Monday, November 04, 2013


Kenyan church.

The CIA has infiltrated most things, including churches.

The attack on the mall in Kenya was an inside-job, involving the security services of more than one nation.

Father XXXX Molesting a Young Kenyan lad

At Mail Online, username42, comments

"So how did they get the handguns they were pictured with at the time?"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

It seems that lots of top class photographers, and members of the American security services, were in the mall when it was attacked.

"This month security camera footage of soldiers appearing to loot goods was uncovered...

"The footage shows the soldiers with plastic shopping bags leaving the Nakumatt supermarket, where prosperous Kenyans could buy anything from TV sets to French cheese, at a time when the Islamist rebels were still holed up inside the mall.

"Support for security services evaporated as shop owners returned to the mall to find their stores ransacked, with many reporting phones, expensive Swiss watches and designer suits stolen. Cash from tills was also missing, traders said."

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