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Moments before he was shot

On 18 November 2013, CNN had an article entitled: One JFK conspiracy theory that could be true

CNN quotes Dave Perry who has been researching John F. Kennedy's killing since 1976.

Dave Perry : Biography - Spartacus Educational / Dave Perry's JFK Assassination Pages

Perry does not rule out the theory that the CIA killed Kennedy.

Oliver Stone thinks it was a conspiracy  / Even John Kerry thinks the JFK assassin had help

Hercule Poirot, in Agatha Christie's 'Murder on the Orient Express' tries to discover which of the passengers on the train has murdered Mr Ratchett'.

Poirot comes to the conclusion all of the passengers were in on it together.

Perry, a 70-year-old retired former insurance claims adjuster from Massachusetts, does not want to blame all the passengers.

However, Aangirfan would agree with Poirot.

The group that decided to kill Kennedy must have included top people within the Pentagon, CIA, Military Industrial Complex, Mossad, MI6, the Media, the Big Banks, the Mafia and many more such institutions.

These are the sort of people who are involved in supplying weapons to both sides in wars, involved in the drugs trade and involved in mind-controlling children.

Mr Rachett was killed because he was a 'bad guy'.

Kennedy was no saint, and, the corrupt elite felt that he was getting out of control.

aangirfan: John F Kennedy - 'mad and bad'; Cuban Missile Crisis

Just after Kennedy was shot.

Perry refers to the five conspiracy theories he believes are the most popular:

1. LBJ did it.

Perry says Madeleine Brown was wrong when she claimed that LBJ had attended a party during which LBJ whispered into her ear, "After tomorrow, those Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That's no threat. That's a promise."

Perry says LBJ couldn't have been at the alleged party that night.


2. The military industrial complex did it.

The claim is that Kennedy was going to pull troops out of Vietnam.

According to Perry: Kennedy never made a claim that he was going to pull out of Vietnam.


3. The mob did it.

According to Perry, it's all hearsay.

4. Oswald acted alone as part of an unknown conspiracy.

Perry reminds us that "John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln and four were hung."

Bohemian Grove 'Satanists'.

5. The CIA did it.

According to Perry, this is the one theory that he cannot debunk.

Perry says:

"Supposedly Kennedy was fed up with the shenanigans that the CIA was pulling.

"He found out the CIA was trying to kill Castro, which is a fact. So the argument is that the CIA felt that Kennedy was going to disband them. And as a result of that, they were the ones that ordered the killing of Kennedy.

"We know Oswald was in the Russian embassy in Mexico City...

"We need to know what happened in Mexico City."

So, Perry makes no mention of Mossad, Oswald's double, Stephen Ward, mind control, Knights of Malta...

The following people linked to the Kennedy assassination were reportedly gay:

Jack Ruby, Clay Shaw,
Lee Harvie Oswald, David Ferrie,
JD Tippit, George de Mohrenschildt,
Edwin Walker, Herbert Hoover,
Clyde Tolson, Louis Bloomfield,
James Jesus Angleton, Cardinal Spellman ...

(Allegations of Homosexuality & JFK Assn - The Education Forum)

The Kennedy assassination is linked to boy-loving Nazis, Bilderberg, Mafia dons and various fascist oligarchs - all connected to the CIA and Mossad and their friends.

District Attorney Jim Garrison came to the conclusion that the plotters were a group of right-wingers with links to the CIA.

These included the CIA's David Ferrie and Clay Shaw.

David Ferrie (LEFT) Lee Harvie Oswald (RIGHT).

In New Orleans, David Ferrie was an aerospace instructor.

One of his students was 15-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald.

Another was Barry Seal.

Over the years, Ferrie, while working with various cadet squadrons, developed improper relations with boys ranging in age from 14-18.

Clay Shaw liked boys.

Shaw is believed to have been one of the CIA organisers of the Kennedy assassination.

"Clay Shaw's address book had the names of pro-Nazi European royalty and people in the Bilderberg Group."

(Sherm Says: The Death of JFK: The New Orleans Connection)

At Shaw's trial for the muder of Kennedy, insurance salesman Perry Russo testified that he had attended a party at the apartment of David Ferrie.

At the party, Russo said that Ferrie, Oswald, and "Clay Bertrand" (who Russo identified in the courtroom as Clay Shaw) had discussed killing Kennedy.[6]

The CIA's MK ULTRAMore from "The Death of JFK: The New Orleans Connection":

"David Ferrie was a CIA contract pilot... who was also involved in moving drugs and guns...

"At one time Barry Seal was on his payroll...

Ferrie knew both Lee Harvie Oswald and Clay Shaw.

Ferrie had studied for the priesthood.

He taught aviation at St. Benedict High School, before being fired for taking boys to a house of ill fame.

He met Lee Harvey Oswald in 1955, when Oswald joined his Cadet Squadron in New Orleans.

"Jack Martin, a Ferrie friend, speculated that Ferrie could have hypnotized Oswald in some way.

"Ferrie had a substantial library on hypnotism, and the CIA later admitted that it had experimented with mind control, MKUltra.

"Ferrie was seen with Jack Ruby before the assassination, and a hypnotist was performing at the club at the time...

"Ferrie claimed to he a hypnotist and psychotherapist, and there are reports that he was indeed a capable hypnotist..."

Website for this image

Clay Shaw was a director of Centro Mondiale Commerciale (CMC) which "was comprised of former Italian fascists, right wing elements, CIA and Defense Department people , and representatives of the European paramilitary right."


"Ferenc Nagy ... was a director and was tied to the CIA ...

"At one time he was president of Permindex, a trade organisation, backed by the CIA.

Clay Shaw was on the board of Permindex.

"Nagy ... provided money for the Secret Army Organization, which was to attempt the assassination of Charles De Gaulle...

"Nagy was seen on the grassy knoll in Dallas on November 22, 1963..."

The main shareholder in Permindex was Geneva's Banque De Credit International , founded by Tibor Rosenbaum.

"The bank was a Mossad front, and Rosenbaum purchased arms on behalf of the Mossad.

"This bank was the chief launderer for Meyer Lansky, an American gangster.

"Joseph Bonano, another gangster was also tied to Permindex.

"Tied to Permindex were ... H.L. Hunt ...

Louis Bloomfield. In Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal(1970) William Torbitt claims that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was organized by Bloomfield and Permindex. Also involved was the Defense Industrial Security Command, organized by J. Edgar Hoover and William Sullivan.

Also tied to Permindex was "Major Louis Bloomfield... a leading Zionist, one time Haganah soldier.

"From 1947 to 1970, he did contract work for the CIA ...

"He was a friend of J. Edgar Hoover. He was also closely tied to the very wealthy Bronfmans, allegedly Canada’s leading crime family.

"Using Permindex, he managed the business affairs for members of a Corsican assassin ring.

"Max Hagerman, editor of a West German Neo-Nazi magazine, does administrative work for Permindex.

"Permindex was mainly financed by oil companies and Halliburton...

"George and Herman Brown of Brown and Root also invested in Permindex. Also involved were attorney Roy Cohn and former German General Walter Dohrnberger...

"Permindex and CMC most likely enjoyed profits from bringing heroin from the Golden Triangle to Europe, and it is likely that they worked with a number of intelligence services in this activity...

Carlos Marcello. Ferrie worked for Marcello and reportedly was the pilot who flew Marcello back into the United States from Guatemala after he had been deported in April 1961 as part of the U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy's crackdown on organized crime.

Permindex "worked closely with New Orleans mafia boss Carlos Marcello, whose fleet of planes shared mechanics and pilots with Permindex.

"David Ferrie was one shared employee...

"During the two weeks before the Kennedy assasination, Ferrie stayed at Churchill Farms, Marcello 's countryside estate...

"Former MI6 agent John Coleman has theorized that Permindex orchestrated the assassination, claiming they used an international squad that is used when all else fails...

"The French president’s intelligence people traced the financingof the assassination to Permindex and CMC.

"De Gaulle thought Mossad was also involved, and it had to move its operations to the Netherlands and Belgium.

"Some believe Permindex has ties to the old Nazi spy network of Otto Skorzeny...

"Shaw’s address book had the names of pro-Nazi European royalty and people in the Bildberg Group...

John Howard Bowen

"The Warren Commission Report noted that Lee Harvey Oswald entered Mexico on a Red Arrow bus at Laredo, Texas on September 26, 1963.

"Sitting next to Oswald on the bus was Albert Osborne, alias John Howard Bowen...

"On October 10, 1963 he was seen in both the offices of Clay Shaw and Guy Bannister...

"Since 1934, this man , Albert Bowen-Osborne, a missionary for the American Council of Christian Churches ... had been running a school for marksmen or assassins in his orphanage in Oaxaca, Mexico.

"He was in Knoxville working for a boys club for a number of years and was fired for homosexual activities with his charges..."

In 1942 "he organized a Nazi group called the Campfire Council in Tennessee...

"Division Five of the FBI had funneled money to Oaxaca through the American Council of Christian Churches...

"It was later shown that this Bowen had ties to Clay Shaw’s CMC and to division 5 of the F.B.I.. .

"Shaw ... has been clearly tied to the CIA's Directorate of Operations..."

Garrison claimed that there was someone impersonating Oswald.

"A man claiming to be Oswald appeared in Mexico City before Oswald was there...

"There are also mysterious claims that an Oswald visited the Soviet Embassy on September 28, but it was closed that day..."

Ferrie liked boys

According to Wikipedia:

David Ferrie (1918 - 1967) was a private investigator and pilot.

He had studied, unsuccessfully, for the priesthood.

He taught aeronautics at Cleveland's Benedictine High School but was fired after taking boys to a house of prostitution.

In New Orleans he was briefly an aerospace education instructor at Moisant Airport.

One of his students was 15-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald. (Another was Barry Seal)

Over the years, Ferrie, while working with with various cadet squadrons, developed improper relations with boys ranging in age from 14-18.

By early 1961, Ferrie was working with a CIA-backed anti-Castro group in New Orleans.

In the early 1960s, Ferrie began working with private investigator Guy Banister, formerly of the FBI.

In 1963, according to several witnesses, Ferrie and Banister worked together for lawyer G. Wray Gill, on behalf of New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello, in an attempt to block Marcello's deportation to Guatemala.

An unconfirmed Border Patrol report of February 1962 states that Ferrie was the pilot who flew Carlos Marcello back into the United States from Guatemala after he had been deported in April 1961 as part of the U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy's crackdown on organized crime.

On 22 November 1963, John F Kennedy was assassinated and Marcello was acquitted in his deportation case.

Dulles, Kennedy, McCone (McCone: CIA boss 1961-65; Knight of Malta; links to Rockefeller). Seymour Hersh sees Kennedy "as a sex maniac, marital cheat, bigamist, speed freak, liar and corrupt politician who employed in his covert service Mafia chiefs, panderers, Communist spies and political fixers and engaged in stealing national elections, shaking down corporations for contributions, plotting assassinations..." (Hersh's Dark Camelot)

On the afternoon of 22 November 1963, Guy Banister was in his office with and one of his employees, Jack Martin.

The two men got into a heated argument.

According to Martin, Banister said something to which Martin replied, "What are you going to do - kill me like you all did Kennedy?"

Banister pistol-whipped Martin several times.

In the days that followed, Jack Martin spoke to reporters and police.

Martin told the New Orleans police that Ferrie "was supposed to have been the getaway pilot in the assassination."

Martin also claimed that Ferrie had known Lee Harvey Oswald from their days in the New Orleans Civil Air Patrol, and that he had seen a photograph, at Ferrie's home, of Oswald in a Civil Air Patrol group.

Martin told the FBI that Ferrie may have hypnotized Oswald into assassinating Kennedy.

In 1966, Jim Garrison, the district attorney of New Orleans, interviewed Jack Martin.

Martin claimed that during the summer of 1963, David Ferrie, Guy Banister and Lee Harvey Oswald worked together on anti-Castro activities.

According to testimony by Banister's personal secretary, Delphine Roberts, Ferrie and Oswald were frequent visitors to Banister's office in 1963.

She said: "I believed his work was somehow connected with the CIA."

Garrison became convinced that a group right-wingers, including Ferrie, Banister, and Clay Shaw, were involved in a conspiracy with elements of the CIA to kill John F. Kennedy.

Garrison would later claim that the motive for the assassination was anger over Kennedy's attempts to obtain a peace settlement in both Cuba and Vietnam.

Garrison also believed that Shaw, Banister, and Ferrie had conspired to set up Oswald as a patsy in the JFK assassination.

On 22 February 1967, less than a week after the story of Garrison's investigation became public, Ferrie was found dead in his apartment.

Victor Marchetti, formerly of the CIA, has claimed that David Ferrie was connected to the CIA.



aangirfan: J F KENNEDY, KRAYS, FREUDS, MOSSAD, SEX - Novotny was reportedly supplied to Kennedy by Dr Stephen Ward.


Elizabeth Taylor Slept With Reagan and Jfk, According ... - Aangirfan



Anonymous said...

I took in a movie on TNT. I’ll get a copy of the DVD, it was that good. Here are the Wikipedia and IMDB entries, and the trailer:

“In the Stasi, we had a basic principle: ask enough questions and a man who is lying will eventually change his story. But the man who tells the truth cannot change his, however unlikely his story sounds.”

Anonymous said...

Nice one Aang,

In the movie JFK there's a scene where Costner's Garrison is castigating the Bill Broussard character who doesn't believe the government could be involved and wants to blame the mob. Says Costner, "Could the mob change the parade route? Could the mob stand down the secret service? Could the mob get Oswald to Russia and back?" etc. etc.

And these are all fair questions but it's also vaguely misleading insofar as no single entity could possibly do all of these things. Concomitantly to hunt for that supposed single entity would effectively acquit every entity, ie. since no single entity could have done everthing therefore none of them may stand accused.

Clearly Perry's logic is flawed from the outset. And that's the beauty of the Orient Express technique. In the real world there'd be no Poirot and no solving of the case. Furthermore all of the cops waiting at the station would have been in on it too.

Aang you may be interested in a documentary I saw lately via a trail that started at WRH. It's about the assassination certainly but mostly from the angle of Garrison's investigation. It's interesting because you get to hear from the real life people portrayed in the film and find out what the movie downplayed or otherwise missed. Garrison's family were particularly interesting. His wife was clearly not an ingenue and made sport with those tailing her.

This interview is also good in spite of that wanky variety of American self-promotion we seem unable to escape from. It features the fellow who made the above documentary and he tells of his conversations with Garrison and discusses the media's treatment of anything related to the assassination, a topic that frankly should be as important as any other aspect of the whole enterprise, arguably even more so.

Ha! Cue Garrison: "Could the mob have blacked out the media?"

best etc. etc.

Unknown said...
sent by john david irish sacramento california

Anonymous said...

and who killed Oz Prime Minister Harold Holt?

"A decisive moment clearly impends. Through subservience of Gentile politicians in our generation the matter of Palestine has come to overcloud the whole future: at last the nigger fully emerges from the twentieth-century woodpile. It may be that the Zionists are approaching a success as great as that which they achieved 1948 years ago (for the condemnation of the Nazarene reformer must at the time have seemed to his enemies a great success, although it brought them no happiness in the sequel). The Gentile politicians of 1948, who have suffered 'The United Nations' to be put to base purpose, are weaker men than Pontius Pilate himself."

Douglas Reed 'From Smoke to Smother 1938-1948'

the above go some way to confirming the 'accusations against Oz of spying on Indonesia as entirely inevitable and predictable, as the agents of the New World Order are deadly in the accomplishment of their objectives.

Is there any one braver and more honest and forthright than Douglas Reed?
These days I can only name Aangirfan.

Peace xx

bholanath said...

Respects for your excellent, always-important, and long-time output over the years.

Last few days been thinking also of Poirot and Orient Express.

There's also this:

Today also heard on Hartmann show the author of book concerning Marcello's confession of "hiring the shooters" to cellmate/FBI-informant.

Any thoughts?
Deep fucking crazy-making rabbit hole.
I was 17, called it for the CIA that day, soon as I heard the news. Simpler times.

canspeccy said...

The CIA killed JFK with Vice President Lyndon Johnson's foreknowledge and approval.

It was the perfect murder. Once accomplished, the man who ordered the hit was President and thus boss of the CIA, able to make the cover up a matter of state.

It was the cover up that necessitated the murder of RFK, when he appeared on track to take the Presidency, and the murder of John, Jr., when he revealed an ambition for a political career.

Oswald was the patsy controlled by George de Morenschildt who was suicided the day he was to be interviewed by investigators for the House Assassinations committee.

De Morenschildt was a buddy of George H. W. Bush who couldn't remember where he was at the time of the assassination but who was photographed outside the Texas Book Depository just after the JFK had been hit.

A Mr. George Bush worked for the CIA at the time. Supposedly this was not George H.W. Bush. But George H.W. phoned the FBI from nearby, Tyler Texas that day to implicate a James Parrott as a possible assassin, thus providing Bush with some cover should he be implicated in the murder.

Anonymous said...

You missed out one startling fact in asking who done it, if you study the Zapruder footage closely, it's crystal clear that Jackie puts the pistol under JFK's chin and blows his brains out the top of his head. JR Ewing was shot by his wife in Dallas, so was JFK.

Anonymous said...

There was a book/reports about JFK being seen at literary/hollywood elite parties in NYC a year after the assassination (with Truman Capote, for example). How do u deal with this? Ive never bought his "murder" anyway....

Anonymous said...

“$8.5 TRILLION In Taxpayer Money Doled Out By Congress To The Pentagon Since 1996 … Has NEVER Been Accounted For”

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The 5412 group/SSG/Forty committee was in charge of operation mongoose. Lansdale was a 5412, DoD agent, (also connected to Yamashita gold, looted by US Military Intelligence.)

Peter Dale Scott also talks about the CoG shadow government and links head of army intelligence in Dallas, Jack Crichton to HL Hunt.

Perhaps 5412 and J5 at the top? J5 was mostly concerned with ramping up Vietnam and Cold War. I'm not sure who was on 5412 at time, but they may have been more concerned with Cuba, oil and control in CIA.

Anonymous said...

Its as if J.Edgar never had any power? All this CIA MAFIA CUBANS Lbj and nothing FBI? The first thing about J.Edgar was his sources along the water front and his netwlwork. You had to run this one early by J.EDGAR even just to convince him it wasn't commies and needed a hard sell anyways because Hoover would have freaked? Someone very high up must have composed said plan and became nervous because this was penultimate task and "walls have ears"! J.Edgar would have been on board to control aftermath at very least and keep his network busy with commies and different colored shirts? Hoover needed no or very little help and JOE had something on J.? HOOVER was the elites man and So was JOE? Hoover being gay and Joe being Roman Catholic sparks aan sparks?

Anonymous said...

Hoover counseled agents that if three people meet and enter a street front apartment together after dark they were having commie meeting! Or a father of five disappears and his family is told that father left his family to be a commies and may never return! HOOVER KNEW!

Anonymous said...

"dog that didn't bark" . . .

[doesn't bark...
won't bark...
can't bark...
evah . . . ! ]

newshounds... ? ... gloryhounds

No More Myths said...

JFK's sychophantic speech at the Zionists of America Convention, Statler Hilton Hotel, New York, NY
August 26, 1960:

No More Myths said...

Laurent Guyénot connects the dots:

Who killed Kennedy: CIA, LBJ, or the Truly “Unspeakable”?
Sunday, November 17th, 2013

1. The Military-Intelligence complex
2. Johnson the Gambler
3. Assassination under false flag
4. Israel and the Kennedy assassination
5. Robert Kennedy

... said...

Hey Aangirfan! Was it last week that Channel5 in the UK aired a documentary where retired CIA 'people' ADMIT that THEY KILLED KENNEDY BY ACCIDENT?

I'm sure it was what I was watching... and it was hilarious!


Anonymous said...

The Pink Panther killed JFK.
She was sat back and to the left.

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