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Julia Davis

Whistleblower Julia Davis, from California, is the former U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent who claimed  that the U.S. government was letting in terrorists over the Mexican border.

A Texas congressman Louie Gohmert said on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal April 17, 2013: "We know al Qaeda has camps over with the drug cartels on the other side of the Mexican border.

Louie Gohmert: al Qaeda told to act 'Hispanic'

Brittany Murphy is the star of 'Clueless' who supported Julia Davis.

Brittany died in her Los Angeles home in December 2009. 

Brittany's father, Angelo Bertolotti, 87, claims that Brittany Murphy and her husband were poisoned by government agents.

Examiner.com / Was Brittany Murphy murdered?

Brittany Murphy

A toxicology report organised by Bertolotti found ten heavy metals in Brittany's body, suggesting she had been poisoned. 

Bertolotti complains of the whistleblowers being "under surveillance, including helicopters. 

"Their telephones were wiretapped, Brittany was afraid to go home, because of the sneak-and-peek incursions into their residence and other terror tactics she suffered after speaking out in support of Julia Davis and being named as a witness in her lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security."

Brittany Murphy's Father Sets the Record Straight / Brittany Murphy did not die of natural causes, lab report shows

"America’s fraudulent War on Drugs has been a splendid means of managing the global drug trade in the interest of securing geopolitical advantage over their rivals.

"That major financial powerhouses in Europe and the U.S. (can you say Bank of America, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, HSBC, ING and Wachovia) have been accused of reaping the lions’ share of profits derived from the grim trade, now a veritable Narco-Industrial Complex, the public continues to be regaled with tales that this ersatz war is being 'won.'"


Anonymous said...

Galloway is a MI6 plant.


Anonymous said...

How do you know Galloway is MI6?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Silvija Germek -


Since you are writing about the US/Mex border, do not miss the satanism which has been created there by intelligence agencies.

In the 1960s, a major combined effort of Tavistock, MI6 and CIA -consolidated their grip on the N. American drug trade and pedo porn trade, pedo as political blackmail tool and they tucked satanic cults into the hippie movement and spread them everywhere from there – including to the drug cartels on the border - look at the wiki page of 'El Padrino" Constanzo for one of many examples - he admitted influence of the Process Church and 4 Pi –( that was a US/UK intel+Tavistock creation with founding help from Scientology) to insert satanism as control mech into the drug trade - I am certain about this info because I connected the dots in between solidly The satanists which had been tucked inside drug cartels by intel in the 60s and 70s flourished and their heirs apparent in new satanic cults along the US/Mex border are still intel-directed to this day. I have the full detail but cannot find a way to get this much info through this window.

Also run searches for the human trafficking today on that border - not just migrant workers but trafficked Russian and Ukrainian women and children are transported by the 'coyote' runners into the US across this Mex border. US intel controls that border and the cartels on it.


Satanism as a portable political control device - created in London in the 60s by elements of Scientology London plus Tavistock, MI5, Mi6 started this and they were joined by CIA and satanism and MK Ultra were integrated to control the following intel-controlled mob rackets: Drugs, human trafficking, pedo porn, blackmail control over politicians - everything needed to facilitate the drug trade is already built-into satanism. That is the reason ALL the big drug cartels have been deliberately groomed into satanism by US/UK intel and MK Ultra over the decades and the grim results are visible in Mexico and US border deserts every day. The old royal opium runners are still at work, still bringing drug profits home to the Crown and its CIA helpers along the way.

Obama and Eric Holder even armed these satanic drug cartels in 'Fast and Furious'. We do not know if they will ever turn them loose on the US population - I suspect likely yes when the political and economic situation deteriorates enough in the US, the elites will likely bring about the collapse and then such satanic gangs armed by US gov may well be turned loose on us. The Empire will do this so as not to lose control of rioting which will come as the economic situation in the US worsens.

Part 2 coming -


Anonymous said...

Silvija Germek- part 2 Mex border cartel cult murders

Look at 'El Padrino' Constanzo (satanic drug cartel serial killer) as an example. Look at the thousands of dead women in Juarez - they execute one for occult protection from Satan every time they run more drugs across the border. The word 'satanism' and the graphic nature are edited out by US media but Mex media is full of it. Google the condition of the corpses found every day along the Tex/Mex border and inside of Mexican, California, Arizona and Texas deserts - note the ritual beheadings and display of heads, skinned corpses, missing organs (skinning alive and eating organs is a classic satanic ritual). Google the satanic murders in Brownsville/Matamoros for more examples. Look at the link enclosed and examine HOW these people are being killed - the government refuses to spell it out - these are virtually ALL satanic murders. CIA and MI6 taught them well - they are using satanic methods to spread control and fear among the drug cartels and run a tight ship over the human trafficking trade on the border.

The story is - US intel (with heavy involvement of British intel) programmed them to be satanists because it is an extreme control mechanism. Google the condition of the Mex border corpses and you will see it clearly. If you study the statements of El Padrino, you will see that the 4Pi cult taught them their tricks - 4Pi is the same as Process Church of the Final Judgment, a US/UK intel tool which masterminded the Charles Manson, Son of Sam, El Padrino killings... research 4 Pi/Process Church and you will see this is UK+US intel. They cleverly combined British-exported satanism, MK Ultra and added local lore such as voodoo and santeria but this amalgam was created by western intel as control mechs.




Skinning alive is satanic ritual.


End of part 2, more coming

Anonymous said...


Are you talking about the same Julia Davis that is Sr. Vice President of Production of Fleur De Lis Film Studios
Fleur De Lis Film ?

You know the studio that brought you

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control
A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995
Charlie Sheen's Stunt Spectacular in 1994
The upcoming "Operation Dark Heart" based on Shaffer's book (also with Fleur De Lis Film as VP Media-Government Relations)
Do you see a connection to some fauxlternative media empire?

Is this a set up to the next False Flag?

Looking at Julia Davis resume on IMDB do you really believe she was a border patrol agent?

There are some more dots to be connected if you are so inclined


Anonymous said...

Silvija Germek, part 3 Mex border cartel cult killings

Note the mention of Wachovia bank involvement - Wachovia is old Illuminati money of the Merovingian blood line. The bankers have their fingerprints all over this border carnage. http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2011/04/how-big-us-bank-laundered-billions-from.html

Note this – the connection to the satanic cult killings goes to Charlotte, NC – that is a bank town, specifically Wachovia HQ:






Look through the articles behind these pics:



Anonymous said...

Silvija Germek - PS to Mexican satanic border killings -






Anonymous said...

UK Prime Minister Covers Up Crimes Against Humanity – Lectures Sri Lanka on Crimes Against Humanity


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Matamoros and all that gear,

This may be old hat but Dave McGowan did some nice work tying US serial killers with all that MK, satanist stuff and all with a heavy concentration at the US/Mexican border.

Interesting how serial killers (per se) were a flash in the pan that lasted about, what? Twenty years? Perhaps it was a fashion trend? Who knew mass murderers followed trends? Anyway, it's all about school shootings now. But that's the fashion business: monkey see, monkey do. Of course it helps to have drugged, brain-fried, MK monkeys who do precisely what they're told. Fashion of course was only ever what was dictated.

Anyway, the link is there for those who may be interested.

best etc. etc.

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