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One of the most beloved of Roman emperors, Trajan, who was also well known for his homosexuality and fondness for young males. 

Before the Roman Empire became Christian, several of the Roman Emperors were in same-sex marriages.


In the year 390, the Christian emperors Valentinian II, Theodosius I and Arcadius declared that homosexual sex was illegal and that those who engaged in gay sex were to be burned alive in public.[22]

In the year 390, the Christians began burning homosexual boys in Rome.

Sin, sex and the very alien morality of the Romans

Saint Bernardino of Siena (right) and a gay icon, the semi naked Saint Sebastian (left).

Saint Bernardino of Siena (1380 - 1444) urged the Christians of Siena to torture and kill homosexuals.

Berenardino praised the Christians of Verona because they had quartered a gay man and hung his limbs from the city gates.

Bernardino praised the Christians of Genoa for regularly burning gay men.

Bernardino praised the Christians in Venice for tying a gay man to a column along with a barrel of pitch and brushwood and setting him on fire.

Normally, the people of Siena preferred their boys "to chase boys rather than to mess with the virginity of girls."

As a result of St Bernardino's Christian teachings, gay 15 year old Giovanni di Giovanni was "paraded on the back of an ass, then publicly castrated. He then had his anus burned with a red-hot iron.[1][2]

In the Christian world, down through the centuries, gay people continued to be tortured  and executed for being gay.

For example, during the Spanish Inquisition, gay people were stoned, castrated, and burned.

In 1836, in the UK, James Pratt and John Smith were hanged for being homosexual.

Westheimer/Lopater's, Human Sexuality: A Psychosocial Perspective, Second Edition, refers to Martin Luther. ( luther+homosexual) According to the authors, Luther tried to deny his homosexual attractions to other men.

Of course the top leaders of the Christian church have always been mainly bisexual.

Martin Luther was not the only boy-loving church leader.

Pope Benedict IX 'turned the Vatican into a male brothel.'

Pope Paul II reportedly died while being sodomized by a page boy.

Pope Julius III, just before he became pope, took as his lover a 15-year old boy named Innocenzo.

John Calvin

JOHN CALVIN (1509–1564) was the classic fundamentalist.

Reportedly he was Jewish, gay and a sadist.

Jerome Bolsec published a life of Calvin, 'Vie de Calvin', in 1577.

According to Bolsec, Calvin frequently engaged in gay sex.

According to Bolsec, Calvin resigned his church post at Noyon, in France, because of the public exposure of his homosexuality.

John Calvin became the religious boss of Geneva in Switzerland.

"Under his rule Geneva, formerly so gay, became like a city of death, where all citizens went about as if in mourning." 

(Progress of Calvinism - In Switzerland.)

Yale scholar John Boswell has argued that a number of Early Christians entered into homosexual relationships,[75] and that certain Biblical figures had homosexual relationships, such as Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi, Daniel and the court official Ashpenaz, and David and King Saul's son Jonathan.[76] Boswell has also argued that adelphopoiesis, a rite bonding two men, was akin to a religiously sanctioned same-sex union.

Calvin's followers burned 58 people for heresy.

Christopher Hitchens wrote  that "Calvin's Geneva was a prototypical totalitarian state, and Calvin himself a sadist and torturer and killer, who burned Servetus (one of the great thinkers and questioners of the day) while the man was still alive."

(Christopher Hitchens - God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons ...)

Allegedly, Jewish plotters introduced Calvinism into England 'to split Church and State, and divide the people'.

Archibald Ramsay wrote: 'How the Jews stole Britain' and according to an article based on Ramsay's book (Cached):

Calvinism is of Jewish origin. Calvin’s real name was Cohen.

At the B’nai B’rith celebrations held in Paris, France, in 1936, Calvin, was enthusiastically acclaimed to have been of Jewish descent.

Ayatollah Sadeq Khalkhali - Source:

Most of the top fundamentalists are the same.

Ayatollah Sadeq Khalkhali was reportedly a sadistic gay homophobe.

According to this Obituary of the Ayatollah Khalkhali, in The Telegraph:

"Some of Khalkhali's victims were no more than children.

"When a 14-year-old boy he had had executed turned out to be innocent, Khalkhali remarked that the child was not on his conscience because he had 'sent him to heaven'.

"His critics maintained that in his early life Khalkhali had spent time in a mental institution for torturing cats; it was said that strangling cats remained one of his favourite pastimes."

"Gallows were hitched up in main Tehran streets and sometimes as many as eight people were hanged at the same time. In the mayhem that ensued, the age of treason was lowered and children as young as nine were 'executed'.

"Within a couple of months over 8000 people had been killed."

Ayatollah Sadeq Khalkhali Obituaries Guardian Unlimited

Wolfgang and Wieland Wagner

1. Hitler sexually abused Richard Wagner's grandson, Wieland Wagner. 

(Time magazine, August 15, 1994, p. 56).

2. When the Spanish Conquistadors conquered Central America and the Yucatan in Mexico, they found that most native Indian priests were gay. In their temples were sacred statues depicting gay sex acts.

3. Jim Bakker, the televangelist disgraced and defrocked, 'actually preferred young boys. He frequently had young homo staffers go swimming nude with him and his top aides'.

4. One report says that 'Bill Clinton and a former pal, Arkansas Governor, Winthrop Rockefeller, had a fling. Winthrop, of the monied Rockefeller family, was well known as a homosexual'.

5. Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, a Democrat, has been labeled "Cuomo the Homo." New York's former Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, 'has been known to dress up as a woman transvestite'.

New York's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani 'performed on stage as "Rudia," transvestite, at the annual Inner Circle banquet for the elite'. Giuliani has lived in an apartment with two homosexual men

6. The late Senator and Vice-President Hubert Humphrey 'often frolicked about nude in the YMCA swimming pool in Minneapolis'.

7. President Lyndon B. Johnson 'skinny-dipped with male friends, including evangelist Billy Graham and his Vice President, Hubert'. The "YMCA" is a popular meeting place for homo politicians and religious bigwigs.

8. Congressman Gary Condit, 'suspected of having something to do with the disappearance of intern Chandra Levy, is known in the Washington, D.C. gay community as a bisexual'.

9. Male stars 'comedian Danny Kaye and British actor Laurence Olivier were lovers, and comedian Jack Benny was queer as a three-dollar bill'.

10. In her autobiography, Marianne Faithful wrote that, while in bed with her, Mick Jagger said, "If Keith (a member of his band) were here right now, I'd lick him all over."

Mick Jagger 'has talked openly about how much he enjoys performing sex acts on other men'.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@aangirfan: what are you trying to tell us. That the elites are very much into homosexuality? I bet you are right! But should ordinary people take example from these elites?

If homosexuality would be just as normal as heterosexuality, why is it that there is so much depression in 'gay' people? Why is it that the 'gay' lifestyle comes with tons of prozac, cocaïne, poppers, and all kind of drugs? Did you know that anal fistula is rather common among gay men, not even to mention incontinency with faeces? Could it be that the human body was not meant for anal sex?

And Christianity is all about rescuing the human soul from the devils clutch, so please, don't speak in such a denigrating way about christians. Christianity was the answer to the elitist ancient world where ordinary people did not have any rights. Christianity freed ordinary people from slavery! It was with Christianity that ordinary people were secured by laws. It was Christianity that uplifted the masses and created the middle class. Before Christ there were just masters and slaves!

And it was the Catholic Church that built our Western Civilisation. And no! The Inquisition was not a catholic thing. The Church was very much against all the torture. Just inform yourselve on the Inquisition and who created and controlled it.

'How the Catholic Church built Western Civilisation' Thomas E. Woods Jr.

'The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision' Henry Kamen.

Anon said...

"If homosexuality would be just as normal as heterosexuality, why is it that there is so much depression in 'gay' people?"

The majority are bisexual.

There is depression among schoolkids who are bullied by gay homophobes.

"Why is it that the 'gay' lifestyle comes with tons of prozac, cocaïne, poppers, and all kind of drugs?"

Extremist straight and gay people take drugs.

"Anal sex."

It is surprisingly common among certain heterosexual people.

Anonymous said...

"on the Inquisition and who created and controlled it.":

Anonymous said...

@Anon: No Anon, the majority is not bisexuel. Maybe in growing up and finding out who you are, there might be interest in homosexuality. It depends on your environment whether you will be initiated in the same sex practice or not.

I am afraid all the marxist ciltural brainwashing has done an awfull job.

In the book 'The Pink Swastika' you might read that the 'males' in the homosex reality have much dedain for the 'females'. That is because homosexuality may be more about power and dominance than about love or friendship.

And indeed, you may be right that anal sex has become rather common these days. But to me this is a clear sign of all the damage that has been done to our society. It is now some 50 years that the porn industry has its tentacles into large sections of society. To me it is a tragic realisation. It doesn't enrich people, it makes them even more vulnerable to all kind of debaucery that is selfdestructive in the end. And there you have it; all this free sex and promotion of gay sex is an instrument for depopulation.

Anonymous said...

Catholic or not, whoever engaged in that inquisition stuff were not Christians.
Having political power seems a major part of the downfall of reformers like Calvin and Luther, who both sooner or later abused that power.
Servetus was both hung in effigy by the Catholic Inquisition and burned alive by Calvin, for the "crime" of reading the Bible and then daring to actually speak about what the Bible really teaches and does not teach. That's what the Inquisition was mainly about: The threat posed by the advent of the printing-press [Bible] to established religious/political authorities who were counterfeit Christians ... AND , according to your article above, were cruel, violent homosexuals.

Infidel said...

Anon at 12:48 PM: And it was the Catholic Church that built our Western Civilisation.[etc.]

Oh, really?

Christianization of the Roman world

The destruction of ancient civilization

The terrifying history of a morbid cult that destroyed the ancient world

A 4th century power struggle that played out across the Mediterranean world brought a minor sect of religious extremists to centre stage. Finding themselves on the winning side in a civil war and rewarded by cosseting within imperial residences, bishops of the Christian Church were able to impose their faith upon a demoralised population using all the sanctions of the State. And as the empire fragmented and fell, ambitious clerics of Christ disseminated a cancer of superstition, fear and brutality far beyond the old imperial frontiers.


Anonymous said...

The Master of the Vineyard is set to return.

Prepare to meet thy God.

Anonymous said...

Re the pro-homosexuality propaganda I recommend reading: -
1) the Essay by Michael J. Minnicino:
THE NEW DARK AGE - The Frankfurt School and "Political Correctness"
2) The article "HOMOSEXUALS, A MINORITY PROTECTED BUT INTOLERANT" by Massimo Fini (in Italian)
in the blog
An adequate answer to the boring (yes, Jewish) lie "Jesus Never Existed" is given by an erudite commenter to another article of the same blog:
"... Ci sono prove della esistenza di Cristo dagli Annali di Tacito desunti da questo scrupoloso storico dagli acta senatus (atti del senato romano) e dagli acta diurna populi romani (gli atti governativi e le notizie su ciò che accadeva giorno per giorno). Da Svetonio, Plinio il Giovane, Giuseppe Flavio Luciano di Samosata, fino al Talmud Babilonese. Giuseppe Flavio che Luciano riconoscono che Gesù era un saggio. Plinio, il Talmud, e Luciano, asseriscono che Egli era un insegnante (maestro) potente e riverito. Sia Giuseppe Flavio che il Talmud indicano che Egli compì opere miracolose . Tacito, Giuseppe il Talmud, e Luciano, menzionano tutti il fatto che Egli fu crocifisso. Tacito e Giuseppe dichiarano che ciò avvenne sotto Ponzio Pilato. E il Talmud dichiara che il periodo era quello della vigilia della Pasqua ebraica. Ci sono poi riferimenti alla risurrezione di Gesù sia negli scritti di Tacito che in quelli di Giuseppe. Giuseppe racconta quindi che i seguaci di Gesù credevano che Egli fosse il Cristo, cioè il Messia. Infine, sia Plinio che Luciano indicano che i primi Cristiani adoravano Gesù come Dio. Circa l'attendibilità di queste fonti storiche ci sono studi comparativi, verifiche ed interpolazioni che credo coinvolgano migliaia di studiosi da 2000 anni a questa parte....."

Infidel said...

Which god, pray tell, shall I prepare to meet?

Alexandria – the breeding ground of cults
Religious fusion in Ancient Egypt

Yahweh – Jehovah
Brutal Jewish God of War

Sourcing the Legend
The Syncretic Heritage of Christianity

Anonymous said...

'Where there is a will to power there can be no love'.

Nietszche wrote this Truth, and yet he died mad, having spent his life denying Christ.

Christ personifies -I use present tense as all those who follow Him are to know their identity in Christ-Love in action: powerlessness in the face of brutal sadistic murderers, where the ultimate power becomes PEACE xx

Anonymous said...

@Infidel: you should not believe the very people who hate Christianity and even deny Christ. Do you think that the pharisees, id est, 'the synagogue of satan' in their holy book - talmud - put Jesus into a pot with boiling faeces when the man did not exist?

Those same people are still working from behind the curtains to erase all of Christianity. Why is that? Well because the Christian Civilization is against their will to rule the world.

Your ancient civilization was a very crude one. They sacrificed humans to their gods as you may know. The early christians died in their lion pit. The God of the christians put an end to all the sacrifices by sacrificing his son. He turned things around. That's the greatness of Christianity. Humanity has been freed of all the bloody sacrifices to God. The God of the New Testament is a loving God!

Paul said...

I get sick of arguing with the Anons of this world, who's whole world view is formed on the basis of pretending the imaginary is real, and determinedly trying to prove it with weak, subjective arguments. I would rather just be at war with them, then we can know where we all stand, and dispense with this phony, abusive-parent form of "love" parroted by ill-educated idiots with minds infected and rotted by religious stupidity.

Paul said...

Anon 6:09

You truly know nothing of which you type. You should quit while you are way behind.

Anonymous said...

You Zionist/Israeli/Jewish trolls evidently use the same Manual (translated in all Languages) to spew out your lies and insult Christians. Indeed I read here, «I get sick of arguing with the Anons of this world»: in the above Italian blog, this was «Non ho ne la forza ne la voglia di confutare ogni testimonianza che citi e sinceramente non mi importa nemmeno molto». And here is the crushing answer from the erudite commenter:
"Ripeto la mia risposta perchè forse non sono stato sufficientemente chiaro: Tacito, Giuseppe, il Talmud e Luciano, menzionano tutti il fatto che quello che i Cristiani consideriamo Cristo fu crocifisso . E ciò con modalità suffragata da numerosissimi e inconfutabili riscontri storici nella tradizione romana delle esecuzioni. Circa una fra le tre fonti : Luciano, nato a Samosata intorno al 120 e morto dopo il 180, attivo nell'età degli Antonini, ha lasciato un'opera intitolata "La morte del Peregrino". In essa, egli descrive i primi Cristiani nel seguente modo: "I Cristiani . . . tutt'oggi adorano un uomo - l'insigne personaggio che introdusse i loro nuovi riti, e che per questo fu crocifisso. . . . Ad essi fu insegnato dal loro originale maestro che essi sono tutti fratelli, dal momento della loro conversione, e [perciò] negano gli dèi della Grecia, e adorano il saggio crocifisso, vivendo secondo le sue leggi" (Luciano, De morte Per., 11-13, trad. di H.W. Fowler). Non dimentichiamo poi la stessa S. Sindone [the Turin Shroud] (la cui datazione scientifica ufficiale - datazione in epoca medievale che fu desunta solo dal metodo del radiocarbonio - datazione che è stata confutata da recenti studi, che ne convaliderebbero l'originalità storica e la ricollocherebbero nel periodo della dominazione romana nell'area di Gerusalemme-sofisticati studi comparati sui tessuti e sul loro invecchiamento per l'età , sulle tecniche di produzione , sui campioni di minerali e di pollini per la collocazione non solo storica ma anche geografica di tessitura ). Anch' essa presenta, tra altri numerosi ed interessantissimi elementi, gli elementi classici di una esecuzione per crocefissione. Se poi la cosa non la interessa, questo è un altro problema. "
May I add that while it is allowed to deny – using empty arguments devoid of logic as we see here – the life of Jesus, in Germany you can be jailed for 30 years (and ruined financially) for denying the “Holocaust” or even researching it or testing the soil in the so called “death camps”. So much for Western «democracies».

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:09 said, "It depends on your environment whether you will be initiated in the same sex practice or not."
And, " And there you have it; all this free sex and promotion of gay sex is an instrument for depopulation."
Yes, and read Christopher Hitchens autobiography[since he's mentioned in article] to see in operation the centrally-planned initiation facilities that are English boarding schools. And watch for the Stockholm Syndrome mentality that emerges, in Hitchens, for instance. Imagining himself tewwibly bwave, he sets up and knocks down straw men with abandon. Imagining himself free, he demands military bloodbath in Iraq where, in his fevered imaginings "they hate our freedoms." Imagining himself enlightened, he's a useful idiot in service of darkness.
1 John 5:19 "The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." and there's a lot of Stockholm Syndrome.

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