Monday, December 16, 2013


The evil 'big meat' corporations, which supply fast food firms and supermarkets, run the equivalent of concentration camps.

On a typical pig farm, 10,000 pigs are crammed into tiny cages, shit is piled three feet high, there are bleeding snouts and the cries of broken-legged pigs.

Each pig spends four or five years in a tiny crate, is kept perpetually pregnant, is made sick from breathing in its own waste and is fed food packed with growth-promoting drugs, and garbage.

Sometimes the factory farm workers torture the pigs.

In factory farms, dairy cattle have teats leaking pus, sickness bringing them to the verge of total collapse, and bones so brittle that they often snap.

Workers hit the cattle in the eyes with a cattle prod, or stick a fire hose down their throats to get them to stand.

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