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Larisa Moskalenko, from the Ukraine, was a Russian Olympic athlete in 1988 and was a special forces soldier.

She has been arrested for being part of an 'international child kidnapping ring'.

On one occasion, 'children from Tunisia were taken through Sicily to Norway by boat'


Larisa, who runs a boat rental firm in Palermo, Sicily

The Italian police have named Luigi Cannistraro, Antonio Barazza and Sebastiano Calabrese as being among seven suspects.

A suspect in Larisa's kidnap gang.

Two Norwegians and a Swede are also being held in Tunisia.

They have been named as Elisabeth Wenche Adresen, Martin Vage and Per Ake Helgesson.

Madeleine McCann: E-fit

According to the Italian website Il Sito Di Palermo, the police were first alerted to a gang when a child was kidnapped from Tunisia in October 2012 and brought to Norway.

A second trafficking operation in November 2012 was reportedly foiled by the police.

The website says the children involved were under the age of five.

The gang reportedly charged tens of thousands of dollars for the kidnappings.

Reportedly the gang used high-speed boats to traffic children.

The alleged plot involved kidnapping children from troubled countries, such as Tunisia, and taking them via Sicily to the rest of Europe.

Police say that kidnapping operations had been planned in Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt and Ukraine.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

The police in Italy say they have dismantled an international ring that conspired to kidnap children involved in custody battles.

But, were other children involved?

(Girl smuggled into Britain to have her 'organs harvested' - Tapestry at the tap)

OR, was the 'gang' trying to rescue children who had been kidnapped?

"Police said the investigation involves a Norwegian firm APB World Group Ltd., which allegedly charged thousands of euros (dollars) to recover children whisked out of countries by a parent who had lost a custody battle.

"Parents desperate to recover a child were turning to ABP World rather than pursue official channels, the police said.

"Martin Waage, the CEO of APB World Group, disputed the police statement.

"'We are not a child trafficking agency. We are a professional child security company,' he said in a telephone interview. 'We never use weapons. There’s a lot of fantasy on the part of the Italian police. We are not wanted by Interpol.'"

Italian police say they've busted kidnapping ring involving children ...

ABP World Group Ltd. |

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet`s story about a successful child recovery operation by ABP World Group

Norwegian Child EXTRACTED from Japanthanks to quick work by ABP World Groupwith assistance from The Japan Children’s Rights Network

News in English Norway: Interview with ABP World Group`s Martin Waage 

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Imagine the reaction in western countries if groups of former military people launched, unarmed but stil comando style kidnapping opperations in european countries, to bring back children to their parents in non western parts of the world.

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