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Daniel and Frances Keller, in Austin Texas, 1992.

In 1992, in Austin Texas, Frances and Daniel Keller were each sentenced to 48 years in prison for involvement in child abuse at their Oak Hill daycare centre for preschool children.

Evidence was produced in court that the Kellers had engaged in satanic ritual abuse.

Around the same time, there were convictions in similar cases in California, Massachusetts and Florida.

The convictions in many of those cases have since been overturned.

Frances Keller has now been freed, after spending 20 years in prison for satanic ritual child abuse, as the evidence has been ruled to be faulty

Oak Hill daycare centre

A key witness in the Keller case was three-year-old Christina Chaviers.

On 15 August, 1991, on the way to an appointment with therapist Donna David-Campbell, Christina told her mother, Suzanne Guinne, that she did not like Daniel Keller, because Daniel Keller had "pulled her panties down and spanked her and he pooed and peed on her head."

At this time, Suzanne Guinne and her husband, Rick Chaviers, were involved in a divorce. 

Christina had been seeing Donna David-Campbell for several months because Christina had 'behavior problems'. 

During the therapy session, Christina told her mother and the therapist that Daniel had penetrated her vagina with an ink pen on numerous occasions.

Christina also said that and that Daniel "pee and poops on her and it comes out of his bottom."

Believing the Children: Fran and Danny Keller

A satanic sign.

In the months that followed, Christina related that two other people - a dark-haired woman and a man who looked like country singer Kenny Rogers - had also come to the day care to take part in the abuse. 

Christina said that she'd been poked with needles by the Kellers and that Daniel had dug a hole in the back yard and put her in it. 

She said that the Kellers tortured and killed animals and said that the Kellers had murdered, decapitated, and disemboweled a baby. 
By the end of 1991, two other children began to tell similar stories. 

Vijay Staelin told his mother that Daniel Keller had made him eat poop and drink pee. 

Vijay's father said that he and his wife suspected that Vijay was being drugged by the Kellers. "He'd come home like he had been drugged, with rings around his eyes."

Vijay's mother reported that Vijay said "pee pee on hair" and that Danny did it.

Vijay told his mother that Danny had put a rope around all the children's' necks and said he would "cut off Vijay's head with a knife" if he told "any secrets."
Brendan Nash said that the Kellers had held a gun to his head and forced him to assault his infant sister while they videotaped the abuse.

According to Brendan's mother, Brendan said that there were "secrets at Fran and Danny's house."

Brendan's mother told the television show American Justice in 1993 that the Kellers "had chopping knives, and they tied Brendan's arm down, and told him to lay with his arm out, and to close his eyes, and they made a big chop down with the knife.

"And they told him not to look, that Daniel Keller had chopped off his arm, and that they took out the bone and they put ... Satan's bone in its place." 

Believing the Children: Fran and Danny Keller

Satanism is alleged to be widespread in Sandy Hook.

On 15 August, 1991, Christina was examined at Brackenridge Hospital and the emergency room doctorsaid that he saw signs that her outer genitalia were red and that there was some deformity to her hymen. 

He concluded that the injuries could be consistent with sexual abuse but could not rule out the possibility that there was another cause.

He more recently said that he saw something that night that was not "normal to me," but he might have been wrong. 
In 1992, Doug Perry, confessed to the police that he, and two others, deputy con­stables White and Quintero, had taken part in abusing the children while at the Kellers' house. 

Perry signed a confession, saying he had participated in a "beer and sex party" with the Kellers, White, and Quintero, where the adults took turns abusing Christina and Brendan.

Perry later recanted this confession.

 In court, Brendan spoke to jurors via closed-circuit TV.

He said he'd seen Frances and Daniel abuse Christina and that the couple had taken the children to a "graveyard and dug up this body."

They made Christina carry all the bones that they dug up, he said.
In court, Christina appeared to be very scared.

Christina was asked if Daniel or Frances had ever touched her in a way she did not like.

"No," Christina replied.

Believing the Children: Fran and Danny Keller

Regina Louf mentioned a number of girls that she had witnessed being murdered. (The Belgian X-Files) (Belgium's X-Files - An Olenka Frenkiel Investigation - BBC)

The Kellers and Perry and his two accomplices were found guilty.

According to Christina's therapist Donna David-Campbell, Christina had been "acting out" before she began going to the Keller's Day Care. 

One question might be: was Christina's behaviour the result of actions by her parents, or actions by the Kellers or both?

According to Christina's therapist Donna David-Campbell, Christina was inserting toys into her vagina and she was using the phrase "butt fuck."

Believing the Children: Fran and Danny Keller

Sgt. Larry Oliver

According to police sgt. Larry Oliver, who was involved in the investigation: "We heard from the kids that they'd dug up a body at the cemetery." 

Oliver he took Christina to a small private cemetery just down the road from the Kellers' home

To Oliver it seemed clear that Christina had been there before.

Oliver said that there was at least one grave site there that "looked like" it had been disturbed. 

Oliver said: "I walked around with a video camera; she walked around and said, 'Yes, we'd been here, and we did this.'" 
Teresa Chambers, who had two children in day care at the Kellers' home, told a local newspaper she found no signs that her children had been abused.

Believing the Children: Fran and Danny Keller

Daniel Keller at the day care

In court, Clinical psychologist James Noblitt said that he had reviewed the interviews of the children and found no evidence that anyone was influencing them to make the allegations. 

Because of the level of detail in her allegations, Noblitt testified: "I don't think it is likely that Christina got these ideas from any external source." 

He gave evidence about the "death and rebirth themes" in cult rituals.
In August 1993, nine months after the Kellers were convicted, Brendan Nash's parents, Sean and Sandra, filed civil suits against a number of people responsible for their children being abused:

Frances and Daniel Keller, 

Doug Perry, Raul Quintero and Janise White,

The Kellers' landlord, Julia Dietz, 

Hillside Bar owner Marilyn Cobb, 

The Oak Hill Gymnastics Academy, and a man named John Trigg. 

Brendan had told police these additional people had also abused them. 
According to Brendan's parents:

1. Satanic rituals were held on Dietz's property that "left physical evidence, such as places where fires had been, holes in the ground, animal bones, and dismembered children's toys."

2. Children were taken to the Oak Hill Gymnastics Academy and to the Hillside Bar and were abused there.

3.The children were taken to John Trigg's residence, where the children were "filmed while being abused at this property."

Believing the Children: Fran and Danny Keller

When initially indicted, the Kellers fled from Austin to LasVegas.

Extracts from COMMENTS at Believing the Children: Fran and Danny Keller

1. My son was one of the victims and I was one of the parents that testified in court - Yes, there were parents that testified against the Keller's.

I testified about the unusual behavior I encountered when I showed up early one day to find the doors locked.

I testified about how I know my son was drugged one day when I picked him up and I couldn't wake him for 16 hours.

I have no doubt that the Keller's were guilty.

I knew Christy Chaviers and she was not a "disturbed" child as you described - she was seeing a therapist due to a divorce and concerned Mother.

2. Has anyone noticed that there are NO ARTICLES in the AUSTIN Chronicle that support VICTIMS of CHILD SEX ABUSE?

... This paper should stick to Club listings and sex ads.

Yes ritual abuse is an ancient , world wide problem, the Chronicle is covering it

In 2011"The self-styled high priest of the group, headed a paedophile ring run like a "quasi-religion".


Before the latest arrests 16 people had already been held across the world of whom one - a US Air Force officer - committed suicide.

Police say they believe many of those involved in the ring had sexually abused children themselves and then posted the images on the internet.

Oct. 2009 - A third woman has been charged in connection with an investigation that saw three others, including nursery worker Vanessa George, admit child sex offences.

Tracy Lyons, 39, from Portsmouth, was arrested after a multi-force police inquiry that involved Little Ted Nursery in Plymouth.

Ms Lyons, said to be a mother of eight and heavily pregnant, appeared before magistrates in Portsmouth on Saturday, Hampshire Police said. She was charged with the sexual abuse of a child, taking an indecent image of a child and distributing indecent images of a child.

3. Actually there is research that shows that children's testimony is usually accurate. I am not allowed to print it here, so I will list a few urls on this and related articles for readers to visit.

"a new study proves that their (children's) allegations should be taken seriously.

4. McMartin preschool case:

February 13, 1985

Prosecutors say they intend to present as witnesses 41 former pupils of the school, almost all of whom, physicians testified at the hearing, showed physical evidence of having been sexually abused.

The second of the children to testify at the hearing, a 10-year-old boy who attended the McMartin Preschool almost five years ago, has now been on the witness stand for nine days, including eight days under intense cross examination by defense lawyers who have been trying to find inconsistencies in his story.

So far, often under rapid-fire questioning that might wither some adult witnesses, the child has stuck to his story with only minor contradictions.

Boy, 7, Is Witness in California Child Abuse Case by Robert Lindsey January 23, 1985
Prosecutors have asserted that more than 100 children were abused at the school in the past decade.

5. My children were at this daycare...I hope the Kellers serve every minute of their sentence.Good Job on the story Jordan

6.  Why Cults Terrorize and Kill Children
The Journal of Psychohistory 21 1994

Once I began to familiarize myself with the literature on the subject, I began to see where the well-orchestrated flood of "witch hunt" accusations was originating: from the molesters themselves.

To begin with, the founder of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation had been accused of sexual molestation by her daughter. and major contributors and researchers" affiliated with the group are usually either accused molesters, members of pedophile advocacy groups, or appear in journals such as Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia.

As one False Memory Syndrome Foundation Advisory Board member recently told Paidika, "Pedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love.. With boldness they can say, 'I believe this is in fact part of God's will.'"

In addition, some of authors of false memory hooks also turned out to be pedophile advocates.

For example, one of the most widely cited books claiming that cult abuse reports were mass hysteria is Paul and Shirley Eberle's The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool trial.

Taken quite seriously by reviewers and widely quoted In later magazine articles as authoritative, the book makes such claims as that the over 100 McMartin children who reported they had been abused by a cult were all "brainwashed" and the mothers were all "hysterical" and that it was meaningless that physicians found three-quarters of the children bore physical evidence that corroborated their stories.

What reviewers didn't mention was that the Eberles had been called "the most prolific publishers of child pornography in the United States" by Sgt. Toby Tyler, a San Bernadino deputy sheriff who is a nationally recognized expert on child pornography.

Even when "authorities" and cited to disprove the existence of any physical evidence of cult abuse, these usually end up referring to one man, ...Lanning of the FBI, who says he has "been unable to find one murder of anyone by two or more people following typical satanic ritualistic prescriptions."

What is never mentioned Is that Lanning has done no investigative work on any cult anywhere and ignores all kinds of convictions for cult abuse that are in police and court records, while others who have actually done ritual abuse investigative work for the F.B.I. are ignored by the press.

7. A systematic study of newspaper coverage of accused child molesters - Ross E. Cheit - Child Abuse and Neglect 27 (2003) 607-623 Results:

Most defendants (56.1%) were not mentioned in the newspaper.

Factors associated with a greater chance of coverage include: cases involving first-degree charges, cases with multiple counts,cases involving additional violence or multiple victims, and cases resulting in long prison sentences.

The data indicate that the press exaggerates "stranger danger," while intra-familial cases are underreported.

Newspaper accounts also minimize the extent to which guilty defendants avoid prison.

Conclusions: Generalizing about the nature of child molestation cases in criminal court on the basis of newspaper coverage is inappropriate.

The coverage is less extensive than often claimed, and it is skewed in ways that are typical of the mass media....Conclusions - The findings in this study dispute many popular claims about "media hysteria" over child sexual abuse.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of all those charged with this crime in Rhode Island in 1 year, it is clear that the coverage was generally limited and often nonexistent.

More than half the people charged with child molestation never had their name in the newspaper.

Only a handful of those covered received anything more than a few stories, and much of that in brief "fillers" (under 200 words).

The lack of support for the "hysteria" position is all the more significant because most of the coverage in this study was in 1993.

That is the year that Jenkins (1996) called "the peak of media concern" about pedophile priests. Newsweek had a cover story in 1993 about the so-called "hysteria" about child sexual abuse (Shapiro, 1993).

This study suggests that the hysteria narrative does not have comprehensive empirical support in the real world. Like an urban legend, this narrative is continually told and accepted without appropriate skepticism.

8. False allegations of child sexual abuse by children are rare: Interesting how "skeptics" need to resort to name calling and personal attacks.

Or misrepresenting information like this article.

But it doesn't work.

Those reading these posts will see through these tactics.

How often do children's reports of abuse turn out to be false?

Research has consistently shown that false allegations of child sexual abuse by children are rare. Jones and McGraw examined 576 consecutive referrals of child sexual abuse to the Denver Department of Social Services, and categorized the reports as either reliable or fictitious.

In only 1% of the total cases were children judged to have advanced a fictitious allegation. Jones, D. P. H., and J. M. McGraw: Reliable and Fictitious Accounts of Sexual Abuse to Children. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2, 27-45, 1987.

Research with children whose sexual abuse has been proven has shown that children tend to minimize and deny abuse, not exaggerate or over-report such incidents.


9. Satanism Linked To Scores of U.S. Child Abuse Cases: Satanism Linked To Scores of U.S. Child Abuse Cases Edward W. Lempinen. San Francisco Chronicle 11/5/87 p. A1

Satanism and cult rituals have been linked to scores of child-molestation cases nationwide in the past five years, including dozens in California....

After hearing similar tales over and over from people across the country, many investigators and child abuse experts now have come to believe in the unbelievable....there have been 60 to 70 "solid" cases of ritual sexual abuse in the past few years nationwide.

She and others have heard hundreds of children and adult - people who have never met and who live a continent apart - tell stories that are fundamentally the same. "Independently, the victims are describing incredibly similar circumstances,"

10. There is NO evidence false memories of child abuse can be created: Memory studies of non traumatic memory do not apply to traumatic memory.

Traumatic memories are stored in the brain differently. Loftus' work does NOT show that traumatic memories can be suggested.

Elizabeth Loftus herself has published studies showing evidence of recovered memory.

In a study of 105 women outpatients in a substance abuse clinic 54 % reported a history of childhood sexual abuse. 81% remembered all or part of the abuse. 19% reported they forgot the abuse for a period of time and later the memory returned.

Women who remembered the abuse their whole lives reported a clearer memory, with a more detailed picture. [Psychology of Women Quarterly, 18 (1994) 67-84.]

Loftus has also discussed "motivated forgetting", and has presented the documented study of a college professor who became unable to remember a series of traumas, but after some time was able to recover those memories.

Loftus remarked "after such an enormously stressful experience, many individuals wish to forget... And often their wish is granted." (Loftus, 1980/1988, p. 73)"

11. "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about one in five American children is sexually abused."

"Abusers also keep their victims quiet with threats of harm against the children or their families."
"Research confirms the capacity of the human brain to stop conscious recall of traumatic information.

In war veterans, Holocaust survivors and even crime victims, the brains' ability to protect itself by blocking unwanted memories is well-documented.

These memories can later be validly recalled, and false claims of childhood sexual abuse are exceedingly rare - and are often detectable."

"When victims come forward, institutions usually stonewall, disavow culpability and deny abuse exists under their auspices.

Schools, athletic organizations, religious institutions, scouting and camping groups, and others try to insulate themselves from responsibility for the harmful behavior of people who work for them. And so, victims are betrayed again."


Anonymous said...

Excellent if depressing articlw.

Delighted someone is tackling this "false memory syndrome" stuff.

Richard Dawkins is at the forefront of it. He said in The God Delusion:

We should be aware of the remarkable power of the mind to concoct false memories, especially when abetted by unscrupulous therapists and mercenary lawyers. The psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has shown great courage, in the face of spiteful vested interests, in demonstrating how easy it is for people to concoct memories that are entirely false but which seem, to the victim, every bit as real as true memories. This is so counter-intuitive that juries are easily swayed by sincere but false testimony from witnesses.’

He also said this:

,I look back a few decades to my childhood and see things like caning, like mild paedophilia, and can’t find it in me to condemn it by the same standards as I or anyone would today.”

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, Aang. Please keep highlighting these issues.

Those of us who are aware have to spread the word that these practices are widespread and interface with government projects such as MK Uktra.

Many of our leaders and officials are involved.

I think we have to find some kind of a radically different solution, such as appealing to those involved to come out of the cult, giving them some kind of an amnesty. Not all people who are involved enjoy doing this stuff - it goes against everything natural. For some, especially the young, it must be beyond awful to be embroiled. We need to offer them a safe way to get out.......I think.

Anonymous said...

Your link for the deMause article doesn't work. Here is a better link:

Why Cults Terrorize and Kill Children

This 1992 article may be of interested:

Randy Noblitt's article on the case is at: Fran’s Day Care - Keller Case

Anonymous said...

Austin PD Press release on the Fran Keller case 1992

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