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Paul Flowers (centre) in dressing gown.

Paul Flowers was the Chairman of a UK bank which has recently been bailed out.

Co-op Bank hit as savers take money and run

Beginning in the early 1980s, Methodist minister Paul Flowers was vice-chairman of the committee which oversaw Knowl View School. 

Knowl View School was a 'boy brothel' or 'sweet shop for paedophiles'. 

Knowl View School, in the town of Rochdale,was founded in the 1960s by the late Sir Cyril Smith, who reportedly loved sex with boys.

Sir Cyril Smith was a top member of parliament linked to Sir Jimmy Savile and pedophile rings said to be protected by the security services.

'Child abusers' Cyril Smith & Jimmy Savile Were Friends For 40 Years

Reportedly, the police knew about Smith's sexual activities as early as 1965.

Sir Cyril Smith

Flowers, like a number of UK politicians, has reportedly taken an interest in holidays in Amsterdam with boy prostitutes.

Recently, Flowers took coke, crack and weed before leading a Remembrance Day service. 


Flowers, the 'typical politician'.

In 1981, while he was a church minister in Southampton, Flowers was fined for 'gross indecency' with a male in a public toilet.

Flowers then moved to Rochdale and became a key member of its education and social services committees. 

Rochdale is famous for alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse of children.

In 1988 Dr Alison Frazer told Rochdale council about possible child abuse at Knowl View School.

In 1991, Phil Shepherd, of the Rochdale Health Authority Aids Unit, reported: "One boy who is homosexual has contact with an adult outside the school. 

"Several of the senior boys indulge in oral sex with one another.

"Reputedly five of the junior boys have been or are involved in 'cottaging' (sex) in and around public toilets. 

"Men as far away as Sheffield are believed to be aware of this activity and travel to Rochdale to take part."

"One eight year old is thought to have been involved .  .  . some boys have been 'forced' to have sex with each other."

One former pupil, Chris Marshall, aged seven when at the school, told the Mail on Sunday: 

"Teachers would take pupils to a public toilet in Manchester where the boys would have sex with men who had travelled from all over the North.

"Men would come to the school and we were made to have sex with them. 

"I was forced to perform a sex act on the late MP Cyril Smith who we called the Fat Man.

"It had such an effect on us that some of the boys have either committed suicide or are in prison."

In 1990, in Rochdale, around twenty children were removed from their homes by social services who alleged the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse after discovering 'satanic indicators'. 

A boy, aged 4 at the time, described being present at ritual sacrifices of infants and seeing cult members robbing graves in a local cemetery.

16 children were taken from their parents and became boarders at Knowl View School, the 'boy brothel'.

The Mail on Sunday has uncovered text messages that Flowers sent to a boy prostitute:

Read more:

Exposed: Schumann's great-grandson was a serial abuser at a famous school... .


Unknown said...

I'm DEEPLY suspicious of the attack on Co-Op and the obvious sting tactics being deployed to launch a decapitation strike on upper management and destroy the brand.

"Banker buys cocaine" - come on, this isn't news.

Nor is it shocking.

The fact he was doing it for cash, in his own car, after dark, is rather pathetic.

In the 80s, major investment banks such as Merryl, Deustche and Credit Suisse used to post memos and company circulars around their trading floors politely requesting that their traders not sniff cocaine AT THEIR DESKS, and IN THEIR CUBICLES on the trading floor, and excuse themselves to the executive washroom to exercise at least minimal discretion and courtesy to the laws of the land....

The attack on Co-Op, along with its Junk Rating by ALL the Credit Rating agencies (who NEVER give so much as an A- to banks, who are their paying customers) stinks to high heaven.

For all it's flaws and flat-footedness, and even with it's greatly diminished status, the Co-op still has a history and a legacy that stands for something in Britiain - I have been saving with them since I was a teenager, and not because they offered me a free CD player;

Their ethical investments policy is real and sincere, and it has consistently cost them market share and made a great contribution to their dire credit rating from Moody's, S&P and the like.

Flowers' executive salary was NOT LARGE, by the standards of the Banking Industry, and not primarily based on bonuses and short-termism.

Yet he is being painted worse than Mephistopheles.

The Co-Op stands for community banking, separation from the City of London (and all it's Masonic ills), the best of English socialism and localism in the regions.

And this attack has 5 written all over it.

It should be looked at as a domestic exercise in the same policy that justified attacks on Serbia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venzuala - to create a unified and homogenous banking system compatible with Globalised Corporatism.

Anonymous said...

Co-op is heavily linked to the UK Labour party and is therefore corrupt to the core.

Mr Flowers had no banking knowledge or experience when he got the job. He deserves everything he gets.

I take your point of the hypocrisy of it all though re other banks.

Personally I would not be sad to see the Co-Op collapse into oblivion as they have supported the mafia that is Labour for too long.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@Paul Coker

Thanks. I can see and respect your interesting point. But I have been banking with a Credit Union for the past ten years. I made this choice (over the Co Op) on ethical grounds. For most of that time, the excellent service was personal - caring, even. But now the CU has been taken over by the Co Op (along with other CUs). And everything has changed. The service is no longer as customer-friendly. And recently I've been grossly inconvenienced by the Co Op fraud department STOPPING my small-time card transactions, supposedly because that they thought my card might have been stolen (which it was not, and was never reported so). One of these amounted to around £5! The latest was £90 worth of alternative cancer remedy black salve ....ordered on a secure browser).

This guy was also posing as a Church minister, as well as being a (local) politician. This fits right in with the wider agenda I an others believe they can see.

So while we must question everything - as you were doing - we must also be discerning.


Unknown said...

The Nick Clegg-Leon Brittan Link:

From the London Evening Standard
of 21 Oct 2007

"Nick Clegg, the odds-on favourite to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats, is one of the most pro-European Westminster figures of modern times."

"The 40-year-old high-flyer is a former aide to Brussels Commissioner Leon Brittan, an ex-member of the EU Parliament"

So Clegg was doing 'odd-jobs' for Leon Elm House Brittan.

Remember the remark about 'Brokeback coalition'

Meanwhile the wife, Miriam her father the judge was bumped off by heart attack gun while driving his car...

Its a funny old world.

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Mark Williams-Thomas the former detective that investigated and exposed Jimmy Savile in the ITV documentary, made this tantalising tweet at the weekend.
"Just been told some major news - which cannot be reported yet - but may be very significant in due course"
" relates to Op Yewtee - the investivation post Savile"

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