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The headmaster of a top private school in London once told us that the 'disturbed and difficult' children in his school came almost entirely from broken homes.

He said that over 50% of the children at his school came from  broken homes and that one boy had had five different mothers.

Divorce Rate in the USA.

A recent survey suggests that divorcing parents lie to themselves about the effect that divorce has on their children.

The survey showed that most parents thought that their children had coped well.

However, according to the survey, only 18% of children said that they were happy after the split.

Study reveals impact of divorce on children

One in 20 of the children had turned to alcohol after the split.

One in nine had deliberately wounded themselves.

6 per cent had considered suicide.

Happy Together

According to 'the mental health professionals', there are steps you can take to avoid getting into an unhappy marriage in the first place. 

Want Your Marriage To Last? 

Here is the advice from various professionals:

1. Don't choose a partner who is not good at talking about fundamental issues in a deep, honest and friendly manner.

Don't choose a partner who sees everything in black and white, and who cannot discuss disagreements in a friendly and humourful way.

2. Don't choose a partner that you only 'love' because you are (temporarily) turned on by them. 

Picture them when they are old and look and behave like their parents.

Spot your ideal partner.

3. Don't pick a partner who nags you and complains about you.

4. Don't choose a partner who is not good at appreciating your talents and opinions.

Happy Together

5. Don't choose a partner who is not good at seeing their own faults.

6. Don't choose a partner who does not have lots of interests and hobbies.

7. Don't choose a partner who lacks empathy - for the handicapped, immigrants, gypsies, the homeless etc.

8. Don't choose a partner who has serious personality problems.

"Most high-conflict families have one or both parents who exhibit either narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive, histrionic, paranoid, or borderline features."

Divorce - Personality Traits of Parents

9. Remember that you have a one in 285,000 chance of finding the perfect partner.

"Maths genius" Peter Backus of the University of Warwick has calculated that our chances of finding the perfect partner are just one in 285,000.


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Judge: DHS Complicit in Human Trafficking that Helps Fund Drug Cartels

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The Truth Seeker -RT 29 Dec

Zoompad said...

Bloody hell, well, that just about rules everybody out then, doesn't it?

Sometimes you have to make the best with what you've got. Nobody's perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

I truly love this blog but could you lease refrain from linking to so many Daily Mail stories? I understand that it is the world's most popular webpage for "news" but it is a pernicious and divisive title with some very, very sinister objectives.

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Point 8: add depression, alcoholism, gambling, workaholics, sports' junkies etc and you will have our entire human race


Broken is all of us.

Peace xx

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I think having a husband that makes you laugh is a sure bet.

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