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Many top people in the USA and Europe appear to be linked to child abuse rings and drugs gangs.

According to his resumeJoris Demmink worked as an official at the Dutch Ministry of Defence from 1971 - 1982.

In 1980, a coup took place in Suriname, a former Dutch colony.

This coup was led by led Desi Bouterse, who is said to be a drugs gangster.

Bouterse, who has been linked to the drugs trade.

Allegedly, the Netherlands was involved in the coup.

A report on the coup disappeared "while in the hands of Jorris Demmink."

According to a former official, Demmink had a sexual relationship with a young member of the Suriname military who was linked to Bouterse. 

In 1994, in Holland, it became clear that police and government officials had been involved in bringing drugs into the country and selling them to the public (The IRT affair).


Jorris Demmink has been linked to the drugs gangster Huseyin Baybasin, who is from Turkey.

Reportedly, Demmink was involved in child abuse in Turkey.

Reportedly, Demmink is keen to prevent Baybasin talking about top peole and criminal activities.

"Baybasin ... said that Turkey had put pressure on the Netherlands to arrest him by threatening to disclose information on Demmink's abuse of minors in Turkey."

Dutch pedophile exposer to stand trial, high-ranking pedophile still free...

In 2007 Baybaşin's lawyer accused Demmink of sexually abusing children.

(911:Joris Demmink scandal – Wikicompany)

Michael Howard (left) 

Michael Howard was the UK home secretary at the time when the Baybasins were allowed into the UK.

The gang's members were allowed to move from Turkey to London, allegedly after their leader, Huseyin Baybasin, agreed to tell Customs investigators what he knew about the involvement of senior Turkish politicians and officials in the international heroin trade.

Michael Howard, the drugs baron and an extraordinary £400,000 bribery claim (Daily Mail 1 November 2008) / Top Politicians; Heroin; An Alleged Bribe

Michel Nihoul was central to the Dutroux child kidnapping and murder affair. Dutroux is believed to have been working for the security services.

In 1996, Marc Dutroux was arrested in Belgium.

Documents in the case pointed at the involvement of Dutch politicians in the Dutroux child abuse scandal.

(Joris Demmink - Wikipedia)

In 1998 Dutch prosecutors in Amsterdam were working on the 'Rolodex case' in which high-ranking people were suspected of being members of a child abuse gang.

(911:Joris Demmink scandal - Wikicompany)

Among the suspects were a former cabinet minister, the personal counsel of Queen Beatrix and two leading criminal prosecutors.


In 1998 Dutch TV broadcast two items about criminals smuggling young children to the Netherlands from Eastern Europe for sexual purposes.

The TV documentary included telephone-taps from the Rolodex-case. 

(911:Joris Demmink scandal – Wikicompany)

Reportedly, in these taps one can hear a very high ranking official from the Ministry of Justice named ‘Joris’ ‘ordering’ some children for the weekend.

In 2002 Joris Demmink was appointed Director General at the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

The child abuse gangs are well documented. But the child abuse gangs work for the security services. So they are well protected.

In 2003 two Dutch magazines reportedly published long and detailed stories about Joris Demmink abusing under-aged prostitutes in a public park in the south of the country (city of Eindhoven).

The police were preparing to make arrests, when the whole operation was shut down.

It was later reported, in the so called 'Runderkamp-papers', that a top official in the Ministry of Justice in the Hague, Joris Demmink, played a role in the affair.

He was suspected of being a member of the child abuse gang.

The child abuse rings 'work for governments'.

"The magazines Panorama and GayKrant decided on a collective independent investigation of Demmink.

"They published articles revealing that Demmink abused children .... in a sex bar in Prague.

"A man named Frank Leenders came forward as a witness and victim.

"He said Demmink had been present during the filming of a porn movie in the Czech Republic where a child died as a result of penetration with a dildo."

Dutch pedophile exposer to stand trial, high-ranking pedophile still free ... /DEMMINK; CHILD ABUSE; NARCOTICS; FORTUYN ... /BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, CROWLEY, SAVILE, DEMMINK

Anonymous comments:

Demmink's chauffeur of course committed suicide recently just before he was due to be interviewed by police.



Anonymous said...

Demmink's chauffeur of course committed suicide recently just before he was due to be interviewed by police.

Another chauffeur dead?!...Just like Jimmy Savile's BBC chauffeur who just died this week...Crazy f*******up world..Thanks Aangirfan for reporting on it!

Anonymous said...

Not so fast. Savile's chauffeur was belatedly reported found dead. No postmortem reported, and no reporoted inquest opened. Go figure.

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