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Dr Max Jacobson was a German-Jewish doctor who gave methamphetamine (Speed) mixed with other drugs to several top people, including President John F Kennedy.

Jacobson's patients included Elvis Presley, Nelson Rockefeller, Marilyn Monroe, Judith Exner, Frank Sinatra, Sam Giancana, Judy Garland, Bryan Jones and Andy Williams.

Some of these people are believed to have been victims of CIA mind-control.

Dr Max Jacobson

According to the book: Dr Feelgood, by Richard A. Lertzman and William J. Birnes:

1. Jacobson, who was born in Germany, claimed that his drug concoction was given to the Nazi military, making them more vicious.

Jacobson believed that Adolf Hitler became addicted to his drug.

Dr Morrell (left) who may have used Jacobson's drug formula.

2. Kennedy's roommate at Harvard, Chuck Spalding, introduced Jacobson to Kennedy in 1960.

3. Jacobson became a member of Kennedy's entourage

4. In 1962, at the Carlyle Hotel, President Kennedy "peeled off his clothing and began prancing around his hotel suite."

He then "left the suite and began roaming through the corridors of the Carlyle."

Kennedy was suffering from the effects of methamphetamine.

Kennedy and Krushchev

5. When Kennedy met Krushchev in Vienna, Kennedy performed badly, perhaps due to a drugs overdose.

There then followed the building of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

6. The CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy assassinated because of his 'out-of-control' behaviour.

Of course, if the CIA had wanted, they could have killed off Dr Max Jacobson and sent Kennedy to a proper doctor.

Jacobson was most likely working for the CIA.

Mark Shaw, "who was CIA", was the pilot who flew Jacobson back and forth, from Washington to New York.

And then there is the LSD!

Phillip Graham.
In January 1963, Phillip Graham, the owner of the Washington Post, disclosed to a meeting of newspaper editors that John F. Kennedy was having an affair with Mary Pinchot Meyer.

Phil Graham - Wikipedia

Reportedly sex and LSD were being used by Mary Pinchot Meyer to brainwash J F Kennedy, and get him to support a 'one world government'.

President Lancer and the Honeytrap / Spartacus - Kennedy Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer's former husband, Cord Meyer, was in the CIA and had an interest in CIA brainwashing.

Phillip Graham may have been a victim of CIA brainwashing.

President Lancer and the Honeytrap / Spartacus - Kennedy Meyer

Immediately after he had made his revelations, Graham was sedated, bound in a straitjacket, and flown back to Washington on Air Force One.

He was committed for five days to a psychiatric hospital.

On August 3, 1963, Phillip Graham was shot dead.

In November 1963, J F Kennedy was shot dead.

In October 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer was shot dead.

JohnQuincy: "Ever War: President Lancer and the Honeytrap"

Website for this image

Immediately after Kennedy’s assassination, Mary Pinchot Meyer reportedly telephoned Timothy Leary, her supplier of LSD.

"Highly emotional, she exclaimed to Leary, 'They couldn’t control him anymore. 

"He was changing too fast. 

"They've covered everything up. I gotta come see you. I’m afraid. Be careful.'

Meyer was referring to President Kennedy's behaviour after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Kennedy had fired CIA director Alan Dulles and had promised to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”


Anonymous said...

old story:
jewish Germans Jacobson and Morrell injected highly addictive drugs (speed?) over long periods into powerful rulers. Coincidence or global scheme??
Present times:
here in semi rural Switzerland I am witnessing suddenly a considerable number of colleagues undergoing operation of sinuses. Evidently Google doesn't relate this phenomenon to us of cocaine at all.. Is the western hemisphere possibly a world of massive cocaine consumption?? this apart from all the folks using psychotropic medication...


greencrow said...

As someone who was in my teens when JFK was president, all I can say about these rumours of Kennedy having numerous dalliances and doing drugs etc., etc., is that the man must have had a double. The Kennedy I was aware of was much to busy and NEVER out of the spotlight for his public career. Additionally, he was a devoted family man. He was also a member of a very close extended family that took up a lot of his spare time. When he had the time for these secretive activities I will never know. More likely, the same media cabal that covered up the truth about his assassination have for decades been attempting to "character assassinate" his memory with lies. This is what I believe.


Anonymous said...

The Multi-billion Dollar Laundering of Drug Profits. United Nations Reports Record Afghan Opium Production

Unknown said...

Aang, I'd be interested in seeing a reading list (as in books, or other extended works) on MKULTRA/MONARCH and related programs you'd recommend. I have some things bookmarked and I keep my own reading lists of material to check out in the future, but it's not something I've dug into extensively. So what would a bibliography to bring me up to speed on the publicly available information look like? (Say, no more than 100 books. Will I ever get to any of them? Maybe, maybe not. Limited energies (health) and slow reader.)

Anonymous said...

Judy Garland committed suicide after a life completely destroyed by Parent's greed and Jacobson's cure.

Caveman, not all the people, but a little part uses a great quantity.

A proof lies in the research in urban water: London, Milan and Madrid have top-values. Those values of residues of cocaine will give mathematically a low level per capita... but in reality we have a bunch of addicted users hidden in industrial, amministrative and political offices.

Anonymous said...

T.Leary is a fu*king cia mobster
there's a photo of him in front of a theatre where the title is: LEARY, REINCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST

A cia mob, one of the many who manipulated the peace movement, as the Grateful Dead. Just check those unartistic, ever present gang... They were anticipated in their tours by pushers with so much drug that it was given almost freely. Did I say CIA ??

No More Myths said...

More on JFK over at Kenny's:


JFK, Oswald, Ruby, the CIA and the Mossad

Nixon Scraypes said...

Somewhat off topic,but connected.The famous Jack Ruby photo,he's running forward with a gun and not even Oswald notices him!!! It reminds me of the Woolwich photo of Granny with a shopping basket walking past the blood drenched,machete wielding psycho like he was that nice man in the post office."It's alright love,just making a film,you might see yourself on the tele."

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