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Genuine or a forgery?

Heinrich Müller was chief of Hitler's Gestapo secret police, he was Adolf Eichmann's commanding officer, he organized the famous "conference of Wannsee" and he was one of the chief architects of the Holocaust.

Müller organized the bloody false flag incidents on the Polish frontier, which "justified" Hitler's invasion of Poland.

In 1949, the post-war German intelligence service reported a sighting of Muller in Czechoslovakia.

Now the mainstream media is claiming that Muller, officially a Catholic, was secretly buried in a Jewish cemetery in Berlin in 1945.

Johannes Tuchel, a historian at the German Resistance Memorial Centre, believes that Muller died in 1945 and was buried in one of East Berlin’s Jewish graveyards.

“Muller did not survive the end of the war,” Mr Tuchel told the German newspaper, Bild. 

“His body was buried in 1945 in a mass grave in the Berlin-Mitte Jewish cemetery. He was wearing a general’s uniform. In the inside left pocket was found his service status and a picture."

Gestapo chief, Heinrich Müller, 'was secretly buried at Jewish cemetery in Berlin' / Nazi Gestapo chief 'buried in Jewish cemetery' / Gestapo chief buried in mass Jewish grave,

Reportedly, Muller worked with Bormann and the Red Orchestra, which supplied Stalin with advance information on German military movements during World War II.

According to Pierre de Villemarest, a former French intelligence officer:

After the war, Müller went to work for Stalin, and organised the East German spy service.

After Stalin's death, Müller moved to South America where he hid in the border area between Argentina and Brazil.

In 1954, Senior Czech intelligence officer Rudolf Barak took Muller back to the Soviet Union.

Untouchable, Who protected Bormann & Gestapo Muller - Aquilion

It had been reported that Mueller, having escaped from Berlin, ended up in Panama.

Nazi Gestapo Chief Captured In Panama . - Google News

The photo above is captioned: "Found in Panama.

"Panama: Heinrich Mueller, accused of being Adolf Hitler's Gestapo Chief, stares into space as he is presented to the press.

"West German diplomats pressed Panama to extradite to Berlin for trial the white-haired man who claims to be an American named Francis William Keith.

"In Berlin, prosecutors said Mrs. Sophie Mueller, 64, identified the peddler of insecticide as her husband."

Fingerprints revealed that Francis William Keith was not Mueller.

Heinrich Mueller

Allegedly, Muller became a top advisor to America's President Truman.

Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor

Allegedly, Mueller wrote a journal.

One critic sees the journal, edited by Gregory Douglas, as being a forgery, like the Hitler Diaries (Gestapo Chief Review)

Another critic agrees that Gregory Douglas apparently has a history of 'fabrication'

Robin Ramsay, editor of Lobster, writes:

"Best known for his three-volume Gestapo Chief: The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Muller, Douglas, a.k.a. Peter Stahl, was exposed by Gitta Sereny (“Spin time for Hitler”, The Observer, 21 April 1996) after trying to plant some fabricated WWII documents on her. 

"The controversial British historian David Irving devotes a considerable chunk of his Website to uncovering Douglas/ Stahl's activities."

Peter Stahl - David Irving's Website

However, Henry Makow Ph.D. believes the journal is most likely authentic and writes:

"In fact, the Gestapo boss escaped to Switzerland...

"In 1948, the CIA recruited him...

"Frank Wisner and James Kronthal recruited him for $50K annual salary...

"Mueller's 200-page Journal edited by Gregory Douglas covering the period March 1949 to Sept 1951 is for sale on Amazon . 

"So is his three-volume CIA Interrogation."

Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor

"According to the Journal, Mueller was soon on a first-name basis with President Harry S. Truman...

"Mueller entertained Truman at home, played Bach, and gave him stolen art and a case of fine whiskey. 

"Truman may be his son's godfather.

Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor

"Mueller came to the US with his Gestapo helpers and soon had Washington bugged. 

"He spied on his CIA superiors and informed Truman that they were tapping his phone. 

"He advised Truman on Soviet intentions during the Korean War based on his contacts with Soviet spies in Washington, (including Kim Philby) and his experience as the Communists' Number One Nemesis.

"He lived under a Swiss identity, had US army bodyguards and employed an assassin who immediately dispatched anyone who raised questions about his real identity. At least a half-dozen people met their maker in this way...

Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor

Gehlen was one of many Nazis who were allowed into the USA. The CIA, Rockefeller and Dulles were reportedly fans of the Nazis.

"Mueller emerges from these journals as surprisingly civilized, urbane and intelligent. An accomplished pianist and chess player, he enjoyed fine art and literature. 

"He was extremely wealthy thanks to gold and art stolen during the war. 

"One of his CIA functions was to fence their stolen art.

"He says people like Alan Dulles, James Angleton and Frank Wisner embezzled millions from 'top secret' projects. 

"For example, they pocketed a million dollar bribe to depose the democratically-elected Iranian Prime Minister Mossedagh. Mueller got a share...

"'I never was a practicing Nazi,' he wrote April 9, 1949, 'but we cannot discuss that because a number of my (CIA) superiors are secret sympathizers and that would not impress them at all...

"He had contempt for his CIA colleagues whom he cuckolded regularly. 

"Many were gay and, in spite of being racist, had Black lovers...

Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor

"The CIA is filled with 'pseudo-intellectuals, drunks and egomaniacs' that have no idea at all what they are doing, he wrote. 'Alan Dulles is one of those well-bred idiots who went to the correct schools and met the right people. If it weren't for that, he would be scrubbing toilets in the YMCA in some small town in New Jersey.'

"The CIA was trying to set national policy and would be responsible for the Beacon of Democracy sliding into Fascism, which he admitted was preferable to Communism..."

Mueller "was surprised to find more anti-Semitism in the top ranks of the US military and CIA than in similar positions in Nazi Germany..." 

Mueller says:

"The Stern Gang tried to assassinate Truman but the team was apprehended and killed.

"The British wanted the US and Russia to destroy each other..." 


Charles Edward Frith said...

Coincidentally I'm blogging the same theme but from a different angle. My research tells me Gehlen spoke Hebrew. A dead language only for Rabbis before Israel was imposed on Palestinians.

Unknown said...

Müller was still in command of the Gestapo from South America well into the 1980s.

The definitive work on the Bormann Organisation is "Martin Borman: Nazi in Exile" by Paul Manning, a WW2 correspondent and colleague of Edward R.Murrow, who strongly encouraged him to write it.

Nazi in Exile was published in 1981, and after Manning's death, his family waived copyright on the text since they felt it was such a vital work.

Manning was researching the book for the better part of a decade and came to be aware that Müller and Bormann had him under surveillance and were tailing him while he conducted his research - they allowed, in fact encouraged his work, but maintained a discreet presence just out of view to ensure he knew that he was being watched and to discourage any attempt to deviate from the plan to chronicle their group and their role in post-War history by attempting to alert the authorities.

Such a move would indeed have been not merely unwise, but futile in the extreme - Manning notes in his text, that despite his shadow, he never felt at all threatened by Bormann's people, and the feeling was more than mutual - his antics seemed to amuse the aging Nazis greatly.

The same cannot be said by the other major interested parties - namely, the West German Federal Government, the State of Israel and to a lesser extent the CIA and Boorman's US business partners, who were all (rightly) terrified of their exposure as a result of Manning's work and did whatever they could to try and obstruct and frustrate his efforts.

I will post the full PDF, but a couple of basic geopolitical home truths it reveals are worth highlighting, here.

Firstly, of Jewish efforts to trace and extradict Nazi War Criminals, there were two strands - the official state efforts conducted by the Mossad, and the private work of Israeli and American Jews and their families carried out under the auspices of the Simon Weisenthal Centre;

Of the Mossad efforts - they scored an early and prestigious win in the early 1950s with the capture, extradition and trial in a Jerusalem Court of Adolf Eichman.

The consequence of this apparently resounding success were so earth shattering that the Israeli State very rapidly swore to itself that it would never allow such a thing to ever occur again under any circumstances, and so far, it never has.

For the Israelis, the Eichmann incident quickly developed from triumph, to disaster, to a nightmare of epic proportions until it constituted an existential threat to the young Republic - Firstly, they learnt, that you can't put fugitive Nazis on public trial in the dock in Tel Aviv for crimes against the Jewish race, since they just like Bank Clerks, not Borris Karloff, and the whole event becomes a complete circus, with the character of a Soviet Showtrial, and everyone becomes hysterical;

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