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Kosovo's Prime Minister HashimThaci and Madeleine Albright 

On 3 November 2013, there were elections in Kosovo.

In the Serb-dominated North of Kosovo, there was a 22 % turnout, and masked attackers stormed three polling stations, releasing tear gas, smashing ballot boxes and stealing the votes.

Kosovo is divided.

There are Serbs in the North of Kosovo who would like to be part of Serbia rather than Kosovo.

James Ker-Lindsay

According to Dr. James Ker-Lindsay, a senior research fellow at the London School of Economics:

"The violence and intimidation represents a very serious failure on the part of the EU and NATO.

"Ultimately, they were meant to be the guarantors of peace and stability. 

"Questions will need to be asked as to why they were unable adequately to protect polling stations and the integrity of the process more generally."

Prime minister says Kosovo elections are a success

Hashim Thaci, Bernard Kouchner, General Mike Jackson, Agim Ceku, General Wesley Clarke

Hashim Thaci is Prime Minister of Kosovo.

Reportedly, Afghan heroin is transported by the US Air Force to Kosovo.

Reportedly, Haçim Thaçi distributes this Afghan heroin in Europe and America.

Reportedly, the profits are used to finance the illegal operations of the CIA. 


The Kosovo Liberation Army has been headed by Hashim Thaci.

Reportedly members of the KLA were trained in terrorist camps run by Osama bin Laden.


Thaci and Blair

"In 1979, the BND (German CIA) sent a team of secret agents to Zagreb.

"Their Mission: to support Franjo Tudjman, a racist who actively promoted ethnic hatred and did all he could toward the break-up of Yugoslavia.

"Germany supported and financed this Croatian Le Pen, and sent him arms before the war...

"By once more breaking Yugoslavia into easily dominated mini-states, Germany sought to control the Balkans... and a strategic route toward the oil and gas of the Middle East and the Caucasus."

Photo from the book “NATO Crimes in Yugoslavia."

In 1990s, the CIA and NATO reportedly used Al Qaeda to break up Yugoslavia.

(Global Research, 8 September 2010, Andrew Gavin Marshall: "The Anglo-American Terror Network") 

Yugoslavia was a friend of Russia and was next door to a lot of oil wealth. 

Moslems arrived in Yugoslavia from Afghanistan and from other Moslem countries. 

Clinton gave the 'green light' to Iran to arm the Yugoslav Moslems. 

Photo from the book “NATO Crimes in Yugoslavia. 

NATO stirred things up in Yugoslavia in order to provoke civil war. 

In 1999 the NATO launched a 78-day bombing campaign in Yugoslavia, which killed 2,000 civilians. 

Kosovo was taken from Serbia. 

NATO backed Hashim Thaci and his 'Kosovo Liberation Army'. 

Thaci's forces are linked to the trade in heroin and body parts, and to al Qaeda.

Victim of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia. 

"NATO repeatedly dropped cluster bombs into marketplaces, hospitals, and other civilian areas." (Cached )
Thaci and Solana


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brian said...

allegiance! "The Israeli American Council recently commissioned the distribution of leaflets to thousands of Jewish Americans asking them where their allegiance would lie in the event of a real crisis between the U.S. and Israel. The leaflet was originally endorsed by representatives of Israel’s foreign ministry. When Netanyahu learned of this endorsement he directed the ministry to disassociate itself from the questionnaire.

I think it’s reasonable to assume he was worried by the prospect of the survey indicating that in the event of a showdown between himself and President Obama, a majority of Jewish Americans would be Americans first and not Israel firsters."

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Latest news is the EU going after several KLA. But why did they wait 14 years?

EU in Kosovo indicts 15 for war crimes

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The former Sophia Scholar here to note off-topic that everyone should be sure to watch Sofia Smallstorm's 92-minute video entitled "Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2,3, 4 and 5 Dimensions" at John Friend's blog: .

It is brilliant in its explanation.

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John Friend is a dot net?


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In 2006 I worked in the oil industry with a Bosnian Serb. I asked him about the war and he explained that Yugoslav had a great industrial and engineering base and was on good terms with the west, the former eastern block and the Arab world. He said it was because of this that the Balkans war was engineered. He told me that there was always a rivalry between Serbs/bosnians a bit like scots/English rivalry. This escalated a bit after the fall of communism but nothing major, then one day mujahadeen from Afghanistan appeared on the scene and it totally kicked off. He had to leave his house and go to Serbia. At this point Serbia started reprisals and the rest is history. So your article backs up what I was told from a man who was there at the time.


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You forgot to mention the mining complex and all the organ trafficking and people trafficking.

Kosovo uses the Euro as legal tender, but is not part of the Eurozone, prints no notes and has no Central Bank.

Euros go into Kosovo (especially from neighbouring Greece and Italy) and never come out again.

It is a money launderer's paradise.

For this reason, it is also the port of entry for both contraband (girls, guns, heroin etc.) traveling East to West from Turkey and the Black Sea and funds travelling West to East.

Kosovo is the back door into the EU for goods, and the back door into the Eurozone ecconomy for dirty money.

And the NATO KFOR peacekeepers from the Italian Army are all run by P2 Officers and are some of the biggest pimps around.

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