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The richest countries in the world, in terms of wealth per person, are mainly countries with small populations and a moderate degree of socialism:

Singapore, Norway, Sweden, Denmark...

Scotland already has its own parliament, but it has limited powers.

Scotland, since it got its parliament has been attracting more foreign direct investment than all the other parts of the UK apart from London.

Foreign investment: Catching the Scots | The Economist

Scotland's top politician Alex Salmond says that if Scotland became independent 'next week', it would be the eighth most prosperous country in the world for GDP and have an income £2,000 per head higher than the UK average.

Scottish independence 'could lead to job creation'

The mainstream media tries to tell us that Scotland will have 'a debt problem' if it becomes independent.

An independent Scotland would of course take on a share of UK debt.

It is estimated that if Scotland took on 'a population share of UK public sector net debt', this would be equivalent to 72% of Scottish GDP.

This would be lower than the equivalent UK figure of 77%.

An alternative way to determine Scotland’s share of UK public sector debt could be to base the calculation on an estimate of Scotland's previous contributions to the UK’s public finances.

According to the economists, this would mean that Scotland’s share of UK debt would be 27.6% of Scottish GDP, lower than the population share calculation.

What about the UK's national debt? | Yes Scotland

According to Scotland's Alex Salmond:

"The one-size-fits-all economic policies of successive Westminster (London) governments have failed and are continuing to fail the people of Scotland.

"We perform well at the moment, but we should be doing so much better.

"A simple glance at many other European countries of similar size to Scotland, some without the natural advantages Scotland has, shows that we have lagged behind their growth rates for decades."

Scottish independence 'could lead to job creation'

According to Alex Salmond:

Scottish independence could lead to the creation of lots of new jobs.

According to Alex salmond, an independent Scotland would:

1. Focus on exporting more to countries such as China and Brazil.

2. Cut taxes on businesses.

3. Revive manufacturing.

There would be a revival of Scotland's engineering.

Scotland would copy Germany's Mittelstand model - promoting small firms with fewer than 250 employees.

There would be an expansion of the renewables industries, pharmaceuticals industries, financial services, food and drink, tourism and energy.

Industries would be helped through tax breaks, investment and the easing of red tape.

4. Make full use of its natural resources and huge human talent.


It is England that has the debt problem.

It is England that does not have vast oil wealth.

It is England that goes in for expensive foreign wars.

Vote YES for Scottish independence.


Anonymous said...

Internationalization of the Yuan, Crumble of the Dollar, Crisis of the European Monetary System

walkingintodarkness said...

None of the facts highlighted are remotely possible if an independent Scotland is in the EU (which Salmond wants), not least of which because the EU would force any new joiner of the EU into the Euro. The irony of which is apparently lost on the pro independence campaign. The other superb own goal of the pro movement has been to suggest that those south of the border should have no vote in ending the Union. I don't know a single person in England who wouldn't vote 'yes' for Scottish independence.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

BobFree2Bme said...

Im scottish, years ago an SNP activist.. but not now...

Vote YES - fast track to EU
Vote No - slow track with GB

Independence can only be had IF we get rid of the Crown Construct.. or we'll still be ruled by London..

If you research deeper you will find that Scotland is ALREADY independent and has been since 1320 declaration of Arbroath..

i'm a member here...

I love your blog - youd be a welcome guest on our radio shows if youd like to get in touch?

dognamedblue said...

google chrome tells me that zengardener has infected both my blog pages with malware
as I've never visited his page on this laptop I'm currently borrowing or with google chrome and long ago removed him from my blog list when I had my old laptop I'm wondering if there is some truth in this?

dognamedblue said...

*zengardner & not my spelling

Unknown said...

As an Englishman it always makes me laugh when the Scots go on about "independence".
So they want independence from a corrupt English government to have a chance at being cheated and robbed under a Scottish corrupt government.
They will, in the end. still be under the thumb of a corrupt EU government.

Instead of looking to government to improve your life the best thing to do is to start with yourself and be an "individual" with two-way responsibility to your fellow man (no matter what nationality or colour). Not stupid patriotism and governments.

dognamedblue said...

I'm not suggesting that he is deliberately doing it, but that his page may have been inffected without him knowing it

Anonymous said...

Scottish independence is nothing to do with patriotism OR England. It is to do with Scotland. Simple as that.

Scotland would NOT be forced to join the Euro. Utter nonsense.

An independent Scotland could choose to leave the EU, choose to be a republic, choose to set up her own currency. First she must be independent in order to choose.

Indeed, vote yes and open a world of new possibilities and opportunity for our children.

Anonymous said...

As an englishman and a patriot, i do sincerely support and believe Scotland should be independent, however, i don't believe for one minute that salmond, snp or any other politician is telling the truth (when do they ever?) while they ramble on with the sugared view of Scotland after leaving westminster salmond has already said they would immediately seek membership of the eu so what is the point of a campaign for independance? it would be merely losing one yoke in favour of another far worse, and salmond in my opinion has already sold his countrymen down the river to the british establishment since spending time cozying up to prince charles on weekends away etc. If this campaign was being taken seriously in westminster then the opposition campaign would be much more obvious and fierce which indicates to me that "deals" have already been struck to maintain the monarchy with some influence/control over an "independent" Scotland. Make no mistake alex salmond and the snp have already accepted "the kings shilling' and even after so-called independence the proud nation of Scotland would still be controlled behind the scenes by westminster.!!! Better to form a republican movement now with like minded English patriots and reach that goal together and then secure your independence from an England governed and managed by the people with fairness, decency and laws for all and not the selective kind of pseudo democracy forced upon us all at present. reiverdave

Anonymous said...

Independence for Scotland. End of. The rest will fall in place.


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