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Kate and Gerry McCann are up against the world's most powerful child abuse mafia.

They appear to know this.

Various top people have been attracted to the Algarve - European royal families, Cliff Richard, Tony Blair, David Cameron, the Beckhams, Jose manuel Barroso, Ronaldo, José Mourinho, Hugh Grant, Colin Montgomery, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg...

Before the Madeleine McCann story broke, the McCanns were not important people.

If there had been no involvement by any high powered pedophile ring, then the Madeleine story would have had had little impact.

But, MI5 and a whole host of other agencies were observed taking an interest in the case.

(Kate and Gerry McCann: Beyond the smears)

The McCanns appear to know that they are up against very powerful people.

What about the SNIFFER DOGS reported to have sniffed something in the Mccann's flat?

In the Shannon Matthews case a cadaver dog sniffed death.

Shannon was later found alive.

The dog was smelling cadaver odour from a piece of second hand furniture.

No forensic evidence has ever been found to support the idea that Madeleine is dead.

Full details here: Why the cadaver dogs are not...

The McCanns did not change their story.

Right from the start, in official statements to the Policia Judiciaria (PJ), they said the patio doors were closed but weren't locked.

Rebuttal "50 facts"

Brigitte Zypries spoke the truth. 

The very powerful people behind the kidnapping of Madeleine have waged a campaign to convince the more naive members of the public that no high-powered pedophile ring is involved.

However, the less gullible people have known exactly what has been going on and have spoken out.

The German Justice Minister, Brigitte Zypries, said, at a meeting of G8 justice ministers, that it should be assumed that Madeleine had been abducted by a gang that passes on children to be abused.[31]

The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux's house, in 1996, "unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies."

From The Daily mail:

"As well as growing fears that Madeleine was abducted by a paedophile ring, they (the parents) can have little hope of justice when leading Portuguese figures are allegedly involved in covering-up their own child sex scandal.

"Both cases -Casa Pia and McCann - the two highest profile criminal investigations in the country since the end of the Portuguese military dictatorship in 1974 - have been riven by allegations of compromised police officers, high-level interference and vicious, virulent attacks on key witnesses."

Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth ...

Clarence Mitchell quit his job as director of the UK Governments Central Office of Information's media monitoring unit to become the McCanns full time Public Relations man.

Nanny Charlotte Pennington says that Kate McCann did scream: "They've taken her, they've taken her!"


This could suggest that Kate and Gerry knew about the high powered pedophile rings that supply children to the various top people that have been attracted to the Algarve.

But they had assumed that these rings would not touch the children of middle class English tourists.

David James Smith, in The Sunday Times (UK), 16 December 2007, (Kate and Gerry McCann: Beyond the smears) wrote about the Madeleine McCann case:

"I heard that a PJ officer had been surprised to find a member of MI5 at a UK meeting about the case, and this made him suspicious that shadowy forces could be at work.

"The Sol journalist Felicia Cabrita mentioned the 'mysterious Clarence' - Clarence Mitchell, the former government PR officer turned McCann spokesman - and I was told there was suspicion too about another government official, Sheree Dodd, who had acted as a PR officer for the McCanns briefly in the early days..."

Paul Bonacci told attorney John DeCamp that he had been abducted into a sex ring, and was forced to participate in the kidnapping of JohnnyGosch.

Madeleine McCann is Britain's Johhny Gosch.

Kidnapped by the Dutroux gang.

Documents released by the Portuguese police include (50 new leads ):

1. Repeated sightings of a girl who looked like Madeleine in Ghent, Kortrijk and Bruges in Belgium in November 2008.

2. Photographs from the internet discovered by a French detective showing images of sexual abuse which involved a girl looking like Madeleine.

'Madeleine' in Belgium.

Dutroux victim Regina Louf lived in Ghent in Belgium.

(Regina's story)

In 1995 the Dutroux gang attempted to kidnap a girl in Kortrijk in Belgium.

(Dutroux en Nihoul.)

Michel Nihoul, the key figure in the Dutroux affair, has been linked to this incident.

Bruges, in Belgium, is also linked to the Dutroux affair.

(Zandvoort network! )

In March 2008, intelligence received by the UK Police suggested there was an organised child abduction ring from Belgium which had Madeleine stolen to order.

(Madeleine McCann: Numerous sightings in Belgium - Telegraph)

In Belgium there have been over 100 witness reports linked to Madeleine through a hotline for missing children.

A child therapist said she was "100 per cent sure" she saw Madeleine at a restaurant in the Belgian town of Tongeren, on July 28 2007. 

(Volvo in Belgian Madeleine 'sighting' had fake plates, say police ...)

Belgian Nazi

The Metropolitan Police intelligence unit, in an e-mail, stated: 'Intelligence suggests that a paedophile ring in Belgium made an order for a young girl three days before Madeleine McCann was taken.

(British police feared Madeleine was 'stolen to order' by Belgian paedophile ring. Paedophile ring snatched Madeleine McCann, Scotland Yard fears ... )

'Somebody connected to this group saw Madeleine and took a photograph of her. The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable and Madeleine was taken.'

The Metropolitan (London) police had been tipped off by an anonymous source.

On 5 March, 2008, the UK police email was sent by John Shord of the Met’s CO14 vice intelligence unit, to police in the McCanns' home county of Leicestershire.

On 21 April, John Hughes of Leicestershire Police then apparently sent the e-mail to Portugal.

That means a six-week delay.

On 28 April, Insp Ricardo Paiva sent the e-mail to Lisbon Interpol.

On 23 May, Interpol replied.

In other words, the top police were apparently trying to frustrate the inquiry.

Child abuser Savile and his friends in the police.

On 3 May, 2007, Madeleine was kidnapped

On 4 May Jean-Michel Nihoul was released from jail.(Cached )

On 31 May, the Bilderberg meetings began near Istanbul.

(List of delegates at Bilderberg 2007, Istanbul, Turkey (May 31 ...)

Bohemian Grove 

There are links to the USA

"The American case involved CIA-Col. Oliver North initiated drugs-for money-for weapons operation, and also the Franklin Credit Bank of Omaha, Nebraska, run by Larry King, a powerful African-American Republican Party operator, whose savings and loan institution was used to launder funds for Oliver North's Contras.

"When former Nebraska state senator John De Camp undertook a probe of King's activities , he uncovered a nationwide pedophile ring, servicing some of the wealthiest and most powerful figures in the Omaha business and political elites in the Republican Party circles of George Herbert Walker Bush

(see 'The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska,' by John W. De Camp).

Who are the kidnappers?

"In 'Beyond the Dutroux Affair', it was described how a cabal of highest level players, including judges, lawyers, top bankers, prime ministers and aristocrats were involved in child abuse and snuff networks (going right up to Bilderberg and the Nazi Stay-Behind networks).

"It was also described how this cabal could place their own investigators in leading positions of the child abuse investigations and dismantle it by blocking important inquiries, putting detectives on false leads, and making carefully planned leaks to friendly newspapers."

( Cached)

(1) Zev Barkan (2) Madeleine suspect 

Reportedly, Zev Barkan aka Bruckenstein was at one time a Mossad agent in Brussels.

Reportedly, Barkan got Bernard Weinstein involved withMarc Dutroux's organisation, so that blackmail could be applied to Dutroux's customers.

Dutroux was at the centre of an international child abuse and murder ring.


Reportedly, Mossad operative Zev Barkan and his accomplices ran a studio making snuff and porno movies in the Mekong River town of Pen Yauin in Cambodia. 



Michel Nihoul was the person who allegedly organised orgies in a Belgian chateau.

These Orgies allegedly were attended by a former European commissioner, judges, senior politicians, lawyers and policemen.

Nihoul was one of the accomplices of Marc Dutroux.

Regina Louf testified to the authorities about orgies at which she allegedly saw children tortured and murdered.

The allegation in the the book called 'The X-files: What Belgium Was Not Supposed to Know About the Dutroux Affair' is that, at Black masses, attended by members of Belgium's elite, children were sacrificed.

(The investigation BBC News CORRESPONDENT EUROPE Belgium's X-Files: an Olenka ... BBC NEWS Programmes Correspondent Europe Belgium's X Files ...)

Regina Louf

In 1996, at the village of Forchies-la-Marche, the police investigated an institute of Black Magic. They dug up human skulls.

(The Irish press coverup of the Marc Dutroux Murders!)

The International Herald Tribune( Belgium Pedophilia Scandal /Did Authorities Cover Up Its Scope ... ) quoted Guy Poncelet as saying the X-files book was convincing.

Guy Poncelet is a judge.

His son, a police officer, was mysteriously shot dead.

This son had been investigating a case involving Dutroux.

Judge Connerotte was the judge who caught Dutroux.

The authorities removed Connerotte from the case.

Patriek De Baets was the official in charge of investigating the X-files. The authorities removed him from the case.

Andre Cools - dead.

In 1991, Belgium's former deputy prime minister, Andre Cools, announced that he was about to make some revelations about the mafia and their links to some of the most important people in Liege.

"Cools had most imprudently announced to the Belgian press... that he would soon release startling evidence about corruption in Belgium's growing arms industry and its ties to the Canadian billionaire Bronfman brothers, a number ofmajor U.S. political figures and republican fat cats with influence reaching into the inner circles of the Bush White House.

"Among the names that Cools promised to present evidence on were Dick Cheney, Neil Bush, Frank Carlucci, Donald Rumsfeld and members of thepowerful Republican Barbour and Racicot clans who all own large shares in major arms manufactuerers as well as Britain's Jonathan Aitken, Thatcher's secretary of state for defense who had large holdings in a string of British arms suppliers and was a leading figure in the Tory Party hierarchy." -

(Conspiracy Planet - Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney ...)

Cools was shot dead. Before he could speak out.

After Dutroux's arrest in 1996, arrests were made in the Cool's case.

One of those arrested was Alain Van der Biest, a Socialist Minister, alleged to have close links with the mafia gangs of Liege.

Belgian TV came up with an anonymous witness who claimed that leading Socialist politician, Guy Mathot, had ordered Cools to be killed.

In 1994 Mathot was charged with corruption over kickbacks paid to Belgium's Socialist parties.

Willy Claes was NATO Secretary General and a Belgian. He was caught up in the Mathot kickbacks thing and was forced to resign.

Melchior Wathelet was top judge who released Dutroux from prison in 1991.

Wathelet was Belgium's judge at the European Court of Justice.

Wathelet was Belgium's Justice Minister at the time when Cools was shot dead.

Cools' son called for Wathelet and other top judges to be removed from office.

In 1996 there were suggestions that the gangs involved in the Cools' killing had been involved with Dutroux.


"Dutroux... was closely tied to a senior Portuguese diplomat, Jorge Ritto, a former ambassador to South Africa and Permanent Representative to UNESCO who is a close friend of the agency's Secretary General, Koiichiro Matsura.

Conspiracy Planet - Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney ...

"Ritto has been implicated and jailed as a major figure in Portugal's Casa Pia pedophilia scandal.

"Another leading figure dredged up in the widening circle of the Dutroux pedophilia operation, Jean Michel Nihoul, managed the group's finances out of posh offices on the Avenue de Louise in the heart of the Brussels business district.

"He managed a string of Dutroux's properties which functioned as pedophilia clubs in various countries, including a sumptuous and secluded villa in the Caribbean at which leading U.S. political figures, governors and members of Congress could satisfy their pedophile perversions safe from media sleuths.

According to victim-witness Paul Bonacci, US general Aquino's work in Europe involved the fascist underground.

"Nihoul had been in and out of jail since the 1970's, on a wide range of money-laundering, drug-trafficking, and prostitution charges.

"He was also a leading power in Belgian right-wing political circles, a close friend of U.S. General John Singlaub and Rev. Moon of the World Anti-Communist League as well as to men in the upper echelons of the Sasakawa Foundation.

"Nihoul was also a power in Belgium's Christian Social Party.

"In the 1980's, Nihoul ran an ecology cult, called Eco Vie, through which he became friends for a time with the late Pym Fortuyn,a Dutch politician who was murdered.

"The organization itself served as a front for many of Nihoul's criminal activities.

"Nihoul was also involved in the earlier 'L'Affaire Pinon' a series of pedophile orgies managed by the wife of Dr. Pinon.

Conspiracy Planet - Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney ...

The McCanns are up against Bilderberg, whose head was head Viscount Davignon

"The Nihoul expose raised fears among some of the Belgian elites, that the pedophile indictments would force the reopening of an earlier case, involving the 7th January 1986 murder of a Juan Mendez of Fabrique Nationale.

"Mendez was responsible for providing false 'end-user certificates' for shipments of arms destined for for Iran, Iraq, and several African countries on the United Nations' arms embargo list.

"On October 14, 1996, the Supreme Court of Belgium removed Judge Connerrote from the Dutroux case...

"Newspaper, LE SOIR, opined in an editorial that Judge Connerrote had to be removed 'because he was unwilling to refrain from subpoenaing major U.S. diplomats and high government officials, as well as key figures in the Dutch and Portuguese pedophilia cases.'"

One investigating officer in the Dutroux Affair, Baudouin Dernicourt, had links to the fascist Gladio operation.

Police Commandant Jean-Luc Duterme had helped to close down the 1979 Montaricourt-Israel investigations, which involved a high level European-wide prostitution network (165).

Police Lt.-Col. Torrez is reported to have taken an order from Nihoul in October 1986 to leave one of his mafia business partners, a Portuguese named Juan Borges, alone.

Prosecutor Jean Depretre was accused by witness X2 of being involved in the child abuse network (166).

Brussels police commissioner Georges Marnette had been accused by witness X2 and witness Nathalie W. of being a child abuser in the Dutroux network.

Marnette reportedly was a frequent visitor to the Les Atrebates sex orgy club and the later Dolo (174), Nihoul's favorite hang-outs (175), (176).


Gonçalo Amaral, who investigated the Madeleine case, is one of the bad guys.

Amaral and four other officers were charged with offences related to an earlier inquiry into the disappearance of Joana Cipriano, an eight-year-old Portuguese girl missing since 2004 from Figueira, seven miles from Praia da Luz. 

The police reportedly tried to frame the mother. The mother was reportedly beaten by the police. Amaral was not present when the beating reportedly took place, but was accused of covering up for others. 

He was convicted of perjury in May 2009 for having falsified documents in the Cipriano case, and received an 18-month suspended sentence.

Comments from trolls, haters and those who have not done their homework will be read with amusement.

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Anonymous said...

Gonçalo Amaral, the former Judiciary Police Inspector who coordinated the investigation in to Maddie's disappearance believes that the parents were behind her accidental death and the subsequent concealment of the corpse.

'Madeleine McCann died from accidentally falling behind the sofa in the living room of the apartment. That couch had been moved when the alarm over the alleged disappearance was raised. I think that someone discovered the body, concealed it, cleaned everything up and pushed the sofa to the window.' Gonçalo Amaral

The Truth Of The Lie - Full Documentary here:

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Well that was properly excellent. It was just the tonic for all those blame-the-parents disinfo scum out there. Actually I'm a bit surprised none of them have lobbed in here yet. Unless I've spoken too soon.

That aside, can I make a few small notes? Whilst I haven't yet read De Camp's Franklin book, your quote from it -a nationwide pedophile ring, servicing some of the wealthiest and most powerful figures in the Omaha business and political elites in the Republican Party circles of George Herbert Walker Bush - makes it sound as if Bush himself wasn't a paedophile. He was. Brice Taylor (Susan Ford) wrote of Bush senior raping her daughter.

And on the subject of UNESCO, I recall reading something about a bust of either a paedophile porn production studio or distribution centre, or somesuch, and all in an actual UNESCO building. In a basement perhaps? Belgium? I've no idea if Ritto was connected. Sadly I can find no trace of it on my hard drive or google. Mind you, my internet is currently running like cack. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Can you point me at the article?

best etc. etc.

PS Thanks for that link. I must say I'm seriously impressed with your traffic figures. A thrice repeated link and it still copped over 300 hits. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Speak of the devil!

...and he will anonymously appear at 11.24, ha ha.

Anon said...

Anonymous above, who mentions Amaral, is either a troll, a hater or someone who has not done their homework.

Gonçalo Amaral is one of the bad guys.

Amaral and four other officers were charged with offences related to an earlier inquiry into the disappearance of Joana Cipriano, an eight-year-old Portuguese girl missing since 2004 from Figueira, seven miles from Praia da Luz. The police reportedly tried to frame the mother. The mother was reportedly beaten by the police. Amaral was not present when the beating reportedly took place, but was accused of covering up for others. He was convicted of perjury in May 2009 for having falsified documents in the Cipriano case, and received an 18-month suspended sentence.

A. Peasant said...

Link to unesco basement story

"The scandal erupted last week, when the Belgian police arrested Jos Verbeek, 63 years old, the director of Unicef's Belgian committee, and charged him with inciting minors to debauchery.

The arrest followed the discovery of a secret photographic studio in the basement of the Brussels building where the committee's offices are housed. The studio was used to take pornographic photographs of children, many of whom were of North African origin, the police said. #1,000 Photos Seized The police said more than 1,000 such photographs were seized, along with a mailing list of some 400 names in 15 European countries that had been prepared on the Unicef office computer.

Similar photographs found in several other European countries appear to have been taken in the Unicef office in Brussels, according to investigators."

Anonymous said...

I have read "the Franklin scandal", a genuinely horrific read, I do not know of the veracity of the other allegations cited, but in De camp's book George Herbert Walker Bushis depicted as consorting with a young but above 18 years of age African American male, there are no child sex allegations against George HW in that book.

Anonymous said...

During 1980 I was personally involved with the portuguese criminal police, a.k.a. "P.J.", as
an internal investigation officer.

The director of the internal investigation department was a senior army officer, a colonel, and a very secretive figure.

The second in command was a former
army police lieutenant, a liaison between the various branches
of the military intelligence services and various police departments.

All the directors of the other departments being former military men with connections with the "intelligence" and the "secret" services, and with very close ties with the political and social underground of the portuguese society.

No limits, no boundaries, no nothing. It was the "free for all".

su said...

Goncalo Amaral is not one of the bad guys.
I have been following this case very closely for 6 years.
I call you a shill.

Please I know about the links and the horror of child abuse but if you saw the pictures of the parents four days after she was missing they were smiling and laughing.
And really if it was an international gang with connections the couple would have been incarcerated six years ago.

Greg Pearson said...

Aang- Thanks. This is what makes the world go 'round. These "people" have all the money, all the power. And this is what they do with it. Boggles the mind that so many associated with cover-ups are walking free. It is a fact that many if not all pedophiles were themselves victims of abuse. But the satanic sacrifice is what perplexes. What do they hope to gain? If that were understood, it could be negated or nullified, precluded altogether somehow. Any leads on this? And has there ever been a comprehensive list of all those implicated or even remotely connected with these atrocities and cover-ups over time? Such a list, complete with times, places, crimes, all details, etc., would be a bombshell- imagine it sent to editors, posted, blogged, all over the world on a continual basis. I have been in and out of a state of shock since first learning about this. But now my blood is beginning to boil. I imagine the same reaction from other decent people, of which (I hope) the human race is mainly composed. When enough people know about this, especially compartmentalized police, military, politicians, etc., every child will be avenged and perhaps their souls may one day forgive us.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please find out where the "off switch" is for these bastards?

Where's it going to end?!

Gazz said...

And what of mans best friend ~ does he lie ?

Anonymous said...

Savile and the tapes that damn the police: Revealed, the kid-glove treatment that allowed paedophile DJ to escape justice

Anon said...

Dear Greg,

1. "It is a fact that many if not all pedophiles were themselves victims of abuse."

I suspect that most adults are sexually attracted to attractive children. Lots of mothers find their attractive sons and daughters sexually attractive. These 'pedophile' mothers are very seldom victims of abuse; and very, very few are abusers.

2. The satanic sacrifice thing happens all over the world.

(a) It is supposed to bring good luck.

(b) It gives certain people sadistic pleasure.

3. If a list of the top satanic child abusers was given to editors, they would ignore it.

The spooks control the editors.

The top people involved in the Doutroux affair have been named on the internet, but almost all of them walk free because they control the police, judges, military, editors etc.

These are the people who run Gladio.

Best regards.

Anon said...


Cadaver odour is transferrable.

Anyone who comes in contact with a corpse - even by just being in the same room - will absorb some of the odour.

In the Shannon Matthews case a cadaver dog sniffed death.

Shannon was later found alive.

The dog was spelling cadaver odour from a piece of second hand furniture.

No forensic evidence has ever been found to support the idea that Madeleine is dead.

Anon said...


You have zero evidence to support your case.

But I don't think you are a shill.

You are just simply wrong on this.

Abu-Suleyman said...

Salaam Anon,

Zandvoort and NATO-MOD links english peadophiles ring a bell to you?

A. Peasant said...

Drasius keyds remember that guy? He murdered a judge and senior politician who both molested his little daughter. He went ont he run and was eventually killed.
"Acts of God", such as earthquakes a la haiti, which create orphans and dispossessed peoples...

Anonymous said...

"Nanny Charlotte Pennington says that Kate McCann did scream: "They've taken her, they've taken her!"

This could suggest that Kate and Gerry knew about the high powered pedophile rings that supply children to the various top people that have been attracted to the Algarve."

Not at all; it simply means that Kate McCann knew that Maddy was missing and that she could not have achieved that by herself. 'They' simply means a human agency of unknown provenance; a very common usage.

Of no possible relevance, being as it would be a 'blood libel', Brussels, the capital of the EUSSR, contains this impressive building:

Anonymous said...

" blame-the-parents disinfo scum "

What,like the Ex Police Superintendent from Derbyshire who was so incensed by the BBC's decision to re-run the whole efit/Crimewatch fiasco that he wrote a signed letter to the Corporation outling significant deficiencies in this and other matters pertinent to the case?

There is no doubt that highly organized paedophile rings operate throughout the world - as Savile, DuTroux et al have proved. But if you have really looked at the evidence from this case - particularly the highly significant changes in the statements of several of the main protagonists you have a highly inconsistent tale.(What door/window they entered;signs of a forced entry stated by both parents and related in first telephone conversations to various famliy members in UK who were then statemented, which then changed;friends naming Murat then saying mistaken;one former associate reporting highly inappropriate/suspicious sexual conversations regarding main protagonists - her statement to UK police was withheld from Portuguese counterparts for 6 months and so on). If it had been the UK and the Officers were left unimpeded all of the Tapas gang would have been arrested and interviewed at the very least.

There is indeed a myriad of subterfuge and deceit that pervades this case and there are questions to be answered by all parties but no one is above questionning when it comes to the disappearance/murder/abduction of our most vulnerable charges. Not the police. Not the politicians. Not the media and certainly not the parents. And one of them refused to answer 48 questions when asked by Portuguse police when trying to investigate the 'abduction' of her daughter.

Let's forget about the namecalling and stick to the evidence. I find it helps.
Peace, love and justice.

Despite the colourful language Chris Spivey, amongst others, has some interesting articles and follow up details in the forums. Murat's drive and Stephen Birch is an interesting line but could well prove to be a red herring a la a 'mistaken'male and a litigious aristocrat, but the evidence gathered to date in this case is not in doubt. The conflicting nature of it, from the earliest reports, before everyone has time to get their stories straight, lawyers arrive etc etc should be a major red flag to anyone interested in the truth.

Anon said...

"The highly significant changes in the statements of several of the main protagonists"

The McCanns didn't change their story.

Right from the start, in official statements to the Policia Judiciaria (PJ), they said the patio doors were closed but weren't locked.

There's at least one independent witness who's stated that when she went to the bedroom the shutter was raised and the window was partially open.

Madeleine's parents were upset and in shock. They called people late that night informing them Madeleine had been abducted. After a sleepless night, it was Trish Cameron (Gerry's sister and Madeleine's aunt) who contacted the press telling them about Madeleine's disappearance. She mentioned; the open door, window, raised shutters and what they thought had happened.

The statement given by the cleaner of the apartment, doesn't give any indication of her ever cleaning the window.

Five fingerprints on the inside of the window were identified as belonging to Kate McCann. The PJ's report doesn't mention how many inadequate fingerprints were found on the inside or the outside of the window. In fact it doesn't even mention if the outside of the window was checked. There are a number of unidentified/inadequate fingerprints recovered from the patio doors and the shutters. After a two week period, there was also a fingerprint found, identified as belonging to a GNR officer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks AP, you're swell.


And Su, you still have your nose pressed up against that Seurat painting I see - nothing but dots in front of your eyes. Big picture? What big picture?

I recall you sending me to several Madeleine sites each of which were - sorry to be blunt - obvious disinfo. I went and checked them out, shot them down in flames (it wasn't hard), and you'd come back to tell me of another nearly identical one. I recall one of them now: Sargeant's Inn. In spite of him being such an obvious bullshit artist you thought he was tops. You hung off his every word.

I recall they even banned you from one site for daring to mention organised paedophilia. And yet you somehow seem to have taken it in your stride. Here you are still in love with all the titbits they were so keen to wave in your face. Dazzled by this photo, that photo, all the while ignoring the fact that they're doing the same old blame-the-parents horseshit we've seen over and over again. And global paedophilia? They never heard of it! No such thing. Just like you when they banned you.

And yet you're still stuck on that bloody photo they were so keen to tell you about. You've been talking about it for years you know. In the face of McGowan's Pedophocracy, ISGP's le cercle and pink ballets, Dutroux in Belgium, Casa Pia in Portugal, and last but not least Aang's total UK trip - all that - and you still choose the photo and blame the parents. God spare us.

You know full well the size and scope of the global paedophile death cult. You know full well the scale of the disinfo campaign that goes with it. You know full well that they're one trick ponies who always blame the victims. And yet here you are robotically doing exactly what you're meant to, the same argument over and over. You never seem to wise up.

At what point should we despair of you Su? Best I can tell you are not wicked but (loath as I am to say this) you seem incapable - incapable of forging any path that strays from the rut in your head the disinfo crowd made.

yours without much hope

etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Burnley psychic in hunt for missing Madeleine McCann
A BURNLEY psychic medium who helped the FBI catch a serial killer has spoken out about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Grandfather John Warne is convinced that the schoolgirl was snatched on behalf of an American, and that she is now living in Minnesota and attending college.

Mr Warne (82), a respected Spiritualist for 57 years, began his own pyschic investigation after being annoyed about a claim by television psychic Derek Acorah.

Mr Warne’s pyschic investigation leads him to believe that Maddie was kidnapped to order in May 2007, and that the snatcher was in the Algarve holiday resort the day before.

“The bloke who took her was in his early 30s with brown hair, he was 5ft. 8in. and in a light blue outfit. He checked her out the day before it happened.

“Once he grabbed her, he put her in a car round the corner and drove to a waiting boat. By the time the alarm was raised they were gone.

“The guy was an American, but he didn’t take her for himself. He was working for someone.”

Mr Warne is convinced that Maddie is alive and well, but knows nothing of her early life.

“I know she is at college in Minnesota. It is a reddish brown building with several storeys.I have never been there, but I can see it.”

su said...

I think it was Nobody who commented to me earlier on about my nose being so close up I can't see but I am just not evil just stoopid.

And the thing is I can see clearly, I can't articulate but I know. And i know about the pedo rings and I know about it because I read about it and I intuited out of a lot of stuff what the likelihood was.
On the blog world we get to know certain bloggers over a period of years and the current can run deep. I wrote haikus, I saw the world and I shared it with you and you accepted.
What has happened now is a very clear hoax is being pulled by a team. And both teams have a lot at stake. An awful lot.
Just take a look at this and then let us resume discussion.
Please for nostalgia and openess -
Willing on both sides to be the one in error but being able to look at both sides of the story.

Thanks Aangirfan for this space.

Anonymous said...

Okay Su, I officially despair of you, because God help us you've sent us to yet another bullshit site.

Have you seen 28 Days Later? There's a scene where they're about to drive the taxi into a dark tunnel - which is bad because zombies like the dark - and Cillian Marphy's sitting in the back seat and he says, "You know why this is a shit idea? Because it's so obviously a shit idea."

And here's the thing: you know how I know that the site you sent us to was disinfo bullshit? Because it's so obviously disinfo bullshit. Jesus Christ, you just can't tell the difference can you? You'll eat any old crap as long as it's heaping shit on the McCanns.

Your site has no name attached, no history, no links, no nothing, and it's existed for precisely a month. At least Sargeant's Inn pretended to make a profile. It didn't make any sense but you had to give him marks for trying.

Sure enough I do the usual gag and search your recommended joint for any words that should frankly be unavoidable. And what do I get? Zero results for 'casa pia', 'dutroux', 'mcgowan', 'organised', 'abduction', hell... anything that acknowledges that a big picture exists.

But there is no big picture. Same as it ever was. There was nothing beyond blaming the victims and that done in the nastiest sneering tone it's been my displeasure to have read. I did find a single article there that seemed to have some data, by which I mean assertions, but the rest was just dim-witted ad hominem and shitty innuendo. Like I'm surprised.

You know, of all the obvious bullshit disinfo sites you've sent us to this was truly the nastiest. Does this mean you're getting nastier? It feels like it.

I said it before and I'll say it again - uselessly, but whatever - between the two possibilities of: the McCanns as culprits who've fooled the Portuguese police, the English police, and the world's media and magically gotten away with it; and organised paedophilia having kidnapped Madeleine to order (precisely what they did in the Dutroux case) with the McCanns as victims copping the inevitable disinfo blame from the inevitable disinfo scum, only one of them makes any sense.

And yet you plump for the other one, the one that is so obviously bullshit. Honestly, the latter has happened so many times it's effectively inevitable and the former is absurd to the point of impossible.

"If it's you against the world, bet on the world". Yeah right, unless you're the McCanns that is. They're miracle workers.

I just shake my head - you defy simple common sense. Sorry if this hurts your feelings but by this umpty-umpth outing I reckon you deserve it. And I didn't say 'stoopid' you did, but whatever... I ain't about to nitpick.

Have a nice life.

Anonymous said...

4th May to PJ Gerry said he enters with key through front door.
10th May to PJ Gerry said he enters through closed but unlocked patio doors.

Anonymous said...

What if Maddie was handed to this ring? Intentionally? Think about that.

Anonymous said...

She was the firstborn, they always sacrifice the firstborn

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