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Spooky Igor Rusanov.

Igor Rusanov, from the Ukraine, made most of the 'child porn'films for Azov-Films.

After university, Rusanov was in the Soviet military studying "covert command and control, secrecy and encrypted communication.

"He graduated with honors and had the highest form ofaccess to state secrets."

In other words, Rusanov was most likely a spy.

Rusanov spent some time in the Soviet Union.

In 1991, the Ukraine became independent.

Ukraine - children's camp.

Rusanov became involved with the promotion of tourism and youth activities in the Ukraine.

Rusanov then seems to have switched allegiance.

Beginning in 2002, he began working in collaboration with the American-influenced Christian Center for Science and Apologetics, which runs camps for children.

The Christian Center for Science and Apologetics may, or may not, be a front for the CIA.

After Communism's collapse: creation in the Crimea

Rusanov became involved in making child porn films, and organising tours for VIPs.

In 2011, he was arrested.

Crimea - and stars of Azov Films.

Sandra Waslov, from Stafford, in Virginia in the USA, was listed as Vice President of 4p5p Inc., the Canadian corporation that owned Azov-Films, FKA, and

According to researcher Silvija Germek, Stafford, in Virginia, is the location of one of the busiest airports for the CIA. 

Sandra Waslov is the mother of Brian Way, AKA Steve, the joint owner of the Azov Films firm.

On September 3, 2012, the U.S. Embassy Office of Defense Cooperation conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony at school #14 in downtown Simferopol, Crimea. The school was recently renovated under a Humanitarian Assistance Program of the U.S. European Command.

The photographer whom Way used in the Crimea region of the Ukraine was Igor Rusanov, AKA Zverozub., from Simferopol.

Several of the boys Rusanov filmed for Azov have testified in court that Rusanov had sex with them.

Allegedly Azov Films may have links to the 'Russian Israeli mafia' which allegedly has links to the CIA and its friends.


Distributed by Azov Films

According to Silvija Germek:

1. The Russian Israeli mafia is run by Jews from Russia, the Ukraine and Lithuania.

Their bases include Russia and parts of the former Soviet Empire such as the Ukraine, Kosovo, Moldova, Ossetia and Poland.

2. Reportedly the Russian Israeli mafia is involved in the child sex trade, including snuff films.

3. Toronto is a major global child porn and child sex slavery hub. 

4. Toronto has always been known as 'Disneyland for pedophiles'. 

Reportedly, child abusers occupy many positions within Toronto's police, political system and academia.

5. The author James Kincaid, who spoke recently in Toronto, has adorned his books with the photography of Sally Mann.

In some of her photos, "the doll-like dreamy facial expressions of her children are reminiscent of programmed mind control."

BOOK REVIEW / 'Child-Loving'.

6. Barney Frank is also one of the star speakers at the University of Toronto.'

Reportedly, the kids of the Franklin Scandal in Omaha 'remembered Barney Frank'. Barny Frank's boyfriend allegedly 'ran a pedo ring serving politicians in the Beltway.'

7. Allegedly, Azov Films, in the past, has been protected by the authorities.

8. Reportedly Azov Films distributed its softcore films through Amazon.

9. There is a suggestion that Azov Films may have exploited survivors of the Beslan school siege.

aangirfan: Beslan and the CIA

10. Many of the Azov Films were made in the Ukraine.
"Senior Ukrainian politicians are facing allegations of child sex abuse at a Black Sea holiday camp...

"Popular among children in Soviet times, the Artek youth summer camp in Ukraine’s picturesque Crimea is still a major holiday destination.

"A woman claims her son and her daughter were sexually abused there...

"She said they were not only sexually assaulted by the camp’s employees, but were also forced to be filmed in pornographic movies. According to witnesses, several politicians were involved in it..."
Kids raped in famous Ukrainian recreation camp? — RT News.

11. There have been arrests in North America.

Synopsis: "Boys love building their muscles. So, when our group of nine-to-eleven-year-old boys hit the gym, they attack the weights with furious enthusiasm. After a good workout, it's time to hit the local sauna for some relaxation."

12. Azov Films were made mainly in the Crimea but also in other countries including the USA, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Spain, Moldova, Poland, Australia, Paraguay, Romania, and Germany.

1 History of the company

2.4 List of all movies

13. It has been noted that Vladik, the main child star in Azov films, makes numerous satanic hand signs.

(Satanism is used by the security services such as the CIA when they carry out mind-control to produce sex slaves for the elite.) 

Reportedly, Azov Films contain the type of symbolism used by the CIA in MK ULTRA brainwashing.

Azov Films sold Baikal Films, Europa Sun and Award Films - all three being originally distributed by Baikal Films.



Anonymous said...

As long as 51% of the people in 'civilized' nations won't understand that many of the alleged charity insitutions hide criminal intents, the struggle will be very difficult.

Anonymous said...

In Ritual Bathhouses of the Jewish Orthodoxy, Children Are Systematically Abused

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Here is a gem which can be turned into a nice article.

In the Azov Films Toronto bust, a pedophile in Toronto from World Vision was caught.

World Vision is another bad CIA charity like my old team AmeriCares but different. World Vision is an evangelical Christian group which cares for children. Their members are notorious pedophiles. Google "World Vision Sihanoukville" - that city behind one of the major pedo hubs which even links to Russian pedophile billionaire Alexander Trofimov who is developing a $300 million compound on Snake Island, SIhanoukville with Cypriot jewish and Russian oligarch money. You will see World Vision claiming to rescue child prostitutes. It is a cover.

World Vision was also deeply involved with Jonestown Guyana (which was an MK Ultra CIA sect). Google "World Vision Jonestown" for more info.

Here is a link by World Vision top man Philip Hunt admitting that one of their operatives was a notorious pedophile in SE Asia and World Vision still keeps him on payroll.


Here is a great chance to link one of the rotten CIA fronts which specializes in Christian rescue of pedo victims....while their own staff include pedophiles and nothing is done about it.

I have not yet figured out their role in Jonestown Guayana. there is a huge story there. This here claims that World Vision is involved with hiring mercs in refugee camps and creating MK assassins. Recruiting killers among young men in refugee camps is indeed a classic CIA recipe I have seen on the ground in the Balkans war also (not sure if World Vision was there, I was with AmeriCares then.).

this is a good time to dig into World Vision (I have not yet run their funding and political ties) and link this group which is both a CIA front and is full of pedophiles as being linked to the Azov Films people. Here is one of the CIA links you have been trying to document in the last piece. I will look for more CIA links.

BTW, there is also a large KGB training facility in Sebastopol in the region where Azov Films was using kids as pedo blackmail and porn purposes. Lots of intel of every stripe is found in the region where Azov Films operated. Hope this helps.

A World Vision add-on to your Azov Films piece would be lovely ;)

Silvija Germek

Anonymous said...

Part 2 – Silvija Germek, Azov Films

See the last note I sent on World Vision involvement. Continued...

Here is more – sorry for duplication of some materials. New stuff in here also.
A World Vision man was arrested in Toronto in the Azov Films bust.

World Vision is another bad CIA front NGO charity. World Vision is an evangelical Christian group which 'cares' for children. They seem to have more pedophiles on board than an old coon dog has ticks.
Here is a link by World Vision top man Philip Hunt admitting that one of their operatives was a notorious pedophile in SE Asia and World Vision still keeps him on payroll.
World Vision has an operation in Ingushetia. Very close to the Azov Sea, Ingushetia is near Dagestan and Chechnya –
Ingushetia is a busy place. There are CIA assassinations and there are CIA and MI5 plots and there are dead Russian diplomats and there is endless intel-manufactured terrorism.

End of part 2 - more coming...

Anonymous said...

Silvija Germek, part 3 Azov Films

I looked up World Vision in Ingushetia and found that they claim to take care of pediatrics, adolescent HIV prevention and they claim to care exclusively for the Chechen refugee population of Ingushetia. This document here is written by Helsinki Committee[/url] which is most definitely one of the main Soros NGOs.
World Vision has been accused globally of recruiting terrorists for CIA in refugee camps - and World Vision takes care of 'youth' of Chechen refugees in Ingushetia which is very worried about the terrorist-prone Chechens per reports. Interestingly, World Vision has been linked to MK Ultra in a number of places, not least of which was their presence at Jonestown Guyana. It looks like we found the terrorism recruiters for CIA in the region.

All this is in the direct corridor of regions where Azov Films made massive amounts of pedo porn.
Sil (WA)
BTW, the Soros link in the last post - the woman discussed by the Soros Helsinki Committee people is Bela Tsugaeva who is also the chief of World Vision in Ingushetia. Nice to see that CIA World Vision gets along so nicely with the Soros people on the ground there.
Sil (WA)
World Vision has been in the region since Chernobyl disaster. They were also in Beslan during the school massacre. All these Beslan coincidences, first the Azov Films pedophiles prey on the Beslan children and now I find CIA-World Vision (who are also full of pedophiles in addition to recruiting terrorists) in Beslan also.

Look who came to visit World Vision in Rwanda:

Sil (WA)
World Vision also set up large refugee camps for Syrians now in Azraq, Jordan - LINK.
So many terrorists to recruit, so many children to 'care' for there. This is what intel NGOs do in refugee camps.

Azraq is also Israel's obsession - site of the Black September in Jordan.
Azraq is also the site of a new UNHCR/Red Crescent hospital - translation: I dealt with UNHCR extensively in the Balkans on the ground - they move refugee populations around on behalf of the UN. Red Crescent was the NGO front gun-runner for the bin Laden people in Bosnia - western intel NGOs were quite connected with them on the ground.

There is also a major Jordanian air base at Azraq - . US military has its United States Air Force's 410th Air Expeditionary Wing at Azraq also...

I apologize for the detour from the Azov Films/Toronto pedo bust topic. When running strategic searches on CIA front World Vision, I found this fun topic in Azraq. Look at the lineup - lots of Syrian refugees (intel harvests both junior terrorists and pedo victims at such camps). World Vision is there as is UNHCR to 'help'. The Jordanian Air Force has a significant base there which is also used by the US military. Another thing - it was Jordanian Air Cargo which is an offshoot of Royal Jordanian Air Force which landed in Zagreb, Croatia in late 2012 and ran 75 Ilyushin cargo planes of weapons from Croatia to Jordan to arm the Syrian rebels with it. The Syrian rebels were armed via Zagreb to bases in Turkey and Jordan via the same Royal Jordanian Air Force which picked up the cargo. The project was funded by Saudi money - [url=
This is a beautiful example how zionists fight their wars - their pedo projects, terrorist recruitment, UN, US mil, Jordanian mil and gun-runners plus terrorists are all in one place, as always... now back to Azov Films.

End of part 3, more coming...

Anonymous said...

Silvija Germek, part 4, Azov Films

Vladik and the other boys all have ‘fanofsven’ written on their bodies in the Azov Films. See this –
Fanofsven also:

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