Friday, November 22, 2013


India's top investigative newspaper is called Tehelka.

It was Tehelka which revealed that over 100 American 'Christian' evangelical groups in India were working for the CIA.


Modi, blamed for a massacre in Gujarat in India.

Tehelka is unpopular with supporters of India's Hindu Nationalist BJP party.

The BJP is led by Narendra Modi, who may become India's next Prime Minister.

Modi has been criticised over allegations that one of his key advisers harassed a woman several years ago.

In October 2007, Tehelka reported on the Tehelka Gujarat riots sting :

Several Hindu nationalist leaders were filmed as they explained how they planned a massive massacre of Moslems.


The involvement of Narendra Modi was revealed.

Tehelka's editor-in-chief and proprietor Tarun Tejpal, who is currently facing sex crime allegations.

Now Tehelka is under fire.

Tehelka's editor-in-chief and proprietor Tarun Tejpal is currently facing sex crime allegations.

The police in Goa have charged Tejpal in connection with the alleged rape of a junior colleague in a Goa hotel.

Tejpal says: "I have already unconditionally apologised for my misconduct to the concerned journalist, but I feel impelled to atone further. I am therefore offering to recuse myself from the editorship of Tehelka, and from the Tehelka office, for the next six months."

Tehelka's Tarun Tejpal: Sex scandal batters India's top investigative title


Anonymous said...

Look, Aangirfan.

Down syndrome child. Note on the right - 'Azov Films" - elite pedo rings always target disabled kids. Familiar pattern?

Silvija Germek

CipherTheVoid said...

Hey Aang,

Thank you for the SEX AND THE CIA IN INDIA post.

I certainly hope it's a conspiracy to discredit Tejpal. Lot of effort to silence him.

I was disappointed that you didn't include my comment for:
Nov 22 2013 Friday.

India, Asia

Anon said...

Dear CipherTheVoid,

Sorry about the disappearing comment.

I'll try to find it.

- Aangirfan

CipherTheVoid said...

01 December 2013
Latest on the Tehelka and Tarun Tejpal case.

Tejpal taken into custody by Goa police

India, Asia

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