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Zoleka mandela (left)

Zoleka Mandela wrote: 'From the time I was barely eight years old to the age of 14, I had been sexually abused by some of the adults who should have been looking after me."

Nelson Mandela's granddaughter

South Africa is famous for its child sex rings.

Gert van Rooyen / Child Sex Industry Booms In South Africa

Multi-millionaire Mandela

Nelson Mandela is as fake as Tony Blair or Jimmy Savile.

Nelson Mandela's family are rich capitalists.

His children and grandchildren are active in more than 100 companies and hold their wealth in a number of trusts.

Some of the trusts own expensive properties in Johannesburg.

The Mandelas are involved in a Mandela clothing range, minerals, the controversial Aurora mine, real estate, railway engineering, medical firms, and entertainment.

Mandela family rakes in millions

Mandela, said to be worth over £10 million, and Prince Bandar. Saudi prince Bandar led attacks on Syria Christians.

The owners of the Aurora mine have been accused of abusing their workers and selling mine assets they do not own.

The managing director of Aurora is Zondwa Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela.

Despite having no previous experience in the mining industry, a high court-appointed liquidator gave Aurora control of two gold mines...

BBC News - Mandela and Zuma gold mine 'exploiting workers'

Eighteen years after the end of apartheid, South Africa is now judged to be one of the most unequal societies in the world. More than half of South Africa's children live in dire poverty

According to South African novelist Zakes Mda:

"The disillusionment of young black South Africans began when Nelson Mandela was president.

"So did the unbridled accumulation of wealth by the ruling party apparatchiks, accompanied by the marginalisation of all those deemed to lack 'struggle credentials'.

"While cadres of the party gained positions of power and wealth, both in the public and private sectors, the rest of the black population remained poor and out of work.

Nelson Mandela: no saint

When Mandela came to power, his government bought lots of weapons.

"In the case of BAE Systems, R300m had allegedly been paid in kickbacks, while in the case of the German Frigate Consortium, a payment of $25m was said to have changed hands."

An update on the Arms Deal.

Whistleblower Patricia de Lille alleged in Parliament that she had evidence of three payments by warship supplier Thyssen-Krupp on 29 January 1999, each of R500,000, to the ANC, to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and to the Community Development Foundation, a Mozambique charity associated with Mandela's wife, Gra├ža Machel.[3]

Reportedly, about $1.5 million has been misappropriated from the Nelson Mandela Children's fund.

Police investigate alleged £1m fraud from Nelson Mandela's charities.

The CIA's Charles Taylor with MI6's Nelson Mandela.

"Some of these former African leaders are compromised by the money they get from those who finance their fake Foundations and charities which are just an excuse for flying around the world and keeping themselves in the limelight."

The Nelson Mandela conspiracy theory | Zambian Eye

Mandela's government was involved in huge arms sales to countries such as Rwanda, where a million people were killed, and to the Congo where three million were killed.


Below we see how South Africa has slipped in terms of the Human Development Index.

Human Development Index for South Africa - Alistair Pott.

According to South African missionary Dr Peter Hammond:

1,000 Africans were killed by necklacing (burning alive) carried out by Mandela's ANC

Nelson Mandela: A Terrorist?


Hammond has described acts of violence committed by the ANC under the order or oversight of Mandela. 

"Missionaries and their kids were murdered, bayoneted on the fields - whole families killed by landmines planted in the roads...

Stompie, murdered by Winnie Mandela

"Winnie Mandela actually was found guilty in court of the murder of a 12-year-old boy. 

"And it was upheld on appeal. She was sentenced to five years in prison, but she hasn’t served a day."

Nelson Mandela: A Terrorist?

"The Church Street attack on May 20, 1983 killed 19 and injured more than 200 people when a car with 40kg of explosives was detonated...

"In his book Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela wrote that as a leading member of the ANC’s executive committee, he had 'personally signed off' in approving these acts of terrorism. 

The ANC teaching youths "how to terrorise resistant township residents into submission to ANC-hegemony."

Mandela refused to renounce violence.

Amnesty refused to take his case stating "that it could not give the name of 'Prisoner of Conscience' to anyone associated with violence..."

Nelson Mandela: A Terrorist?

According to David Horowitz:

"South Africa is the murder capital of the world, a nation where a woman is raped every 30 seconds, often by AIDs carriers who go unpunished..."

Nelson Mandela: A Terrorist?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: CIA Psychologist's Notes Reveal True Purpose Behind Bush's Torture Program

Unknown said...

I am a south african, and as a pastor, I will say loud out to you: “Peter Hammond to a degree (I have LOTS of his tapes AND CDS and mp3s), is biased and has lied to Christians (at KwaSiza Bantu and Pretoria Branch and Cape Town) regarding “no apartheid in south africa when whites/Boers/Afrikaners oppressed blacks”. He denied that it never happened- “listen to your sermons after preaching or presentation, you will realize not just how you lied, but even covered the lie”. That was very wrong of you to ‘lie’ about reality which everyone knows. Learn to listen to yourself (replay all your sermons). DONT JUST BELIEVE ME, ORDER THE TAPES HE PRESENTED OR CDS FROM ALL HIS “BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW SEMINARS” and you will hear that for yourself. I regard most of his tapes biased and very ‘twisted’. He “excludes” truths and facts which does not favour whites “bad history in south africa”, by painting blacks as evil and listing ‘crimes’ they did. Furthermore he nullifies the crimes of the “white people” in South Africa PRIOR an POST apartheid 1994 election (and which still happens to this very day). I have never heard a single presentation from him “against white crimes and atrocities on black people of South Africa”. None whatsoever. I will say it again, in his biased presentations (wherever he goes), he also “lies” on issues that are “not political” but “racially based”, and uses political errors to “only blame blacks and not whites”. The balance and truth must be told as it is. Peter Hammond suffers from racism. YES, in much of his statements he tells partial truth and lies. That is a problem. He has to tell all the truth or just shut up. I will say to you with all honesty having listened to his tapes, “peter must be bold enough to tell even the bad stories whites did in south africa from 1756-2013 in south africa. But he will never do that because he suffers from racism and biased thinking”. May be he should do a “WORLD VIEW AND BIBLICAL TEACHING OF WHITES RACISM AND SEGREGATION AND OPPRESSION 1756-2013″. His marxist ‘ideology’ is also biased- teaching partial lies and truth to 'blame'. I receive letters from him monthly and I have analysed them (a huge mixture of truth and lies and his views- not biblical views). And I can assure you that I disagree with lots of his ‘twisted statement’ as a South African and as a pastor. There are evil things Mandela did and also evil which Peter Hammond did. None of them can say they have not done them. BOTH HAVE. And you cannot take Peter’s word for it either. LETS NOT BE BIASED AND BE TRUTHFUL. I say the church also should not “celebrate Peter Hammond” because he lies to the church and presents ‘biased white lies’ to portray ‘blacks’ as the only criminals in SOUTH AFRICA. I also would say the church should never idolise Mandela. 1 JOHN 5:20b says: “this JESUS is the only true God”. Not me, to Peter Hammond not Mandela and not you. ONLY JESUS CHRIST. Peter Hammond dont take it personal, fix the mess. TELL UNBIASED TRUTH. Peter raised issues which every “christian raised regarding mandela/ANC’s corruption”, google “OPEN LETTER TO JACOB ZUMA or Nelson Mandela. You will see that many have raised issues against Mandela as fellow south africans. HOWEVER PETER’s racist attitude against “blacks” is something christians must fully be aware off. He can still be healed from racism and do a good JOB of presenting unbiased facts. Peter must note that God hates "giving false witness"(Proverbs). Peter Hammond must als post pictures and mrders of +70 000 black south africans here on the interet if he is unbiased. South Africans have even stopped counting the death of "black people" done by Whites in South Africa and the whole of Africa. But I sure tell you, he will never make such data because he know that it is real and far more evident. FROM STEPHEN MOGAGABE, PO BOX 7001, BAMARE-A-PHOGOLE, 2843, SOUTH AFRICA. EMAIL:

HPrice said...

Hi folks,

Just discovered that the Mandela Foundation runs something called the Mandela Rhodes Foundation. It is a scholarship program for future African leaders. Something smells a bit fishy about this, no? Rhodes and Mandela in the same bed???

Very strange ...

Anonymous said...

Its all about GOLD and DIAMONDS see

Anonymous said...

As I said a number of years back. Mandela was wheeled out as the Rothschild bagmen, the Oppenheimer's went from overt to covert control.

The clap-trap on the programmed telly is just that. Programmed. SA is still fucked.


Dioclese said...

Shit! You mean Mandela's not the re-embodiment of Christ personified?

I shall kill myself immediately!...

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