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Tunisia's Defence Minister, Blel Hatem, in bed with NATO.

In March 2013, US General Carter F Ham visited Tunisia.

"Some media and social networks said that the visit ... falls in line with discussions regarding the setting up of a US military base in Tunisia."

US Military Base in Tunisia

NATO terrorists in Tunisia

In the second half of October 2013, NATO warships were paying a visit to Tunisia


On 30 October 2013, bombers attacked holiday resorts in Tunisia.

On 30 October 2013, a man blew himself up outside the Riadh Palm hotel in Sousse.

Attack on Hotel in Sousse, Attack in Monastir Tunisia Live

Tunisia, under attack by the CIA's al-Qaeda.

The authorities pursued another suspect in Sousse and performed a sweep of the city.

The National Guard in the tourist resort of Monastir said that there were multiple unsuccessful attacks in that city.

The Ministry of Interior said there was one arrest in a failed attack on the Habib Bourguiba’s mausoleum in Monastir.

There were reports of an attack on another hotel in Sousse, the Vincci El Kantaoui Center.

Attack on Hotel in Sousse, Attack in Monastir Tunisia Live

Ben Ali, under whom Tunisia was peaceful, increasingly prosperous and generally liberal. Tunisia WAS a Moslem success story.

Since the 2011 CIA-coup that toppled Ben Ali, Tunisia has been rocked by attacks blamed on CIA-led Islamist groups.

On 29 October 2013, Tunisia's army launched a "huge" operation (to pretend) to track down CIA jihadists in the central Sidi Bouzid region, after six policemen had been killed.

In October 2013 alone, nine members of the security forces were killed in clashes with suspected CIA jihadists.

Suicide bomber hits Tunisia beach, nearby attack foiled

Scenes from around Sousse, in Tunisia. The entertainments are by the 'Changing Ladies', performing at the Marhaba Beach Hotel.

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US second in line to lead al-Qaeda forces in Syria

The US government is second in line to lead al-Qaeda forces fighting against the Syrian government after Saudi Arabia, a French newspaper reveals.

George Malbrunot, a journalist for French newspaper Le Figaro, has investigated the ways in which arms are being delivered to the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Jordan’s intelligence services.


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i do worry about alleged suicide bombers.
"Witnesses told Tunisian media that the man appeared to be about to enter the Riadh Palm hotel in Sousse, about 150 kilometres south of the capital, Tunis, when he exploded.

The Interior Ministry said that no one was injured and no property was damaged. It said the bomber was a Tunisian man and was wearing an explosive belt."

"The blast in Sousse happened close to the Riadh Palms hotel, a receptionist told the BBC's World Update programme.

The male attacker, wearing a belt of explosives, was killed, the Associated Press quoted Tunisia's Tap state news agency as saying.

Witnesses said the bomber was spotted and chased away from the hotel, blowing himself up on an empty beach, the AFP news agency reported."

we all know about witnesses. How do we ever know it was a suicide bomber?

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bbc jump on two possible western intel incidents - real Beeb beat-up.

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