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Robert Lanza from North Carolina

Professor Robert Lanza believes that Death is an illusion.

He believes that it is our minds that create space and time.

He believes that Life creates the Universe.

Robert Lanza and Deepak Chopra, in an article entitled Evolution Reigns, but Darwin Outmoded write:

"Darwin's theory of evolution is an enormous over-simplification. 

It's helpful if you want to connect the dots and understand the interrelatedness of life on the planet - and it’s simple enough to teach to children between recess and lunch.

"But it fails to capture the driving force and what’s really going on."

Lanza believes that until you observe the sky as blue and the girl as pretty, everything exists in a state of probability.

But wait a moment.

Some people would say that the sky would exist even if no one was observing it.

Some people would say that our universe existed before people came into existence.

So, some people will not like Lanza's ideas.

Biocentrism Demystified: A Response to Deepak Chopra and Robert Lanza.

Lanza believes that there are many universes.

Lanza explains that everything which can possibly happen is happening at some point across these multiverses.

So, you may think you have died in one universe, but you are still alive in another?

Lanza says that that when we die our life becomes a 'perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse.'

By maria dupovkina

Lanza writes: 'Life is an adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking.

"When we die, we do so not in the random billiard-ball-matrix but in the inescapable-life-matrix.'

Lanza refers to the famous double-slit experiment involving a particle and two slits in a barrier.

When  the scientist is watching, the particle goes through one slit or the other.

But, if the scientist is not watching, the particle acts like a wave and can go through both slits at the same time.

This suggests that the behaviour of the particle is decided by the mind of the scientist.

 Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe.

Summer rain
By Valery Titievsky

Lanza's Answers to Basic Questions:

What created the Big Bang? 

Answer : No ‘dead’ universe ever existed outside of mind (“Nothingness” is a meaningless concept)
Which came first, rocks or life? 

Answer: Time is a form of animal intuition.

What IS this universe? 

Answer: An active life-based process

This is reflected in the seven principles of biocentrism:

1st Principle: What we perceive as reality is a process that involves our consciousness.

2nd Principle: Our external and internal perceptions are inextricably intertwined. They are different sides of the same coin and can’t be divorced from one another.

3rd Principle: The behavior of matter is inextricably linked to the presence of an observer.

4th Principle: Without consciousness, “matter” dwells in an undetermined state of probability.

5th Principle: The structure of the universe is explainable only through biocentrism. It’s fine-tuned for life; life creates the universe, not the other way around.

6th Principle: Time doesn’t have a real existence outside of animal intuition.

7th Principle: Space, like time, isn’t an object or thing that has an independent reality.

Robert Lanza, M.D. – BIOCENTRISM » Religion vs. Science

Lanza on God:

Life and consciousness represents one side of the equation, matter and energy the other.

They can't be divorced; split them and the reality is gone...

How can entangled particles be instantaneously connected on opposite sides of the galaxy as if there's no space or time between them? 

And how can events in the present affect those in the past? 

Recently, scientists sent particles into an apparatus and showed they could retroactively change something that had already happened in the past (Science 2007)

Biocentrism says these phenomena occur because space and time aren't just "out there," but are tools of our mind... 

God, too, lives in action and is a relational concept, both existing and not-existing at the same time. 

Robert Lanza, M.D.: Biocentrism and the Existence of God


Anonymous said...

Those thoughts may be interesting to contemplate, abouth death and consciousness and things we can never know. But there is a concrete reality for example either my taxes and sent to the Vatican for deposit or the US treasury. The article seems more like my slumber state before I was rudely awakened to pedophile rings and 911 after that.
Pink Rabbit

Nixon Scraypes said...

Siontists are controllers,they only want to manipulate matter for their own ends.They observe the particle going though one slit because they have a motive for so doing.The bloke's right,life is everything,it's blatantly obvious unless you have a motive,then it gets complicated and you wriggle around with explanations.Darwin was one of those half dead,self limiting people who want everone to be like them and be their slave to boot.He was an empire man with empirical thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Scientists will say anything to rationalize away God. Their little quantum experiments keep tripping over Another.

Anonymous said...

Biocentrism maybe is a misnomer.

Psychecentrism possibly is a better description.

The idea that the psyche, that consciousness and the mind, have primacy over physical material.

The idea that different worlds are simulable with different physical laws is nothing radical or contentious.

If, for whatever reason, you doubt an entire universe is constructible, that is not even an objection.

God need only experiment with basic laws, determine consequences and then present to our minds a world synthesized on a demand-driven basis. That is, your world may well be "lazily evaluated".

But I expect our clockwork computer view of reality is childish and facile. This reality's laws are probably something more breathtaking even than any Grand Unified Theory that we can imagine. Maybe God watches like a loving parent as we make our first baby steps to the very edges of our reality.

Game developers routinely use exactly this technique of on-demand creation. Sometimes even physics itself is a tunable component.

I'm sure that developers of the likes of Grand Theft Auto, who create their own humble little worlds, so far without sentient characters, when they raise their heads from their screens, must look at the world they emulate and think: "My God, it is miraculous and beautiful."

But of course we are not playthings to God. He has infinitely more interesting and complex things to experiment with if He so wished.

Rather we are created in order to be bestowed a gift. Eternal life. Bestowed out of pure love for us. When we are ready.

And we are ready when we have been tested. Tested even to our very engineering breaking points.

Think of this world as training, as kindergarten.

Moreover if God hated us, or saw us as mere entertainment, there are far more terrifying nightmare worlds we could be thrown into. Ones which you never want to visit.

"I didn't create Frogger, but I came up with the name for it. Can you believe they wanted to call it Highway Crossing Frog?"

(And by the way, "efflorescencing"? Did I really write that? Mistakes really are an insight into the workings of the mind. Either that, or I'll just pretend it's a neologism. Yeah, that's it.)

Nixon Scraypes said...

Hello neologistic efflorescent frogger.Well we know that Jehovah hates us,he told us so.It's useful to consider the world a training ground to keep yourself sharp,remembering that you are the trainer and breaking yourself is not a good idea.Acknowledging a creator is a good way of not getting conceited but if you think it's something completely other than yourself you leave yourself open to manipulation-no good!

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