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In the UK, researchers at University College London asked 15,162 men and women aged 16 to 74 a series of questions about their sex lives.

Their report, now published in The Lancet, shows:

1. Adults are now having sex less frequently than they were ten years ago.

On average, men and women aged 16 to 44 now have sex just three times a month compared to five in the 1990s.
2. Women are now four times more likely to be involved in lesbian sex compared to twenty years ago.

But, only 16% of women admitted to having a Lesbian relationship.

3. 30% of 16-24 year-olds admitted to having had sex before they reached the age of 16.

4. The changes are more marked amongst the highly educated.

One in 10 women have been forced into sex against their will, Lancet study says

One has to wonder - how many of those questioned told the truth?


Anjem Choudary

The Moslem cleric Anjem Choudary is said to be a recruiter of 'Moslem' terrorists.

He is also said to be an agent of MI5.

"As well as downing cider and lager, the cleric is shown playing drinking games with cards, clearly forbidden under his strict Islamic laws, and holding a cannabis joint between his lips before smoking it...

"One former friend said: 'I can't keep a straight face when I see fundamentalist Muslim Anjem Choudary in the papers attacking the British for drinking or having girlfriends.

"'When I knew him, he liked to be called Andy, would often smoke cannabis spliffs all day, and was proud of his ability to down a pint of cider in a couple of seconds.

"'And he was ruthless with girls. When he briefly worked as an English teacher for foreign students in London, he'd pull one of them every few days, sleep with her, then move on to another.

"'If Sharia law was introduced, he would have been whipped and stoned to death many times over.'"

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cac_1379300726#mYEMUtfXwhyJHmQY.99

One could say that all the of leaders of the Moslem militants are employed by MI5, the CIA, Mossad and their friends.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Boston attack carried out by agents of the government?

According to the BBC, innocent UK civilians were murdered by a UK military death squad.

Undercover soldiers killed unarmed civilians - BBC News - 21 November 2013 /
British Army's secret 'terror unit' Military Reaction Force shot dead innocent civilians - Belfast Telegraph‎

Ex-members of the UK's Military Reaction Force (MRF) have told the BBC that they carried out a series of drive-by shootings of civilians.

Sandy Hook attack carried out by agents of the government?

One of the UK soldiers said: "We were not there to act like an Army unit, we were there to act like a terror group."

Three former members of the unit have said that they had posed as road sweepers, dustmen and "meths drinkers" while carrying out their work.

A former MRF soldier has referred to the MRF as a "legalised death squad".

Former members of the MRF have admitted shooting and killing unarmed civilians.

UK government death squad (reconstruction)

In 1972 an innocent man called Patrick McVeigh (44) was murdered by the UK military.

McVeigh's daughter Patricia said: "I'm astonished, astounded, angry, that the forces that were supposed to be protecting us had actually killed my father."

The BBC has identified 10 unarmed civilians shot by the UK military's death squad. 

Gerry Adams GERRY ADAMS OF MI6? 

We should remember that the terrorist gangs in Northern Ireland were secretly run by the UK security services.

Lord Stevens, a former UK police chief, is quoted as saying that only three out of 210 terrorist suspects he arrested in a probe in Northern Ireland were not working for either the police, the security service MI5 or the UK Army.

On 21 December 2011, we learn that the IRA was run by the UK security services.

Half of all the top IRA men 'worked for security services'

CIA hit?

In the USA, in November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they revealed that the CIA had approved the shipment.[98]

It was all about making money from drugs and guns, and discrediting the movement that wanted Northern Ireland to leave the UK.

The intelligence services control the terrorists, the drugs trade and the pedophile rings?

Kevin Fulton, a former British soldier, claimed that he had flown to New York, met FBI and MI5 agents and was given money to buy an infra-red device to be used to set off IRA bombs. 

(Congress probes 'IoS' revelations on IRA link.)

7/7 attacks in London - 'the work of the intelligence services.'

According to one source: "the Real IRA has in the past been exposed as being run by MI5 agents, as was the case in the Omagh bombing, and it appears that the British officials are keen to continue keeping people in fear through this same control mechanism." 

(statism watch - Real IRA plot.)

Former British spy Kevin Fulton reported that "the real reason why the Real IRA murderers who planted the bomb at Omagh, have never been taken to court or their cases investigated - it is because the actual bomber, Sean Hoey, was also working for the RUC (the police)". 

(MI5 and the IRA!)


The UK's General Frank Kitson refers to the 'pseudo gang'. 

(General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism)

The pseudo gang works for the military but pretends to be a bunch of terrorists.

The idea of the 'pseudo gang' is to carry out acts of violence which can then be blamed on the people that the military wants to discredit.

Pseudo gangs have been used in Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, the Philippines, Kenya, Malaya, Northern Ireland, Iraq, New York and many other places.

Reportedly, the white Rhodesians used pseudo gangs to bomb churches (and murder missionaries) and blame the violence on black guerrillas.

Kincora Boys home - a boy brothel 'run by the UK military'.

MI5 is reported to have run Belfast's Kincora Boy's Home as a boy brothel and honey trap.

"Its clientele who preyed for years on vulnerable young boys... included loyalist paramilitary leaders , unionist politicians , judges and public figures .

"MI5... used it as a blackmailers lever."

Friend of Israel Jimmy Savile, near the Kincora Children's home in Belfast in the UK.

Northern Ireland terrorists "have long had links with Zionist gangsters and have received Israeli weapons.

"In at least one incident weapons were exchanged for intelligence material on British missile systems, and loyalists rely on Israeli-'Russian' mafiosi for supplies of ecstasy pills."

Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism / HONEY TRAP; DENIS DONALDSON; KINCORA ...

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Adrian Levy, right, who describe the mastermind of the Mumbai Terrorist attack as a CIA asset.

There is growing evidence that the 'terrorist' attack on Mumbai in 2008 was the work of the security services of India, the USA and others.

The main planner of the Mumbai Attack was the American called David Headley.

David Headley in Mumbai

Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott Clark, British investigative journalists and authors of 'The Siege', remind us of the following:

1. David Headley's wife, Faiza, warned the American Embassy that David Headley was planning a terrorist attack in Mumbai.

She noted the lack of reaction from the embassy and came to the conclusion that David Headley could well be working for the Americans.

Adrian Levy, author of controversial book 'The Siege', speaks to NDTV


2. Headley and the other 'terrorists' in Mumbai had support from important people in Mumbai.

Adrian Levy, author of controversial book 'The Siege', speaks to NDTV

An agent in the Indian intelligence services helped carry out the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008.

'Indian government spy helped in 26/11 attacks'

The agent named "Honey Bee" is referred to in Levy and Scott-Clark's book "The Seige".

For the first 28 hours of the siege, the 4 Taj gunmen were almost completely unhindered.

It took 58 hours to end the siege - evidence that this was an inside job.


3. David Headley was a valued CIA asset.

America sacrificed Mumbai to keep Headley in play


4. Certain Indian intelligence agents accused their US counterparts of protecting Headley.

5. In 2009, certain agents from India's spy service RAW confronted the CIA and accused the US of having some responsibility for the deaths in Mumbai.

Serril Headley and son.

6. David Headley's mother was Serrill Headley, a socialite and adventuress from Maryland.

His father worked for Voice of America (a CIA front).

David Headley worked for America's Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA) which is very close to the CIA.

By 2008, David Headley was married to three women, none of whom knew of the others' existence.

David Headley in various disguises.

The wife in the US grew suspicious after he championed the (CIA's) 9/11 attack, and she reporting him to the authorities.

David Headley's cousin Alex Headley, a soldier in the US Army, considered reporting him.

David Headley's mother Serril informed on him to the FBI.

Serrill Headley, who died ten months before Mumbai, told a friend that her son 'must have worked for the US government' .


This former bank chairman was filmed handing over money reportedly to buy cocaine and crystal meth. Stuart Davies, a rent boy and associate of the bank chairman, took the film to a newspaper.

The top people do not necessarily deserve big pay.

1. What about the top people at BOEING, the company that built the DREAMLINER?

Boeing awarded Chief Executive Jim McNerney almost $27.5 million in annual compensation for 2012, a 20% increase from a year earlier.

And Boeing has run into trouble.

In November 2013, Japan Airlines pulled its Dreamliners from two international routes because of worries about ice forming on the planes

July 28 2012: A fan shaft on a Dreamliner failed
December 2012: A Dreamliner was forced to make an emergency landing
January 7 2013: A Dreamliner flight bursts into flames at Boston airport

January 15 2013: A Dreamliner made an emergency landing in Japan after a smoke alarm went off.
June 2 2013: Battery problems reported on a Dreamliner.

June 12 2013: A Dreamliner flight was cancelled after one of the engines failed to start

June 18 2013: A Dreamliner was diverted to Seattle due to an oil-filter problem
June 24 2013: A Dreamliner made an emergency landing in Denver due to a brake problem
July 3 2013: A Dreamliner flight to Chicago was cancelled because the aircraft had problems with the power supply

July 12 2013: A Dreamliner caught fire on the runway at Heathrow
July 18 2013: A Dreamliner had to return to Boston after take-off because of a possible problem with the fuel pumps


Sex scandal forced out Boeing chief

The top people do not necessarily deserve big pay.

2. What about the highly paid people responsible for FUKUSHIMA?

Nuclear power stations are ALWAYS a bad idea in terms of cost and safety.

The Fukushima 'six-reactor' nuclear power station went wrong in March 2011.

Since then, Fukushima has been releasing radioactivity into the air and radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

The Indian government is to make a nuclear cooperation agreement with Japan that will allow Japanese nuclear energy companies to build nuclear power plants in India.

Fukushima | Dissident Voice.

The top people do not necessarily deserve big pay.

3. What about the top people at the UK's CO-OPERATIVE GROUP?

Do the top people waste their money on narcotics and rent boys?

In my local Co-Op supermarket I frequently find that there is no-one manning any of the check-outs; and they have run out of plastic bags; and there are lots of empty shelves.

The Co-Op bank has got into difficulty and has now been taken over by American hedge funds.

The Reverend Paul Flowers was until very recently the chairman of The Co-operative Bank.

He has reportedly been enjoying the company of rent boys and 'sending sex and drug obsessed texts.'

Sex, drugs, blasphemy, depravity, arrogance of the Crystal Methodist.

The Reverend Paul Flowers boasted to his drug dealer that a retired police chief inspector helped him when the notorious West Yorkshire Police came to search his home.

The police, watched over by Flower's friend, the retired police chief inspector, 'found nothing incriminating'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

The top people do not necessarily deserve big pay.

4. The brokerage, Oppenheimer is sometimes called ‘Bunga Bunga Securities’.

The sexism of 'Bunga Bunga' bank boys

Bunga Bunga

The top people do not necessarily need big pay.

5. One of the most efficient companies in the world is Victorinox, which does not pay its bosses giant salaries. 

Vicorinox maintains a 5:1 salary ratio between the highest-paid and average-paid workers.

Research in Australia shows that shares in companies where the chief executive got relatively low pay outperform in the stock market.

High CEO salaries can mean lower profits


Saturday, November 23, 2013


The MV Seaman Guard Ohio, on which six British former soldiers were arrested, on 12 October 2013.

With elections coming up in India there is a risk that certain western security services might stage a false flag terror attack in India.

The attackers who killed 166 people during the 2008 attacks on Mumbai reportedly arrived by sea.

Six British former soldiers have been taken into custody in Chennai in India.

The ex-soldiers were arrested on board MV Seaman Guard Ohio.

The MV Seaman Guard Ohio  was intercepted 10 nautical miles off the coast of India, after two alerts from intelligence agencies.


Former Parachute Regiment member Billy Irving, 33, has been detained

The Indian authorities claim that MV Seaman Guard Ohio was carrying a huge cache of illegal weapons. 

Girlfriend appeals for help as boyfriend faces Christmas in Indian jail after being arrested for gun crimes

The British former soldiers were aboard the MV Seaman Guard Ohio, within Indian waters, when they were detained on 12 October 2013.

The ship is operated by AdvanFort an American firm specialising in 'security' and 'intelligence operations'.

AdvanFort has on its advisory board Charles Dragonette, a retired Analyst at the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence,

The planner of the Mumbai Attack, David Headley, claimed that he worked for the CIA.

According to a website that tracks marine traffic, the last known port of call for Seaman Guard Ohio was Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.


The ship's captain told investigators that the guards were providing armed escorts to merchant vessels in the pirate-infested waters of the Indian Ocean.


Mick Dunn, 27, who served in The Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland has been detained

Reportedly, the 10 crew and 25 'soldiers' 'have not been able to explain why they entered Indian waters or why they do not have the necessary documentation required to carry weapons.'

US ship with armed guards detained at Tuticorin; no papers ....

The crew and 'soldiers' include Britons, Indians, Ukrainians and Estonians.

In June 2013, four Britons sailing a converted warship were arrested off Senegal.

The Senegalese authorities said the four - all ex-UK servicemen - were detained on suspicion of 'illegal activity'.

Headley Saga.

The American company AdvanFort has been involved in at least one prior felony relating to the possession of weapons without permits.

According to a document from the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia, the AdvanFort Company previously pled guilty to 'Aiding and Abetting the Making of a False Statement During the Acquisition of Firearms.'

Armed ship in India had prior brushes with law

Earlier, reports noted that the MV Seaman Guard Ohio was principally operating around Galle in Sri Lanka.


Swiss GDP consists mostly of  medium-sized companies which do not pay huge salaries to their bosses.

On 24 November 2013, Switzerland holds a referendum on reforms that would make it illegal for Swiss companies to give bosses more than 12 times the wage of their lowest earning workers.

In 1998, the top salaries at the largest Swiss companies stood at 14 times those of the lowest-paid workers.

By 2011, the top salaries at the largest Swiss companies stood at 93 times those of the lowest-paid workers.

When big companies are run by greedy pigs, trouble follows.

It is the companies paying giant salaries, such as Credit Suisse and UBS, which have been 'badly managed' and which have got Switzerland into trouble.

By 2003, the Swiss economy was under some stress and there were a number of bankruptcies and "massive layoffs and dismissals."

Among the reasons for this were:

1. The Global economic crisis, partly caused by 'the greedy pigs' grabbing more than their fare share of the world's wealth.

2. The ordinary Swiss family getting less than their fair share of the cake and feeling that they had less money to spend.

Peter Brabeck, chairman of the Swiss firm NestlĂ©, earns 12 times more than the chairman of the Anglo-Dutch firm Unilever. 

In 2011, Switzerland had the world's highest average wealth per adult, at USD 540,000.

However, wealth in Switzerland is now distributed very unequally.

Urs Rohner, the chairman of Credit Suisse earns more than the chairmen of Barclays, BNP, Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland combined.

In The Financial Times, James Breiding writes that Switzerland has been the most competitive country in the world due to having "strong industry and weak government, with low levels of regulation."

(In 2003 Switzerland's real GDP contracted by 0.2%.)

James Breiding is the author of ‘Swiss Made: The Untold Story Behind Switzerland’s Success’.

Switzerland has attracted multinationals, including Google, consumer goods company Procter and Gamble, commodities traders such as Cargill, Glencore and Louis Dreyfus, and hedge funds such as Brevan Howard.

However, these companies do not necessarily employ large numbers of Swiss citizens, and do not necessarily pay much in tax.

These multinationals do not necessarily do much to enrich the average Swiss citizen. 

If chief executives' pay is capped at about $500,000 per year, Switzerland might get rid of some of the greedier hedge fund managers and bank executives.

It is the companies paying giant salaries, such as Credit Suisse and UBS, which have been 'badly managed' have got Switzerland into trouble.

Some of the top executives in Switzerland would appear to very greedy.

Peter Brabeck, chairman of the Swiss firm NestlĂ©, earns 12 times more than the chairman of the Anglo-Dutch firm Unilever. 

Walter Kielholz, chairman of reinsurer Swiss Re, earns 10 times the salary of Germany's Munich Re.

Urs Rohner, the chairman of Credit Suisse earns more than the chairmen of Barclays, BNP, Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland combined.


Swiss GDP consists mostly of  medium-sized companies which do not pay huge salaries to their bosses.

If one or two hedge funds were to leave Switzerland, it would not be the end of the world.

Swiss GDP consists mostly of  medium-sized companies which do not pay huge salaries to their bosses.

These medium-sized companies are world-class.

It is the companies paying giant salaries, such as Credit Suisse and UBS, which have been 'badly managed' and which have got Switzerland into trouble.

Friday, November 22, 2013


'ITALIAN FASCIST' POPE FRANCIS and his friend Rabbi Abraham.

Rabbi Abraham Skorka is a friend of Pope Francis.

Skorka is from Buenos Aires in Argentina.

When Francis was archbishop of Buenos Aires, Francis and Skorka co-wrote a book on Judaism and Roman Catholicism.

'ITALIAN FASCIST' POPE FRANCIS (right), who has a PR man from Opus Dei.

Skorka says of Francis: "His commitment with the Jewish people is total."

Francis grew up with Jewish friends.

"He was a regular in shul (synagogue)," says Rabbi Noam Marans, director of interreligious relations for the American Jewish Committee, in New York.

Rabbi Skorka hopes to accompany Francis if he goes to Israel in 2014.

A Rabbi Whose Good Friend Became The Pope

Greg Burke of Opus Dei.

The Pope's public relations man, Greg Burke, belongs to the 'fascist' Opus Dei organisation.

Many members of the CIA are in Opus Dei, which some people think is a mind-control cult.

Burke, from Missouri, used to work for Fox News.

Burke is the PR genius behind the recent photos of Francis hugging the handicapped.

Archbishop Marcinkus, who joined the priesthood in Chicago, where he was born to Lithuanian immigrants. He was a key figure in the 2.4 billion US dollars that were reportedly stolen from the Vatican Bank by the CIA-linked P2.

The Vatican needs improved public relations.

2.4 billion US dollars were reportedly embezzled from the Vatican Bank.

The masterminds of this bank crime were reportedly members of Italy's P2 masonic society.

Barbara Honnegar, author of 'October Surprise' believes that both Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger were key members of P2.

P2 was reportedly a fascist movement with links to the mafia.

http://www.puritans.net/ingodsname / http://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com

John Paul II

After John Paul I's death:

1) Karol Wojtlya, allegedly the CIA's candidate, was elected as John Paul II.

2) John Paul II reportedly "sat" on the banking scandal.

3) Ronald Reagan allegedly bailed out the Vatican Bank with $300 million of "discretionary CIA funds."

4) Church canon law was changed in 1982 so that membership in the Freemasons was no longer grounds for excommunication from the Church of Rome.


There was no autopsy performed on John Paul I.

Reportedly, many members of "P2", the secret Masonic society, carry with them a fatal dose of digitalis - on the advice of the society's founder, Licio Gelli.


In 1982, P2 member Roberto Calvi was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London, shortly before 1 billion dollars was found to be missing from the Vatican-owned Banco Ambrosiano.

Some think the Mafia murdered him.

Others think that Gelli, the Grand Master of P2, had him murdered.

Others think that the secret society so highly thought of by John Paul II - Opus Dei, did it.

Many of the CIA are reportedly members of Opus Dei.

From Barbara Honegger's 'October Surprise':

When the Italian police raided (P2 Lodge founder) Gelli's homein March 1981, it was Michael Ledeen who, at the instigation of Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger, offered to buy the list of 953 P2 members in an apparent attempt to keep it from becoming public.

Henry Kissinger had reportedly sent Ledeen to Italy to try to squash an investigation into his and Haig's involvement in the founding of P2.


15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi disappeared in Rome.

According to a phone caller to a TV program: ''To find the solution to the case, go and see who's buried in the crypt of the basilica of Sant'Apollinare.''


The caller implied that Emanuela had been kidnapped as a favour to Cardinal Ugo Poletti. 

The motive was said to be sexual.

De Pedis allegedly supplied teens to cardinals for sex.

De Pedis.

Mob boss, Enrico De Pedis was buried in a diamond-encrusted tomb in the central Roman Basilica of Sant’Apollinare, beside the Opus Dei University of the Holy Cross.

On 14 May 2012, police forensic experts exhumed the tomb.

They found hundreds of bones in an ossuary nearby in the crypt.

Some people believe that the Mob boss de Pedis was the son of Cardinal Poletti, the Vicar of Rome, who was very close to former Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti.

De Pedis reportedly was involved in the CIA's Operation Gladio, which carried out acts of terrorism in Italy.

In Italy, the P2 masonic lodge linked up all the 'bad guys' belonging to the Deep State.

The Deep State "is a parallel secret government, organized by the intelligence and security apparatus, financed by drugs, and engaging in illicit violence, to protect the status and interests of the military..."


In March 1981, the Italian police found a list of the 962 members of P2, which contained the names of:

3 government ministers and 43 members of parliament,

43 generals and 8 admirals,

Secret service chiefs and police commanders

Top bureaucrats and diplomats, industrialists, financiers, journalists and TV personalities.


Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky wrote that Licio Gelli, P2's Grand Master, was allied to Mossad and involved in Operation Gladio.

The CIA-NATO's Operation Gladio carried out acts of terrorism such as the 1980 Bologna Bombing.

Top people who allegedly had contact with P-2 include:

Henry Kissinger,

Edmond de Rothschild, and

David Rockefell
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