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Channel 4 News - An exclusive interview with the Edward Snowden of banking - Herve Falciani
- Mike Philbin at PROGNOSIS II

The video below explains:

Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke

HSBC 'acted as financier to drug gangs' - US Senate


shirlz007 said...
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shirlz007 said...

It's not one of you is it? Aang? Irfan? sitting high in the Columbia/Bolivia mountains... running the global coke market (whilst blogging)

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Small point: Whilst that video did mention the historical aspect of HSBC, I don't quite think he went far enough. HSBC exists because of a single event, that being the opium wars fought by England against China and all for the sole purpose of David Sassoon to pump opium into China. Never mind the bank as such, the entire city of Hong Kong only exists because of opium.

Have you been to Honkers? Hong Kong dollars are actually printed by HSBC (and a few lesser banks) and the HSBC logo right there on the majority of the notes. HSBC is effectively the central bank of Hong Kong.

So there you go. A city founded on maximal criminality has a central bank that runs on maximal criminality. HSBC was born of the international drug trade and has never changed.

And why should it? The people who founded it were powerful enough to have Britain fight a war on their behalf. Think about that. Now, do we imagine such people would fear anything? Like, I don't know... international law? I don't think so.

They certainly didn't in this case.

best etc. etc.

Anon said...


Anon said...

shirlz007 said...
HSBC... controlling the worlds heroin and cocaine supplies since 1865.

Remember the case of Michal Foreman (July 2012), the HSBC banker who disappeared... then mysteriously plunged to his death from the Tate Modern (in broad daylight, with no witnesses)

And it was predominantly ONE Mexican Drug Cartel... The Sinaloa Cartel. It'd widely believed this cartel did a deal with the Bush Administration (which continued under Obama) for guns and protection from officials, in return The Sinaloa Cartel went about dismantling all other competition.

This went all the way back to two Cocaine Kingpins in Columbia (The remaining of The 'Medellin Cartel' if I remember correctly)... FUCKING SCARFACE STYLE!!! There's believed to be ONE giant coke kingpin running the whole coke racket in South America... persons unknown, most say he doesn't exist, I think he does... most likely military, CIA and MI6 protected... A MYTH!

'His nickname is “El Loco,” or The Madman, and he was believed to be one of Colombia’s most powerful and brutal drug traffickers. But now it appears that El Loco was simply a front man for another kingpin, according to U.S. prosecutors. And that king of kingpins may have actually himself been a snitch,'

... Mr XXXX is as crooked as they come! (whether it's missing nukes from South Africa, or looking after his money laundering and terrorist financing buddys in HSBC)

Tony Ryals said...
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No More Myths said...

The following article by Arnold Leese is reprinted from Gothic Ripples, No. 49, dated 28th February, 1949. It shows that the seeds of Bolshevism were planted in China by Jews, who also tended and trained the growth that resulted. The corruption of the regime of Chiang Kai‑Shek caused many of the masses in China to turn to Communism for relief, since Chinese Communism is mixed with Nationalism and discourages the old Chinese curse of official corruption; but Communism in China has the same de­humanising effect on the people as it has elsewhere.


It was the Sassoon family which turned the normal Chinese dislike and distrust of foreigners into hatred. David Sassoon made the Opium Trade in China from 1832 until he died in 1864. His family carried on the Trade under our Flag and made huge fortunes. The British took the blame, and now the Chinese loathe us; just as we took the blame for the Jewish atrocities at Nurem­berg, Spandau and elsewhere in Germany, so that the Germans now hate us.

Backed by the Sassoons, the Shanghai Opium Monopoly existed until 1917 under the Jew Edward Ezra, its Managing Com­mittee being composed entirely of Jews and Indians. Not only did the British Flag protect the Sassoons in this abominable trade which the Manchus did all they could to prevent, even to the extent of war, but also these Jews were welcomed in England instead of being ostracised. Royalty petted them and they intermarried with Aryan aristocrats. Some became Baronets and one a Minister of the Government.


No More Myths said...

Jewish Faces in Banking

Jewish Faces in Chinese Government

shirlz007 said...

Fascinating stuff... much of the information Iv'e read on the history of HSBC, Great Britain's 'Opium Wars', financed by Britain's 'Jewish'/Zionist financial elite (... and The Royal Family), is from 'Dope Inc' from Excellence Intelligence Review and Lyndon LaRouche.
(in my opinion Mr LaRouche likes to give The Windsors too much credit! lol which sometimes takes the heat off other predominantly 'Jewish' financiers, though we know it's situated with-in The City of London)

-Here's Channel 4's interview with Hervé Falciani...

Der Speigel...

Business Week...

Mr Falciani story is a strange one! It looks like he had the backing of an international Intelligence agency (the method he obtained some of the documents, he claims to have been approached, and later kidnapped, by The Mossad)... he's either extremely carefull and intelligent... or theres more to him!
Antwerp Diamond Industry is also mentioned!!! :D

-Concerning the mysterious (and 'mythological' to most) Columbian Cocaine Kingpin... the Kaiser Soze of Coke!

''El Tiempo's assessment that Barrera served as muscle for Don Lucho is surprising. Barrera has typically been represented as a powerful figure in Colombia's underworld, perhaps the most powerful figure, with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos calling him the country's "last capo." His ability to move massive cocaine shipments drew comparisons to slain Medellin Cartel leader, Pablo Escobar.''

BUT... THERES ANOTHER! CONTROLLING THE PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION TO MEXICO!!! like I said, serious connections to the Columbian and Bolivian Militaries, known and protected, by not only CIA... but more importantly MI6! Hugo Chavez believed it!
(it wouldn't surprise me if it's some Eton Educated, Oxford toff, MI6 trained, Bulligdon Club prat playing Global Coke Kingpin on a load of land his family paid for... IT'LL BE ONE OF THE MYSTERIOUS 'CROPPED OUT' BULLINGDON BOYS! LMAO... nothing surprises me anymore!)

Il refer to the PM as 'Mr Bullingdon' from now on...

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