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On 5 November 2013, it was reported that the USA and the Philippines are in disagreement about the USA's wish for a much increased military presence in the Philippines.

In October 2013, US Secretary of State John Kerry cancelled a visit to the Philippines.

The USA wants access to Philippine military bases and wants to bring in aircraft, ships and other equipment to the Philippines.

The Philippines Defense Secretary, Voltaire Gazmin, said there is a dispute about whether the Philippines or the USA will control these bases. 

Gamin said: "What will happen if we won't have access? Those bases will look like their bases."

The Philippine Senate voted in 1991 to close down major U.S. bases. 

A pact ratified in 1999 allowed temporary visits such as joint exercises.

Philippines: The Next US Military Base

US forces heading to the Philippines.

As a result of the November typhoon, the USA is now sending in lots of its military.

The Philippines may be pressured to let the US military have its way.

A weather-watcher known as ‘Dutchsinse’ has linked the typhoon in the Philippines to man-made microwave pulses coming from an American base in the Pacific.


Dutchsinse -

The USA wants the Philippines to be a member of its Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The TPP, currently being negotiated by 12 countries, aims to set up a free trade bloc which would represent over 40 percent of world trade.

The TPP would allow American companies to take over more Philippino companies.

Currently, the Philippines constitution limits foreign ownership in certain sectors.

The USA will hope to bully the Philippines into letting the USA take over its economy.

Phl seeks flexibility on TPP membership


brian said...

You can always count on the SNC to damage itself more than Assad ever could.

During this meeting to create a government in exile, Ahmad Jarba (head of the SNC) got into a slapping fight with Free Syrian Army spokesman Lu'ay Muqdad. Muqdad then called Jarba a "shabbiah" and said the voting process was similar to the Baath Party. When one Western representitive noticed that no women were elected into this government in exile, the SNC picked a random woman sitting in the audience and named her "Minister for Families".

But anyway what does it matter what the SNC does? The Jihadists never recognised the SNC, now even the FSA is refusing to listen to them. The only thing the SNC controls is the buffet table in their Istanbul hotel.

A. Peasant said...

A whistleblower in 2009 reported the presence of US troops in the philippines who were fenced off in camps in the south of the country and completely unaccountable, in violation of the philippine constitution. Doing God knows what.

If the link does not open you can see some of the article here (scroll down)

Anonymous said...

Charles Edward Frith said...

TPP trade negotiations?

Dublinmick said...

Thanks Peasant I will check out the link. I have been asking cui bono myself on what happened in the Philippines.

You know if the place is leveled like a flat rock, it is a wonderful place for the evacuation of Tokyo and it's 50 million residents who are now being affected greatly by Fukushima. It is a win win situation for U.S. bases and a Japanese ally. HMMMMMM

Anonymous said...

Trying to cool the rad with wind and sea or some other Geo political hocus pocus perhaps my money is on oil what else drives the killing machinery ? Looked out the window and cant believe what I saw aeroplanes "misting the desert southwest"making crosshatch patterns in the "air"? That stay all DAMN day!!!

A13 said...

Hiya Aang, I couldn't help myself :)

I've missed it too much, and i will back up this time around
Cheers A13

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