Monday, November 11, 2013


(Apparently, the above quote was not by Voltaire)

You can criticise most things when you appear in the the media.

You can call left wingers 'scroungers' or 'elitist'.

You can call right wingers 'callous' and 'too fond of guns'.

The 'Divide and Rule' strategy is used by the top people to keep themselves in power.

Divide and Conquer, the Sacking of America 

The elite want us to argue about the 20% of details that keep us divided, thus preventing us from acting on the 80% on which we agree.

Divide and Conquer, the Sacking of America

The elite want us to get worked up about liberals, gays, conservatives, blacks, Jews, Moslems "or whatever other silly categories Globalist drones at Tavistock can dream up to divide us from ourselves."

"As long as we are fighting each other, guess what we are not doing?"

“Divide et impera.” Globalist Elite Strategy. | 1600 Watch

"This intentional Tavistock strategy is referred to by Global Elite insiders as inner directional conditioning.

"The strategy is to attack every American all day long with meaningless News Alerts, daily fabricated crisis, outright lies, misstated statistics ... all intended to overwhelm people with sensory and emotional overload; thereby rendering them susceptible to propagandized conditioning.

"This is a simple, but effective strategy for dividing us and overwhelming us at the same time...

"As soon as our attention is garnered, the Globalists offer their typical incrementalized One World Solution...

“Divide et impera.” Globalist Elite Strategy. | 1600 Watch

"One of the most frequently employed Tavistock techniques is to offer two wrong solutions to a manufactured or real issue... 

"The best example of this is U.S. Presidential elections where both the Democrat and Republican candidates are thoroughly study group vetted as good supporters for Globalism...

"The correct answer as much as I hate to say it is - slip between the two Globalist choices and go with A NEW THIRD PARTY that actually represents we the people..."

“Divide et impera.” Globalist Elite Strategy. | 1600 Watch

Of course New Parties don't usually work.

Teddy Roosevelt, who broke up the Rockefeller oil empire, set up a new party.

In the 1912 election, Roosevelt's new party got 27% of the vote, the Republican party got 23% of the vote, and the Democrats, under Wilson, got 42% of the vote.

"We are being conditioned to behave in a predictable manner just as Pavlov’s Dogs."

“Divide et impera.” Globalist Elite Strategy. | 1600 Watch

So, who are we not allowed to criticise?


Anonymous said...

Horst Mahler criticised the power of the jews, he was convicted to 11 years in prison in "free and democratic" Germany

Paul said...

Go to any Murdoch publication, criticize Israel (just politically, not even racially) in the comments section, sit back and watch just how much the people love their jailers.

shirlz007 said...

I can criticise anyone I f*****g like! :D

now we're getting closer to the bastards... I see a rise in Anti-Semitism (especially on VT). You can't criticise Israel or Zionism without being labelled as Anti-Semitic... and my worst fear is the world(the US) will turn on the Jews once again because of a small (but extremely powerful) number of 'Jews'.

As soon as you go after Rothschild, the first thing they bring up is WW2.

You also can't criticise some members of the 'truther' movement! (David Icke, Alex Jones)

You can't criticise Anonymous... the most blatant form of de-individualisation ever! Blatant CIA psy-op, with absolutely no chance of ever achieving anything!
Obviously remaining Anonymous is important in extreme cases concerning journalism... but the whole thing is silly, and creepy... and it can/will lead to bad things being done to innocent people! (gangstalking etc etc)

Charles Edward Frith said...

I criticize everybody. However you'd be interested to know who has 24/7 instant rebuttal on the internet.

It is this which tells me when I'm on to the greatest secrets that need protecting.

Sometimes very obscure issues.

Anonymous said...

as good as ...
as true as ...


yet once again2recognize -denying the obvious- those who have, are, and will come up against it:


Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Just quietly - that quote is not actually one of Voltaire's. It sounds like him of course (you can see why they'd misattribute it) but it was some other fellow doomed to remain obscure.

yours pedantically (and obscurely) etc. etc.

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