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This former bank chairman was filmed handing over money reportedly to buy cocaine and crystal meth. Stuart Davies, a rent boy and associate of the bank chairman, took the film to a newspaper.

The top people do not necessarily deserve big pay.

1. What about the top people at BOEING, the company that built the DREAMLINER?

Boeing awarded Chief Executive Jim McNerney almost $27.5 million in annual compensation for 2012, a 20% increase from a year earlier.

And Boeing has run into trouble.

In November 2013, Japan Airlines pulled its Dreamliners from two international routes because of worries about ice forming on the planes

July 28 2012: A fan shaft on a Dreamliner failed
December 2012: A Dreamliner was forced to make an emergency landing
January 7 2013: A Dreamliner flight bursts into flames at Boston airport

January 15 2013: A Dreamliner made an emergency landing in Japan after a smoke alarm went off.
June 2 2013: Battery problems reported on a Dreamliner.

June 12 2013: A Dreamliner flight was cancelled after one of the engines failed to start

June 18 2013: A Dreamliner was diverted to Seattle due to an oil-filter problem
June 24 2013: A Dreamliner made an emergency landing in Denver due to a brake problem
July 3 2013: A Dreamliner flight to Chicago was cancelled because the aircraft had problems with the power supply

July 12 2013: A Dreamliner caught fire on the runway at Heathrow
July 18 2013: A Dreamliner had to return to Boston after take-off because of a possible problem with the fuel pumps

Sex scandal forced out Boeing chief

The top people do not necessarily deserve big pay.

2. What about the highly paid people responsible for FUKUSHIMA?

Nuclear power stations are ALWAYS a bad idea in terms of cost and safety.

The Fukushima 'six-reactor' nuclear power station went wrong in March 2011.

Since then, Fukushima has been releasing radioactivity into the air and radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

The Indian government is to make a nuclear cooperation agreement with Japan that will allow Japanese nuclear energy companies to build nuclear power plants in India.

Fukushima | Dissident Voice.

The top people do not necessarily deserve big pay.

3. What about the top people at the UK's CO-OPERATIVE GROUP?

Do the top people waste their money on narcotics and rent boys?

In my local Co-Op supermarket I frequently find that there is no-one manning any of the check-outs; and they have run out of plastic bags; and there are lots of empty shelves.

The Co-Op bank has got into difficulty and has now been taken over by American hedge funds.

The Reverend Paul Flowers was until very recently the chairman of The Co-operative Bank.

He has reportedly been enjoying the company of rent boys and 'sending sex and drug obsessed texts.'

Sex, drugs, blasphemy, depravity, arrogance of the Crystal Methodist.

The Reverend Paul Flowers boasted to his drug dealer that a retired police chief inspector helped him when the notorious West Yorkshire Police came to search his home.

The police, watched over by Flower's friend, the retired police chief inspector, 'found nothing incriminating'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

The top people do not necessarily deserve big pay.

4. The brokerage, Oppenheimer is sometimes called ‘Bunga Bunga Securities’.

The sexism of 'Bunga Bunga' bank boys

Bunga Bunga

The top people do not necessarily need big pay.

5. One of the most efficient companies in the world is Victorinox, which does not pay its bosses giant salaries. 

Vicorinox maintains a 5:1 salary ratio between the highest-paid and average-paid workers.

Research in Australia shows that shares in companies where the chief executive got relatively low pay outperform in the stock market.

High CEO salaries can mean lower profits



Anonymous said...

China’s Sweeping Free Market Reforms. Consolidating the Cheap Labor Economy, Devastating Social Impacts

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wiggins said...

I don't take any notice of these people anymore, they are all going to hell in a handcart - the hottest part - metaphorically speaking.........

Anonymous said...

the Swiss voted 6:4 against the law that managers should not earn more than 12 fold the lowest salary paid in the respective company. I am glad, my compatriots didn't go for the marxist scheme..

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Re Flowers' excessive pay - I have the answer. We would simply subtract one percentage point from his wage for each use of excessive exclamation marks. Thus in no time at all we'd very quickly arrive at his true worth, ie. nothing.

Bloody Hell!!! I'm broke!!! Who do you know who supplies free drugs and rent boys!!!!

Anyway one does take cheer from such an epic fall. Still, it's not quite the pillory is it? It's a shame it was done away with.

best etc. etc.

kenny said...

I've carried Victorinox knives since I was a kid. With the company's relative equality in pay, all the more reason to buy their world class products. The best thing is that no referendum had to be voted on, they made the pay decision based on their own best interests.

Case study: Victorinox

No More Myths said...

Drugs, Money and Child Abuse



The alarmed critics of the Ritalin disaster are now getting support from an entirely different side. The German weekly Der Spiegel quoted in its cover story on 2 February 2012 the US American psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg, born in 1922 as the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, who was the “scientific father of ADHD” and who said at the age of 87, seven months before his death in his last interview: “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease”

Since 1968, however, some 40 years, Leon Eisenberg’s “disease” haunted the diagnostic and statistical manuals, first as “hyperkinetic reaction of childhood”, now called “ADHD”. The use of ADHD medications in Germany rose in only eighteen years from 34 kg (in 1993) to a record of no less than 1760 kg (in 2011) – which is a 51-fold increase in sales! In the United States every tenth boy among ten year-olds already swallows an ADHD medication on a daily basis. With an increasing tendency.

When it comes to the proven repertoire of Edward Bernays, the father of propaganda, to sell the First World War to his people with the help of his uncle’s psychoanalysis and to distort science and the faith in science to increase profits of the industry – what about investigating on whose behalf the “scientific father of ADHD” conducted science? His career was remarkably steep, and his “fictitious disease” led to the best sales increases. And after all, he served in the “Committee for DSM V and ICD XII, American Psychiatric Association” from 2006 to 2009. After all, Leon Eisenberg received “the Ruane Prize for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Research. He has been a leader in child psychiatry for more than 40 years through his work in pharmacological trials, research, teaching, and social policy and for his theories of autism and social medicine”.

And after all, Eisenberg was a member of the “Organizing Committee for Women and Medicine Conference, Bahamas, November 29 – December 3, 2006, Josiah Macy Foundation (2006)”. The Josiah Macy Foundation organized conferences with intelligence agents of the OSS, later CIA, such as Gregory Bateson and Heinz von Foerster during and long after World War II. Have such groups marketed the diagnosis of ADHD in the service of the pharmaceutical market and tailor-made for him with a lot of propaganda and public relations?...

Read the rest:

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