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If Texas became 'independent' it could still be run by members of the same 'mafia' which controls Washington and London and Tel Aviv.

If Scotland becomes 'independent' it may be run by that same 'mafia'.

That 'mafia' involves child abuse rings, the narcotics trade, freemasonry, Zionism and support of the feudal system.

Scotland has always had its shady people. 

James VI and I

On 19 June 1566, at Edinburgh Castle, a baby was born.

This baby was set to become King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England.

However, this baby reportedly died at birth and was replaced by a child of the Earl of Mar.

A later Earl of Mar

James VI was fostered at Stirling Castle by the Earl and Countess of Mar.

Much later, the remains of a baby skeleton were found within the walls of Edinburgh Castle.

As a writer in the Times of Malta points out:

The Lockerbie Bomb perpetrators still roam free 

"A flawed legal process based on a misguided investigation ... has left the reputation of the Scottish criminal justice system in tatters."

A very large number of the top people in Scotland appear to be part of the 'mafia'.

Thomas Hamilton is reported to have carried out the Dunblane Massacre.

Scottish politicians, judges and other top people were reportedly involved in a pedophile ring which took boys from a school in Dunblane.

Savile isn't the only child abuser being covered up by the system. Thomas Hamilton.

Alex Salmond, leader of the SNP

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is currently losing support.

The SNP has been tainted by its support for NATO, its apparent cover-up of Lockerbie, and its apparent cover-up on Hollie Greig.

Labour creates its own Govan moment by winning council by-election

Labour wins Dunfermline by-election - Yorkshire Evening Post

HOWEVER, Scotland and Texas will be better off if independent, just as Singapore, Finland and Ireland became better off when independent.

Small countries tend to do less damage than large countries.

Anaconda said...

"Remember, the elite want to balkanize countries..."

We agree that they want to balkanise certain countries.

BUT, the mainstream media and the US government are vehemently opposed to the break up of the United Kingdom.



Anonymous said...

Alex Solomond deserves much closer scrutiny. He's totally on board with every NWO programme going. Check out Smart Cities (Agenda-21), and GIRFEC - a state appointed guardian and psychological assessment for every child.

Anonymous said...

So again Aangirfan, is Scotland is run by a mafia then why push for independence?

Do you think that it'll be better off independent, on average, even if it is still run by bastards?

Surely it would be even more open to manipulation by foreign powers?

Of course, I'm not saying that there's anything good about the UK government!

Anon said...

Yes, Scotland and Texas will be better off if independent, just as Singapore, Finland and Ireland became better off when independent.

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

Baby James' (The Bible reviser and promoter to the masses) date of birth seems apt, 19/6/66.

I wish I shared the optimism of Aangirfan (no offence), but somehow I feel it will just be more of the same - and let's face it, things are getting harsh.

Just look at Grangemouth this week and the future impact of that malarky on working terms, conditions and pensions. One wonders if it was all staged, especially given the Labour Party/ Unite/ Eric Joyce angle - given Joyce's affiliation to the Fabian Society.

I definately agree with the first comment too, Salmond is working to an occult agenda, no doubt.


RKurdt said...

Are you ridiculed for being a conspiracy theorist? Read this:

Anaconda said...

Remember, the elite want to balkanize countries, so that each in turn can be dominated and controlled.

The elite balkanized Yugoslavia and have attempted to balkanize Syria. Libya has been, de facto, balkanized by rival warlords.

The elite openly talked (U. S. Senator Joe Biden) of breaking up Iraq into three states.

Aangirfan, your examples were colonial possessions, two were long-standing nation-states (Ireland and Finland) and Singapore was built up by the British, but the majority were always Asians.

Ultimately, it is the big nation-states which have the best shot at stopping the elite from their world governance schemes.

The Iceland banking story is a solid nod to what a smaller state can do to stop corruption, but smaller states are threatened by concerted action by the elite.

(Iceland was mostly ignored due to it's size and remoteness.)

See Russia as a large nation-state and what it can do to thwart elite schemes.

Yes, the United States is currently in the grip of one world governance elites (international banking and so-called "free trade" are the twin pillars of one world governance schemes), but both international banking, through the FED, and "free trade" pacts are coming under increasing scrutiny.

Yes, the large states have militaries that can be manipulated for elite gains, but again, see Syria as an example of The People rising up and stopping elite schemes, even if most people didn't fully appreciate what the elite was doing in Syria.

Of course, the Likud Party in Israel clearly wants to balkanize all the countries around them.

Aangirfan, think about it: Are balkanized countries the pathway to stopping the one world governance elite?

Why do the elite promote balkanization?

There maybe exceptions, but, in my opinion, balkanization plays right into the hands of the elite.

What the elite fear is a large country where the people unite and openly rises up against their control.

Russia is that country, now.

Can the United States be that country in the future?

Tony Ryals said...

Good title,it's been what I've been thinking and trying to get at for a long time.
Note also the NY Times leads in censorship of Israel's role in NSA spying on France Germany, least the dailymail has broached the subject.But generally the msm is always reading from the same censored page when it comes to 9/11 or the London subway bombings, etc.
So I was surprised the daily mail even mentioned that France may have been spyed on by Israel as much or more so than by 'Americans'.NSA is an Israeli front or City of London front as far as I can tell.What is probably most serious is all the data gathered on everyone's financial transactions that can be used for finncial warfare and economic sabotage.
I was one of the first to be screaming several years ago about W Bush Treasury Secretary John Snow and the CIA spying on SWIFT in Belgium using the usual excuse of 'looking for terrorists.'John Snow then resigned as T Secretary to join Stephen Feinberg's Cerberus hedge fund with Dan Quayle, and by Leumi Bank of Austria infamous for money laundring with U.S.penny stocks and its Martin Schlaff connections.They even owned 10% of Leumi Bank of Israel for a while.

Anon said...

Anaconda said...

"Remember, the elite want to balkanize countries..."

We agree that they want to balkanise certain countries.

BUT, the mainstream media and the US government are vehemently opposed to the break up of the United Kingdom.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

You dont have to post this aangirfan... just wanted to let you know there is an update in the JonBenet case: Of course you know and remember there was a snuff film element to this case, I believe might have the specs on that, 10 to 1 you have it too in your older blogs I'll go and look.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you are not suggesting Labour winning a by-election in Dunfermline is somehow evidence of the SNP losing support.

Dunfermline/Fife is Labour country. It is remarkable at all that the SNP were able to take it last time.

Just look at the latest Ipsos/Mori satisfaction survey for the Scottish Govt (SNP). Satisfaction has INCREASED since February (the last survey).

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