Sunday, December 01, 2013


The island of Jersey is known as the child abuse island.

Families beware.

More, and comments, here

Britain could also be called the child abuse island.

Diana police probe: Inquiry into soldier's claims that Princess was killed by the SAS is closed.

Former lover of Paedophile rocker Ian Watkins'wanted to kill a baby' and had sick fantasies aboutgetting her pregnant ...

Bank chief Crystal Methodist in link to school described as 'sweet shop for paedophiles' as plans for Amsterdam holiday with male prostitutes is revealed

School closed in 1995, after staff member alerted council bosses to problems

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Greg Bacon said...

Those British islands are havens for pedophiles,tax avoidance schemes and hidden bank accounts.

Sounds like some sort of mutual co-existence going on between the child molesters and the rich who don't like and don't pay taxes?

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