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Dov is a 'disenchanted' former 'Head of Pentagon Disinformation'.

I meet him at the Per Se restaurant in New York.

Our 21 course menu includes a starter, which combines tapioca, oysters and caviar; and an interesting  foie gras dish.  

Dov has asked me not to reveal his real name.

As Dov sips his Elderton Golden Semillon, I relate to him that a friend called Mary writes a conspiracy blog and that some of her posts on Sandy Hook come high in Google searches.

Dov smiles and explains: "Mary's posts will have high search engine visibility on her computer; but not necessarily on someone else's computer.

"Google likes to give people what they want."

Reportedly, the CIA and its friends carried out the Lockerbie bombing, killed Yvonne Fletcher and supplied the IRA with weapons. Reportedly the man above is a Gaddafi lookalike.

I ask Dov to give me some examples of 'disinformation' or 'black propaganda'.

"Well, take bloggers for example," says Dov. "When we get one of our Pentagon guys to run a blog, they first have to establish their credibility. 

"So they appear to be more anti-Zionist than your average blogger. And they call for revolution.

"I think you'll find that some of the most successful bloggers are secretly working for the military."

 Reportedly the Saudis and their friends gassed the children in Syria.

Dov goes on to explain that during World War II, the British set up what they pretended was a clandestine German radio station.
The broadcaster, 'Der Chef', pretended to be a Nazi extremist.

Der Chef called for Hitler to become more extreme. Der Chef then fed lots of disinformation to the Germans.

"There were TWO PEOPLE who were shooting," VG newspaper quoted 23-year old Alexander Stavdal as saying. Several of the youths who were on Ut√łya told VG that they are convinced that there must have been more than one perpetrator.Marius Helander Roset said he was sure that shots came from two different places on the island at the same time. WITNESSES TO NORWAY ATTACK.

Before we tuck in to our halibut, I ask Dov what he thinks about Anders Breivik reportedly shooting a number of white Norwegians, rather than a group of black immigrants.
"It may seem puzzling," says Dov with a grin, "But I think Breivik and his backers wanted to 'divide and rule'.
"There are people who benefit from the promotion of extremism."

I ask Dov if the people who want to 'divide and rule' are connected to any government.

"Oh yes," says Dov, "The Russian people will not be going to topple Putin when they are so busy fighting each other about gay parades. I suspect that some of the extremists are working for the government.
 Dov continues: "It is very easy to get people divided. You simply have to mention 'race'.
"In 1884, an American newspaper ran a story, written by a fictional character, about James K Polk.

"The story was about Polk branding his slaves.

"The story seems to have helped Polk as he became President of the USA."

Our lobster arrives.

I ask Dov about 9 11.
"My view on 9 11 is that the US authorities were incompetent," explains Dov. "Believe me 9 11 was not an inside job."

9 11

I ask a hypothetical question: "How might the Pentagon spread disinformation about one of their own false flag operations?"

Dov puts on his serious face.

"I'm not aware of any such Pentagon operations", he says. "But what might some foreign government do after killing some of its own people in a false flag: they would blame it all on the Jews, they would arrest some innocent patsies, they would produce some fake witnesses, they would get the bloggers all fighting each other."

Our bill for lunch comes to around $1000. Well worth it.

25 rules of disinformation - Washington’s blog

Please note that 9 11 was an inside job.


Anonymous said...

Mary Lieselotte Johnson's Blog?

Spike1138 said...

Rabbi Dov Zakheim....?

His job at the Pentagon was MEANT to be "Comptoller"....

Whatever a "Comptroller" is....

Ed(itor) said...

"What is clearly also necessary, as a project undertaken by a wide number of people but in a way that doesn’t re-invent the wheel, is to construct a file card system with or without a power/salience cube ... that clearly tracks political orientation and support, bias, rate of error or fraudulent reporting, and degree of influence within the national and international sphere."

veritaze said...

Dov Zakheim, where's our trillions!?

Anonymous said...

Post: #31
Lunch With the FT: A Former Head of Pentagon Disinformation
LoP Guest Wrote: (Today 01:07 AM)

My takeaway, AngerFan is just such a government hosted blogger.

What, you wine and dine with a 21 course meal and suddenly they give legit info?

This was classic methodology of spreading disinfo.

I think I might post this comment in his comments just to see what he says, along with how confused people are by this particular blog. Once again, I believe he posted this blog to illustrate something. BUT, yes, how does one get to meet, wine and fine dine such personages?

-As you can see Aang, people are incensed about this gentleman claiming 911 was not an inside job, and you may have started more controversy as to your legitimacy.

Confusion: par for the course.

Paul said...

I think "Dov" is himself a piece of disinfo. But then, I could be too, and you......and so on....

Anonymous said...

Link to that discussion BTW Aangirfan. Many naysayers that can't comprehend the bent. I have to admit I am confused but understand that obfuscation is all part and parcel of the grande psy-op.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Aaang. Lovely. One of your best.

A13 said...

Hahahahaha Love IT...A

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