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Uri Geller and Lord Greville Janner, former President of the Board of British Jews, vice president of the World Jewish Congress, and member of the Boy Scouts Association. Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death

Lord Greville Janner has been a friend of Michael Jackson and of Yuri Geller.

On 20 December 2013, we learn that Lord Greville Janner's home has been searched by the UK police as part of child sex investigations.

Officers from Leicestershire Police spent two days searching Lord Greville Janner's apartment in London

Lord Greville Janner's home searched as part of child sex investigations, say police

Janner has been in trouble before.

Janner was at home on 19 December 2013 but refused to come to the door.

A young man, called 'Jameson', claimed he was the peer's personal spiritual healer. He said: "The Lord won't come to the door."

Janner is a member of the Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Janner is linked to the late Frank Beck who served 5 life sentences for child abuse.

Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death

Frank Beck was implicated in the abuse of boys in Leicestershire care homes.

Frank Beck claims he was imprisoned because he had exposed alleged abuse by a certain high-profile politician.

Frank Beck died in mysterious circumstances.

Ratcliffe Road Children's Home - Leicester, England

Reportedly, at his trial, Beck stated that: "One child has been buggered and abused for two solid years by Greville Janner".

Shortly afterwards, the notorious Director of Public Prosecutions, Alan Green, said that "for lack of evidence" Janner would not be prosecuted.

Janner was alleged to have been acquainted with a young boy called Paul Winston.

Paul Winston, who was thirteen when he and Janner first met, was able to describe Janner's home, the hotel rooms they had shared, and Janner's habits and person in detail.

Soon after the non-prosecutuion of Janner, The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alan Green, was arrested for 'kerb-crawling' in Kings Cross.

Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death

In court, Paul Winston, who was an adult at the time of Frank Beck’s trial, stood up for Frank Beck.

Several other witnesses also supported Beck and confirmed his anti-Janner testimony.

Paul Winston said that Beck had counselled him over his relationship with Janner, and had brought the affair to an end.

Paul Winston gave evidence that he had been invited to Janner’s home and had slept with Janner.

Paul Winston testified that, over the next two years, he was regularly sodomised by Janner.

Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death

Janner and Jackson

Frank Beck discovered what had been going on after Winston was put into his care.

Beck 'immediately informed his bosses at Leicester Social Services'.

Janner was never brought to court, nor called upon to testify.

Frank Beck died suddenly of a 'heart attack', just before his appeal was due to begin.

Beck had two main solicitors.

One was killed in a road accident, and the other 'has been subjected to police harassment'.

Frank Beck was a resident of Braunstone in Leicester.

When Janner became a Lord in 1997, he took the title, Lord Janner of Braunstone.

The man responsible for ennobling Greville Janner was Tony Blair.

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