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The CIA controls  famous writers and intellectuals, controls spies in foreign agencies, and works closely with  big corporations.

According to British journalists Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark, an agent in the Indian intelligence services helped carry out the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008.

'Indian government spy helped in 26/11 attacks'

The agent named "Honey Bee" is referred to in Levy and Scott-Clark's book "The Seige".

For the first 28 hours of the siege, the 4 Taj gunmen were almost completely unhindered. It took 58 hours to end the siege - evidence that this was an inside job.


According to a report in the New York Times, the CIA has been paying telecommunications company AT and T $10 million (£6 million) per year for access to its phone records.

AT and T may take over Vodafone.

CIA pays potential Vodafone buyer AT and T $10m per year for phone data

There would appear to be a long term plan for American companies to infiltrate European companies and then take them over.

You are unlikely to find any top novelist writing a book about 9 11 being an inside job.

This is because the CIA and its friends control many of the top writers.

The novelist Ian McEwan wrote the novel 'Sweet Tooth'.

The novel deals with the subject of Britain's security service MI5 giving money to writers and academics so that they will promote certain propaganda.

Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan is the son of an army officer.

He was educated at a government-run boarding school.

It is known that the CIA poured money, through front organisations, into cultural projects  in Britain.

Ian McEwan feels obliged to say: "I don't think MI5 ever backed ten writers and academics…"

Ian McEwan: Why I'm revisiting the Seventies

A A Milne

Among the writers and intellectuals who have worked for the security services (CIA, MI5 and similar):

A.A. Milne

Ernest Hemingway

Malcom Muggeridge

Roald Dahl

Ian Flemming

C.S. Forrester

James Michener

Eugene Fodor

Somerset Maugham

Graham Green

Crompton Mackenzie

Aaron Copland

Igor Stravinsky

Britten of the CIA. aangirfan: BENJAMIN BRITTEN

Benjamin Britten (CIA)

Stephen Spender

Nancy Mitford

Vladimir Nabokov

Jayaprakash Narayan

Arnold Toynbee

Bertrand Russell of the CIA.

Bertrand Russell

Hugh Trevor-Roper

Arthur Schlesinger

Arthur Koestler

George Orwell 

A surprising number of the above were lovers of boys.


Anonymous said...

ref "long term plan for American companies to infiltrate European companies"
working in an originally Swiss company, now in German hands, I have exactly the same impression of what is going on. Recently, our US share of exports rose sharply, at the same time the debt of our US customers rose to 25% of turnover, the management is obviously instructed not to intervene. All kinds of rarely sold parts are ordered, some can be found later for a fraction of our price on US ebay.. With new policies we are venturing into very risky technical features, which could ultimately cause insurmountable problems and destroy our company..
Lately we adapted even the name of our US partners, the legal site of the holding company is located on the premises the of former US embassy, possibly still under US jurisdiction???

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Is a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FBI investigating alleged child sex abuse at Fort Meade youth center in Maryland, the Army base says,0,3443161.story

giark65 (abel danger) said...

Beautiful for all the ugliness unveiled.

Awaiting your take in the same vein on tv shows and movies. Obviously filled to the brim but what would fascinate me more is which movies were direct threats to those entrapped in the Serco Spider web and D2 Banking at Canary Wharf.

Anonymous said...

The former Sophia here: Saturday morning’s knee-slapper, just seen on CNN, was the interview given to Tom Brokaw by John Kerry in which Kerry admitted that he had doubts about Oswald having acted alone, although he didn’t want to go near the Grassy Knoll theories and didn’t see any credibility in any role by the CIA.

CanSpeccy said...

A writer who at some time worked in intelligence is not necessarily controlled by the intelligence services. Many in the West who worked in intelligence during WW2 and during the cold war no doubt believed that the West had a freer and better society than the Fascists and the Communists, and their service with MI6 or whoever was motivated at least in some degree by patriotism.

It is inconceivable to me that those of first-rate literary ability shilled for the CIA or MI6 without regard for their personal beliefs or loyalties.

More important, today, than who may have worked for the security services in what they perceived to be the national interest, is the role of publishers as gate-keepers. For example, how many books by prominent writers refer to 9/11 unless to endorse the official conspiracy theory, e.g., Malcolm Gladwell, for example, or Oxford University's David Deutsch.

It seems pretty clear that it is the publishing companies, not the security services that are determining what books can and cannot say. Which makes sense, in a plutocratic world. The money controls the publishing industry, the publishing industry controls what authors and journalists can say.

Anonymous said...

That is why self publishing on the Internet is a breath of fresh air...put the publishers out of business.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry's mother Rosemary was first cousins with Michael Paine's mother Ruth Paine. Michael Paine's wife Ruth was the landlady for the Oswalds in the months leading up to the Kennedy assassination. She also secured Harvey's job at the Texas Book Depository several weeks before the assassination. Michael Paine's mother was a very close friend of Mary Bancroft (see her memoir, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SPY), who had been the lover of both Allen Dulles (head of the CIA until fired by Kennedy) and Henry Luce.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aangirfan for presenting your 'take' on Sweet Tooth and saying what too many writers avoid.

I finished 'Sweet Tooth' after my last comment, and enjoyed the 'read' to the last page, but was disappointed because it did not go where you go.

Having said that, 'Serena'was a fairly stereotypical female, just going with the flow around her while rebelling at her parents and their preoccupations.

The book just goes to show how disappointed we all are in the 'love' rleationhips, which are mostly a grim combination of sex/lust duty and earning a crust. Nobody trusts.

For those who want to read the book I do not wish to give away the plot, but it is confirmation of how people just cannot 'trust' and love in an honouring and sustained way.

We know so much different now, but the treacheries continue.

I really enjoyed Hitchen's autobiography and thru this know much of the backgrounds, politics and shenanigans in the lives of these friends.

What I did not 'get' was how Hitch was pally with Wolfowitz, having expressed his politics. But I guess Hitch knew which side of his bread was buttered.

Aang I have just re -read Ripple Effect by Scott Cooper.

This deals with the disappearance of Oz Prime Minister Harold Holt.
Essentially, a businessman, a couple of politicians and military officers plotted to have him removed on account of his vacuous affiliation with LBJ. Holt wanted to abolish the 'marble system of selecting conscripts and have general conscription of all 20 year olds. Plus he committed infantry battalions to Vietnam.
It is perhaps not great literature but the story is very plausible, written as it is by a man who was involved.

One of the politicians who plotted to remove Holt went on to become (surprise!) a treacherous Prime Minister who was removed by GG and intelligence forces in UK.

As is written in the main text and the epilogue of Ripple Effect, Australians are so laid back/apathetic that when the 30 year Official Secrets period expired on 17 December 1997, ex PM made a confession about his treachery which was printed in the Age newspaper on page 2, and nobody took any notice.

It is a moving story at many levels, but just so terribly sad that the masses are so self-absorbed they simply do not care.

Thank you again for all you do
Peace xx

Anonymous said...

ian Mcewan - involved

Publishers e.g. Rausing - involved

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