. We at bilderberg have gotten tried of fighting one another and think you lot have not gotten tried of it yet so onward and upward except you boys from channel 4 who are commercial and not like the BEEB who are fine chaps and are of one party the government party. We are BILDERBERG and damnable smart to boot so lay back and relax?

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