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Campaigner Robert Green has alleged that a pedophile ring abused a girl called Hollie Greig and a number of others.

The claim that Hollie Greig had been sexually abused was first reported to Grampian Police in Scotland by Hollie's mother in 2000.

Hollie Greig and her mother.

"One of the children abused, according to Green... was Sylvia Major's daughter Cath. 

"Cath was already an adult, and a successful footballer, by the time her mother made friends with Hollie and Anne Greig.

"'I wasn't a victim of child sex abuse,' the 37-year-old said. 'I was playing half-back for Scotland and travelling the world'...

"Wyn Dragon Smith believes Anne Greig, with whom she was very close in the late 1990s, is a very vulnerable woman...

"I loved her to bits," she said. "I believe she has mental health issues."

One devastating fantasy: the impact of an internet scandal | Herald ...

Robert Green

There is little doubt that Hollie Greig had been abused by someone; Hollie Greig received money from the criminal injuries compensation authority.

However, some people believe that there is a campaign by people with fascist connections to use Holly Greig to undermine the movement for Scottish independence.

The 'CIA-run' Wikileaks may be involved in this plot.

BBC's Junior Master Chef progaramme.

Peter Watson's favourite TV programme is Junior Master Chef.

The Lawyer Inquiry: Peter Watson | Other | The Lawyer

Peter Watson.

The following is from Robert Green's Blog - Hollie Greig Campaign:

"The Scottish people can have little confidence these days in the probity of its single, unaccountable police force.

"That in itself is bad enough, but worse still, the force is effectively operating in the pocket of an unelected lawyer whom few Scots have even heard of, Peter Watson of Levy and McRae, who also represents Mr Salmond.... 

" Even Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is a former Levy and McRae colleague. 

"The firm boasts that it represents all the major broadcasting media in Scotland and that it employs former senior police officers."

Sarah Harrison of 'the CIA's Wikileaks' (left) with Edward Snowden.

sarah harrison of WikiLeaks 7 November 2013


Dear Mr Woods,

We are in receipt of a stream of emails and documented evidence linking First Minister Alex Salmond and other officials with the Hollie Greig child sexual abuse scandal coverup - a travesty of justice that dates back to 2000 and has been systematically covered up by corrupt elements of the Grampian Police, the Crown Office and too at Holyrood Parliament level.

To comply with legal requirements, and as a common courtesy, as Editor of WiliLeaks I invite Mr Salmond to pass comment on these allegation and either deny or admit to the veracity of such prior to our going public with them next week.

No comment will be considered as an admission of culpability.

We await Mr Salmond's - or rather should I say Peter Watson's - response.


Sarah Harrison - WikiLeaks

The 'CIA's Wikileaks' was part of the CIA's Arab Spring.

Master Chef

The following is from: scottishlaw.blogspot.com

"Peter Watson of Levy McRae, back from the Cayman Islands ?

"In an editorial comment in today’s Sunday Herald, further extraordinary details have emerged about the involvement of the well known Glasgow law firm Levy McRae, along with its senior partner Peter Watson and the crisis management media specialists Media House, in attempts to manage media coverage of the scandal surrounding the Glasgow City Council Chief Steven Purcell, who fled the country after resigning by telephone...

"Since Mr Purcell’s departure, speculation has grown ever more fevered, encompassing suggestions of a network of powerful figures working behind the scenes to influence the workings of the city. The suggestion that this so-called network includes leading figures from the media is now threatening to undermine public confidence in the integrity of the Scottish press."



Newspaceman said...

I am lost, I think my last long comment got waylaid too.

Why would the CIA wish Scotland to remain part of the UK ?

Why does Srah Harrison expect a response from Peter Watson rather than Alex Salmond. It gives the impression that previous communications have transpired between the two, and that Watson has replied on Salmonds behalf.

Any idea, as the e mail in this context looks like the first, it does not refer to previous communications.


Anonymous said...

Condemnation without investigation;internet witchunts;slander;libel.All abhorrent in a civilised society.

So too, moreso infact, are the abuse, rape and murder of our most vulnerable citizens - our children and our special needs children in particular. This case is significant on so many levels - 'a fascistic attempt to keep Scotland enslaved' is a new slant indeed.

Didn't see any mention of the suspicious death of Hollie's uncle who allegedly confronted some of her attackers - other family members - or despite much credible evidence of assault not a single arrest had been made in the case that took YEARS to get to the evidence gathering stage i.e acually taking a statement. When one considers that the victim and her mother were then the subject of a search warrant in England - and the mother sectioned whilst a lot of sensitive evidence was seized by Derbyshire police and not returned only highlights the fact that someone is going to an awful lot of trouble to discredit and silence a group of fantasists.

Peace. Justice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anon. Indeed.

And Wyn and Sylvia were only really supported by Mel Ve of Freedom Central.....who is currently having a go at Kevin Annett, who is also exposing SRA.

We wish Hollie and Ann - and Robert - all the best and hope for justice.

Anon said...

Why would the CIA wish Scotland to remain part of the UK?

The CIA has no wish to see the break up of its closest friends, such as Israel and the UK.

Scotland currently provides a base near Glasgow for weapons of mass destruction. Trident is ultimately controlled by the USA.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Aang, thanks for the reply. I think I am finding my way.

Wikileaks (who are CIA) have some sort of documentation which will show Salmond in a bad light, in respect of the Holly Greig matter.

This in turn will effect Salmond and the SNP's popularity and, as such, possibly mean a No vote. Then, Trident will remain here.

Ok, I've got that.

But surely if Salmond is in some way complicit to an alleged cover-up in this alleged matter, then "we" would not want him in his position.

You see where I am coming from ?


Anon said...

"If Salmond is in some way complicit in an alleged cover-up in this alleged matter, then 'we' would not want him in his position."

It may be a no-win situation.

Vote 'NO' and you get Trident and rule by a nasty government in London.

Vote 'YES' and the CIA hits Scotland with some act of terrorism and then sends in the troops to occupy military bases.

OR, vote 'YES' and the CIA blackmails the Scottish government into keeping Trident.

Salmond does not look happy these days. He may know that a proper inquiry into Lockerbie and Hollie Greig could lead to Scotland being treated like Libya.

Anonymous said...

Im Scottish. The Hollie Gregg case has been going on for years. So many high powered individuals have conspired to shut out the voices of those involved. I doubt very much the CIA are involved. I know Robert Green and he is a very honest man
Portsmouth ship yard has lost out to Scotish shipbuilding on the proviso we stay in the UK.
I have no faith in Salmond..Scottish officials are as corrupt as any.
We are also the first country to have a NATO sub office.
I want independence but not with Salmond and his cronies at the helm

Newspaceman said...

Wee bit here re Salmond, independence and leaving the pound. Not sure if it's of any use to you..

Note that Levy McCrae are referenced.

Not sure what to make of it, the comment from Roddy MacDonald seems potentially apt.



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