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Sir Alex Ferguson and Tony Blair

Sir Alex Ferguson has said:

"I think Tony Blair was a fantastic Prime Minister."


Blair and Sir Jimmy Savile

Sir Alex Ferguson says:

"Gordon Brown was ... fantastic."


Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United 1986-2013.

Sir Alex Ferguson was sacked by St. Mirren football club.

An industrial tribunal concluded that Ferguson was "particularly petty" and "immature".[29]

It was claimed during the tribunal by St. Mirren chairman, Willie Todd, that Ferguson had "no managerial ability".

Above: Alex Ferguson, who is a lover of fine wine and racehorses. He recently bought a vineyard in France for around £2 million. He also owns a penthouse apartment in New York. 

Sir Alex Ferguson "intimidated" referees.

This resulted in "Fergie Time".

This meant that in matches which Manchester United were losing, the referees reportedly allowed unusually generous injury time, thus allowing Manchester United a chance to win. [154] [155] [156]

Govan High School football team photo in 1954, featuring Ferguson (second row, far right) dailymail.

In 2002, 21-year-old Nadia Abrahams accused Sir Alex Ferguson of repeatedly squeezing her thigh as she drove him to his hotel after a night at a jazz restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa.

Abrahams claimed Ferguson had got into her car uninvited.

'He kept leaning across and grabbing my thigh,' said Abrahams. 'I kept pushing his hand away saying, "No, no".'

When they arrived at Ferguson's hotel, he allegedly propositioned her.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Ferguson part owned a racehorse, Rock of Gibraltar, with Susan Magnier, the wife of John Magnier.

When the horse retired, Ferguson sued John Magnier in 2003, as he claimed that John Magnier owed him tens of millions of dollars in stud rights.

Magnier counter-sued Ferguson.

John and Susan Magnier

Ferguson accepted a one-off £2.5 million payoff to end the dispute.

Former Manchester United player Roy Keane used the example of Rock of Gibraltar as an example of Ferguson's selfishness.

Alex Ferguson's horse racing scandal

Above: Ferguson and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Charlie Ferguson with mother Nadine (right) the ex-wife of Sir Alex’s son Darren.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s 12-year-old grandson Charlie spent weeks in hospital following a car crash.

Alex Ferguson, wife Cathy and (left to right) children Jason, Darren and Mark

The Fergusons


thetruthhurts said...

the definitive champagne socialist, ego maniac and a classic bully. What's not to like?

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Sinead O’Connor’s Open Letter to Miley Cyrus: “You Are Being Pimped by the Music Business”

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His comment about supporting the Labour party irrespective of whether they mess up the country because its what you do from my background reveals a tribalist mentality , a fanatical devotion akin to a cult. I wonder what tax rate he is prepared to pay to finance his socialist utopia ?

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Melted Nuclear Fuel Sank into the Ground under Fukushima Reactors. Irradiated Groundwater Flowing into Ocean, “it’s too Late to do Anything about This” : Japan Journalist

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New York Times Buries CIA Facts on Latin American Deaths

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I'm surprised you haven't remarked on the pic of Kate Middleton playing volleyball, showing little evidence of her having given birth just three short months ago.

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@anon 3:03 - of course, Kate has never been pregnant

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'hellava job, brownie . . .'

"There is also a credible speculation that the sale was designed to benefit a few of the London based bullion banks which were heavily short the precious metals . . .
The unlikely names mentioned were AIG, which was trading heavily in precious metals, and the House of Rothschild . . ."

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